Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Best Cake Ever

Monday was my birthday! I was able to celebrate with Robert on Saturday- we went to dinner all dressed up (see below), got some smoothies, and went home to watch a movie and RELAX- something I have almost forgotten how to do. But before we did all this... I had was told by my darling husband that I had to disappear from the house for at least 2 hours (this is usually what we do for special occasions)... well I didn't mind because I had a huge test Tuesday morning (it was very hard) so I needed some serious study time. So I went to starbucks and froze to death for 2 hours reading about wound care (ewww) and then I was told by Robert that I couldn't come home yet... so I went to my friends apartment and studied with them for 2 more hours... this would be 4 hours total. Finally I could come home... and we got dazzled up and went out for dinner. When we came home I found out the product of this four hour afternoon adventure... my amazing husband made me a cake with fondant from scratch! (you know the stuff they use on wedding cakes and in the show Ace of Cakes to make the really decorative icing stuff...) Yes I know he is amazing... and he spent 4 hours for me- oh how I love him! As you can see in the pictures, this was some cake!

The Beautiful Cake!

Oh my I'm 24!

Just a close up for you!

And to top off the birthday weekend- I got a new ipod (mine was ancient) and although Robert still had to drive back to Graham on Sunday... he drove in Monday and surprised me for dinner. What can I say, I am blessed to have him! So thanks for a great one-more-year-older- day to all my friends and family and my sweetheart!

Now on to more school work...but a few more pictures for you!

He is Amazing!

My Birthday dinner study break and surprise from Robert


The Roberts' said...

wow that cake is amazing!

BananaBoy said...

Dude... he can my cake....


The Clardys said...

Wow, i can't believe Robert made that cake! So beautiful! Hope you had a great Bday Jenn :) Love you!

Molly Kate said...

AWESOME!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday! I hope you got my bday wishes and I'd love to chat with you on the phone soon! what a sweet gift robert gave you!