Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun, Spooky Nights

I would just to start with the fact that normally I hate Halloween. I've never really supported the holiday, although I do love the little kids getting all dressed up and heading out for candy... hmm, yes and then there is the candy part... mmmm, but besides that... I'm not a fan.
I think its a stressful situation... how many weeks/days/months do I waste popping brain cells trying to find the most awesome costume to wear? You know you all know what I'm talking about... costumes have to be cool and creative now a days. So why do we get all worked up for this crazy holiday? The answer... so we can be something/someone we aren't for a whole day! As dumb as it is, that is actually fun. And when you throw in good friends, and lots of food, that makes for a good time.

So Halloween 2008: My PT class- we got dressed up on Thursday (since we don't have class on Friday) I was quite impressed with the costume collection. What can you spot?

We had a PT party Friday night- including good food, Rock band, lots of loud/off key singing, many laughs and pictures, and ending with a scary movie- the Strangers. I love scary movies by the way. My mom and I try to rent one everytime I come home. So needless to say, they have lost their effect on me somewhat. But this movie was complete with added bonuses of someone coming to door (a partier who left and came back for his hat), jiggling of the doorknob handle (still don't know what that was), and even an unexplanable power outage. All at midnight and after on Halloween. Yeah, that made it a little more spooky.

Robert and I went as Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson... complete with his broken pinky and a VERY blonde wig

Oh and can't forget the Proactive bottle I carried everywhere that day... (I even had a tuna can in my purse... ya know, Chicken of the Sea?)

I make a pretty hideous Jessica Simpson, but a pretty hot me in a blonde wig I think :)
It was fun dressing up, even though I realized that I don't know that much about Jessica as I thought I did... oh well, at least I not have an awesome wig for my skeleton to wear...

I wasn't kidding!

AND I have to throw in a picture of the cutest batman ever:

He even sings you the theme song if you ask :)

So that was Halloween! While I will still continue to dislike this holiday, I will be thinking in advance for a costume next year... you know, try to save a few brain cells.

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