Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Closet

Well its holiday time and absolutely I love this time of year. Yes, its quite different this year without my hubby being home and having to look for all the Christmas decorations myself, but I will not bore you with how lonely my heart feels... I mean who wants to read multiple blogs about that... although I will just say this, please pray for us! We both hate being apart and we are both pretty sick of it especially since it involves a holiday that means alot to me, so just pray for strength for both of us! Thanks... now moving on...

So whilst looking for the decorations- divided into multiple boxes and bins or course- I decided that I needed some helping getting my Christmas tree out of the the closet. I'm not talking about a halfway closet... I mean the outside closet on the back porch. I refuse to go in there. Why, you ask. I will tell you.

...Begin flashback now...

About 2 months ago, I was having a conversation with Robert on the phone while I was doing some homework on our laptop. The wireless internet in my apartment is not so great sometimes so I was thankful for it to be working in the living room so I could watch tv (and do homework and talk on the phone... I multitask). However, it suddenly disappeared (the wifi). Darn... Usually when this happens I can either press reset on the box in our room, type in our password again, or somehow get it to work again. But this of course had to be different and it just wouldn't turn on. Robert informed me that I would have to reset the somethingorotherbreakerthingtoturnitbackondevice [yes I have no real clue what he said]. All I heard was him say that it was located in the backporch closet. No sir! Jennifer doesn't go out on the back porch. There are spiders out there! Robert and I have seen the most monstrous looking spiders on our back sliding door at times and after seeing them and seeing into the dreaded closet... I REFUSE to go out there. I have arachnophobia. Big time. But...
I tried it.
Yes, I tried to be a big person and with Robert on the phone I began to open the door. I'm becoming a little hysterical now because I'm prepared for eight creepy hairy legs to pop out of no where. So far so good though, besides my increasing heart rate. So I'm standing on the back porch and I'm staring at the closet door. Robert is coaching me to just open it up and its not hard to reach the breaker box thing. I just can't do it. I begin to cry now and am attempting to control my heavy breathing. But I reach for the handle and jerk the door open. More crying starts. There are spider webs EVERYWHERE! No way were you going to get me to go near the door frame! So I'm wailing now into the phone and well on my way to an anxiety attack. Robert tells me to go back inside.
No problem!
Somehow that box thing must be turned back on. So I hang up with Robert and call my friends, Courtney and Brittany, who live just a few numbers away. They came right over and I explained the situation. Brittany jumps to the task and goes right outside without a question, opens the doors and messes with the breaker thingy and just like that its over. Now that wasn't so hard was it. Yes it was, but I luckily have brave friends who understand my annoyance with the creepy crawlies.

...End flashback...

So, when it came time to get out the Christmas tree boxes from the closet... I didn't even attempt, I just called on a friend to dive into the danger for me. Thanks friends.
So I'm slowly putting up the tree and decorations and can't wait to officially get Christmas celebrations underway!
[and as my other friend wrote in her blog... don't forget about the joys of Thanksgiving also, it gets left out quite a bit]. Happy holidays!

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roBUT & loLER said...

Like Big, like Little... I too have aracnophobia. I applaud your brave effort.

When I got married, one of the things that my dad told Robbie was that he was passing onto him the important role of bug killer. :)

I will be praying for you and your Robert. When does his current project out of town tentatively end?