Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Best Suprise Ever

Robert's Home!!
He is done with West Virginia early and was able to come home last night to my surprise! I had some friends over after watching the new 007 movie (quite exciting by the way) and he told me that we had a little game to do. Earlier that day, Robert had texted me quite a bit while he was "at work" supposedly. The texts were random, but in response to what I was doing (shopping and putting up my Christmas tree early), so I didn't think anything of them! Well the game for me and my friends was to decode a secret message hidden in the texts. It took us a while, and with another clue from Robert, and we finally figured it out... the first letter from the texts in order spelled out... I'M COMING HOME! I got so excited!! So he showed up last night and was able to come to Midland with me for the holidays. God is so amazing and I am so blessed with an amazing husband that I'm glad gets to be here for Thanksgiving now. He supposedly still had about 2 weeks left in WV, but I'm glad they got done early. So he is home! Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, I'm in Midland with my family till next Sunday so be safe and have a great one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Closet

Well its holiday time and absolutely I love this time of year. Yes, its quite different this year without my hubby being home and having to look for all the Christmas decorations myself, but I will not bore you with how lonely my heart feels... I mean who wants to read multiple blogs about that... although I will just say this, please pray for us! We both hate being apart and we are both pretty sick of it especially since it involves a holiday that means alot to me, so just pray for strength for both of us! Thanks... now moving on...

So whilst looking for the decorations- divided into multiple boxes and bins or course- I decided that I needed some helping getting my Christmas tree out of the the closet. I'm not talking about a halfway closet... I mean the outside closet on the back porch. I refuse to go in there. Why, you ask. I will tell you.

...Begin flashback now...

About 2 months ago, I was having a conversation with Robert on the phone while I was doing some homework on our laptop. The wireless internet in my apartment is not so great sometimes so I was thankful for it to be working in the living room so I could watch tv (and do homework and talk on the phone... I multitask). However, it suddenly disappeared (the wifi). Darn... Usually when this happens I can either press reset on the box in our room, type in our password again, or somehow get it to work again. But this of course had to be different and it just wouldn't turn on. Robert informed me that I would have to reset the somethingorotherbreakerthingtoturnitbackondevice [yes I have no real clue what he said]. All I heard was him say that it was located in the backporch closet. No sir! Jennifer doesn't go out on the back porch. There are spiders out there! Robert and I have seen the most monstrous looking spiders on our back sliding door at times and after seeing them and seeing into the dreaded closet... I REFUSE to go out there. I have arachnophobia. Big time. But...
I tried it.
Yes, I tried to be a big person and with Robert on the phone I began to open the door. I'm becoming a little hysterical now because I'm prepared for eight creepy hairy legs to pop out of no where. So far so good though, besides my increasing heart rate. So I'm standing on the back porch and I'm staring at the closet door. Robert is coaching me to just open it up and its not hard to reach the breaker box thing. I just can't do it. I begin to cry now and am attempting to control my heavy breathing. But I reach for the handle and jerk the door open. More crying starts. There are spider webs EVERYWHERE! No way were you going to get me to go near the door frame! So I'm wailing now into the phone and well on my way to an anxiety attack. Robert tells me to go back inside.
No problem!
Somehow that box thing must be turned back on. So I hang up with Robert and call my friends, Courtney and Brittany, who live just a few numbers away. They came right over and I explained the situation. Brittany jumps to the task and goes right outside without a question, opens the doors and messes with the breaker thingy and just like that its over. Now that wasn't so hard was it. Yes it was, but I luckily have brave friends who understand my annoyance with the creepy crawlies.

...End flashback...

So, when it came time to get out the Christmas tree boxes from the closet... I didn't even attempt, I just called on a friend to dive into the danger for me. Thanks friends.
So I'm slowly putting up the tree and decorations and can't wait to officially get Christmas celebrations underway!
[and as my other friend wrote in her blog... don't forget about the joys of Thanksgiving also, it gets left out quite a bit]. Happy holidays!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I forget...

