Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Best Suprise Ever

Robert's Home!!
He is done with West Virginia early and was able to come home last night to my surprise! I had some friends over after watching the new 007 movie (quite exciting by the way) and he told me that we had a little game to do. Earlier that day, Robert had texted me quite a bit while he was "at work" supposedly. The texts were random, but in response to what I was doing (shopping and putting up my Christmas tree early), so I didn't think anything of them! Well the game for me and my friends was to decode a secret message hidden in the texts. It took us a while, and with another clue from Robert, and we finally figured it out... the first letter from the texts in order spelled out... I'M COMING HOME! I got so excited!! So he showed up last night and was able to come to Midland with me for the holidays. God is so amazing and I am so blessed with an amazing husband that I'm glad gets to be here for Thanksgiving now. He supposedly still had about 2 weeks left in WV, but I'm glad they got done early. So he is home! Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, I'm in Midland with my family till next Sunday so be safe and have a great one!

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Molly Kate said...

AWE YAY!!!!! I'm SO happy for y'all! I hope we get to see you soon! p.s. will I get to see you on Saturday? :)