Monday, October 20, 2008


At my parent's house in Midland, we have this neighbor who has just been a fun family friend for as long as I can remember, whose name is CC. He is a great God-fearing man who loves to reach out to his community and is always there to give a BIG hug. It's actually something I look forward to when I go home to Midland.
Well about 2 weeks ago, Robert and I just happened to be in Midland and we decided to accompany my dad for his daily walking routine. The first stop on our walk was to CC's house, where he was doing the normal Saturday morning chores. It was like we were being drawn there, not just out of a friendly hello, but out of a purpose from God who wanted us to hear something. CC proceeded to tell us of an experience he had from God. Wow is all I can say. The words he shared with us were so powerful and moving that we ended up having a group prayer in the middle of the street! The power of these words also carried over throughout the whole rest of the week as my dad and I couldn't get past some of the things he said. I know you are dying to hear what he said, so I will tell you:
God has told us we are to be "salt and light" to the world. We are to "let our light shine before men" and preach the word of the gospel to those around us. What God told CC was that while there may be alot of Christians in the world, there isn't alot of light... ouch. Aren't we Christians supposed to be that light- reflecting it in our lives wherever we go so that others may know Him through our actions. Well if there isn't alot of light, then we sure have failed. Not exactly a big pep talk huh. But what God told CC next was that He was supposed to be the light, no matter who around him was willing to share their light or not... it was up to him to choose to spread his illumination. There are many characteristics about light- its bright, its warming, its shiny, its powerful, it fills, it invades, it provides, it guides, it has no ending, its a source of energy, it reflects all around us- light is special. But as Christians we have lost the light inside us, in other words, we have lost the desire to be active in our faith. Satan has convinced us to put our candle under the bushel.
Sad as it is, it is true! Most people call themselves Christians, but run from the first chance to shine to others, to help someone in need, to share about the gospel, or to live a changed life. The world is influencing us and we can't find our way back to the Light. This is what God had pressing on CC's heart. He (God) needs more light in the world, not just Christians hiding in the darkness trying to slip by off mediocre christianity [that would be the Sunday ritual queens and kings who leave their faith on their doorstep, only remembering to pick it up as they rush out the door to check church off their list for the week]. Its true. And I'll never forget that phrase "He has a world full of Christians, but not alot of light."
What should LIGHT mean to Christians. Well, CC was also inspired with this great acronym, that has been the source of multiple thoughts in my head the last 2 weeks:
L= lead
I= inspire
G= guide
H= help/heal
T= teach
Lead others to the Lord, inspire everyone around you in His name, guide the lost out of the darkness, help those in need to bring them healing, and teach about God's word and the things He's doing in your life.

We should all be like Light- invade someone and fill them with God's love this week.

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