I forget alot of things.
I forget to clean up after myself and hang up my clothes instead of laying ALL over the bed. Its a mess
I forget to finish puzzles that I start many months in advance
I forget thoughts that come to my mind, like great blog ideas
I forget how much I don't like it when Robert is gone
I forget to pay the bills, that should be Robert's job
I forget how important it is to have friends in my life
I forget how important it is to pray, and it is very important
I forget how to make the easiest recipes over and over again
I forget to turn off the lights
I forget to start the dishwasher... and unload it
I forget how much I love spending time with my family
I forget how much I miss the little moments with my husband
I forget how powerful words and music can be
I forget to set my alarm a little early to workout
I forget to make time for myself
I forget to call my best friends... just because
I forget that I have a whole support group around me when I get down
I forget that this life isn't forever, my treasure is yet to come
I forget how much I actually love driving
I forget to follow up on important emails
I forget to organize my school work
I forget what day of the week it is... very often
I forget how much I love to play the piano
I forget how much I love to sing
I forget how much I hate making messes... after its too late
I forget to check the mail
I forget how much better life is having your loved one in the same place as you
I forget that I shouldn't drink coffee all the time
I forget how much I love and hate Midland... but moreso love
I forget how often I don't cherish each day
I forget where I put my phone
and I forget to let go and let God handle things in my life.
oops...I forgot, but now I remember.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Leaves are Falling

It's time for an update.
Fall is here! I love the brightly colored leaves surrounding walkways, driveways, and parking lots! I love crunching every leaf in sight! And I love the smells of fall, the coolness of fall, and all the memories I have with the fall season. Some of those memories are wonderful- Robert proposed to me Nov 19th in the fall of 2005, my niece was just born, and I've met some great people last fall when I started PT school. And some of those memories are a little more solemn- I lost my first grandparent last thanksgiving, but I will always cherish memories with him. All in all, fall is my favorite season. So here's to fall and the beauty it holds!

On a more gloomy note, Robert has been temporarily transferred to West Virginia... yeah I said West Virginia... to finish out a job for his company. They suspect he will be gone for 4-6 weeks, but I know the reality is that it will probably be more. I hate not being able to see him, especially during my favorite time of year and one that has so many special occasions in it. I pray they will fly him home for Thanksgiving, but everything is so unsure right now. I want to support him with his job, but sometimes its so hard. Reality has set in again, he won't be home. He was supposed to be working in Abilene for the next few months, and i was just getting back into the groove of having him here with me. Some things are just too good to be true. It makes me angry, but I have to look for the positive side of things and what God is trying to teach us or do for us through this situation. Thats very hard to stop and think about, especially with him having to drive up there starting Monday. Monday will be a bad day.

So duty calls again and I lose my favorite person in the world to distance once again. It puts such a fog over the happiness in this season. I just thank God for my wonderful friends and family. And also for technology- phone services. Just like all you army wives out there with your loved one overseas... I know you understand this more than I do... but phone services mean everything with long distance. I think AT&T should pay me and Robert for all the minutes we have racked up over the past 5 or 6 years of our long distance relationship. That would be nice.

Thank you for your prayers and support once again during this time for both us. All I can say now is- enjoy the leaves and the changing of the seasons... it reminds me God is still in control. And save some of those crunchy leaves for me!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun, Spooky Nights

I would just to start with the fact that normally I hate Halloween. I've never really supported the holiday, although I do love the little kids getting all dressed up and heading out for candy... hmm, yes and then there is the candy part... mmmm, but besides that... I'm not a fan.
I think its a stressful situation... how many weeks/days/months do I waste popping brain cells trying to find the most awesome costume to wear? You know you all know what I'm talking about... costumes have to be cool and creative now a days. So why do we get all worked up for this crazy holiday? The answer... so we can be something/someone we aren't for a whole day! As dumb as it is, that is actually fun. And when you throw in good friends, and lots of food, that makes for a good time.

So Halloween 2008: My PT class- we got dressed up on Thursday (since we don't have class on Friday) I was quite impressed with the costume collection. What can you spot?

We had a PT party Friday night- including good food, Rock band, lots of loud/off key singing, many laughs and pictures, and ending with a scary movie- the Strangers. I love scary movies by the way. My mom and I try to rent one everytime I come home. So needless to say, they have lost their effect on me somewhat. But this movie was complete with added bonuses of someone coming to door (a partier who left and came back for his hat), jiggling of the doorknob handle (still don't know what that was), and even an unexplanable power outage. All at midnight and after on Halloween. Yeah, that made it a little more spooky.

Robert and I went as Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson... complete with his broken pinky and a VERY blonde wig

Oh and can't forget the Proactive bottle I carried everywhere that day... (I even had a tuna can in my purse... ya know, Chicken of the Sea?)

I make a pretty hideous Jessica Simpson, but a pretty hot me in a blonde wig I think :)
It was fun dressing up, even though I realized that I don't know that much about Jessica as I thought I did... oh well, at least I not have an awesome wig for my skeleton to wear...

I wasn't kidding!

AND I have to throw in a picture of the cutest batman ever:

He even sings you the theme song if you ask :)

So that was Halloween! While I will still continue to dislike this holiday, I will be thinking in advance for a costume next year... you know, try to save a few brain cells.