Saturday, November 15, 2008

I forget...

I forget alot of things.
I forget to clean up after myself and hang up my clothes instead of laying ALL over the bed. Its a mess
I forget to finish puzzles that I start many months in advance
I forget thoughts that come to my mind, like great blog ideas
I forget how much I don't like it when Robert is gone
I forget to pay the bills, that should be Robert's job
I forget how important it is to have friends in my life
I forget how important it is to pray, and it is very important
I forget how to make the easiest recipes over and over again
I forget to turn off the lights
I forget to start the dishwasher... and unload it
I forget how much I love spending time with my family
I forget how much I miss the little moments with my husband
I forget how powerful words and music can be
I forget to set my alarm a little early to workout
I forget to make time for myself
I forget to call my best friends... just because
I forget that I have a whole support group around me when I get down
I forget that this life isn't forever, my treasure is yet to come
I forget how much I actually love driving
I forget to follow up on important emails
I forget to organize my school work
I forget what day of the week it is... very often
I forget how much I love to play the piano
I forget how much I love to sing
I forget how much I hate making messes... after its too late
I forget to check the mail
I forget how much better life is having your loved one in the same place as you
I forget that I shouldn't drink coffee all the time
I forget how much I love and hate Midland... but moreso love
I forget how often I don't cherish each day
I forget where I put my phone
and I forget to let go and let God handle things in my life.
oops...I forgot, but now I remember.

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