Monday, October 27, 2008

Meet the cutie!

The beautiful baby is here- my niece MB! She was born last Tuesday and has the most beautiful eyes and a full head of hair. Her brother JD has no idea what to do with her yet, but he will be a great big brother. I wish I could have spent more time with them in Midland, but soon I will be free from school and able to fully become the best aunt they ever had! (and this goes for ALL of our nieces and newphew!) I know this is short, but she was kinda the highlight of my last few weeks and the main even last Saturday. Here are just a few pictures... they do her no justice!

Eyes wide awake with Uncle Robert.

Snuggly with her Aunt Jennifer.

Coming soon: Halloween of course! AND hopefully Robert will officially be done with graham this week- joyful joyful! Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have a new niece! My sister-in-law (I hate the in-law part, I usually just drop it) finally had her baby! Little MB was born today in the afternoon and I'm so excited! Actually, I'm sad I can't be there to welcome her into the world, but she will get some auntie lovin this weekend! I will also have pictures available (hopefully), so be excited! Just a quick update for you all!

Monday, October 20, 2008


At my parent's house in Midland, we have this neighbor who has just been a fun family friend for as long as I can remember, whose name is CC. He is a great God-fearing man who loves to reach out to his community and is always there to give a BIG hug. It's actually something I look forward to when I go home to Midland.
Well about 2 weeks ago, Robert and I just happened to be in Midland and we decided to accompany my dad for his daily walking routine. The first stop on our walk was to CC's house, where he was doing the normal Saturday morning chores. It was like we were being drawn there, not just out of a friendly hello, but out of a purpose from God who wanted us to hear something. CC proceeded to tell us of an experience he had from God. Wow is all I can say. The words he shared with us were so powerful and moving that we ended up having a group prayer in the middle of the street! The power of these words also carried over throughout the whole rest of the week as my dad and I couldn't get past some of the things he said. I know you are dying to hear what he said, so I will tell you:
God has told us we are to be "salt and light" to the world. We are to "let our light shine before men" and preach the word of the gospel to those around us. What God told CC was that while there may be alot of Christians in the world, there isn't alot of light... ouch. Aren't we Christians supposed to be that light- reflecting it in our lives wherever we go so that others may know Him through our actions. Well if there isn't alot of light, then we sure have failed. Not exactly a big pep talk huh. But what God told CC next was that He was supposed to be the light, no matter who around him was willing to share their light or not... it was up to him to choose to spread his illumination. There are many characteristics about light- its bright, its warming, its shiny, its powerful, it fills, it invades, it provides, it guides, it has no ending, its a source of energy, it reflects all around us- light is special. But as Christians we have lost the light inside us, in other words, we have lost the desire to be active in our faith. Satan has convinced us to put our candle under the bushel.
Sad as it is, it is true! Most people call themselves Christians, but run from the first chance to shine to others, to help someone in need, to share about the gospel, or to live a changed life. The world is influencing us and we can't find our way back to the Light. This is what God had pressing on CC's heart. He (God) needs more light in the world, not just Christians hiding in the darkness trying to slip by off mediocre christianity [that would be the Sunday ritual queens and kings who leave their faith on their doorstep, only remembering to pick it up as they rush out the door to check church off their list for the week]. Its true. And I'll never forget that phrase "He has a world full of Christians, but not alot of light."
What should LIGHT mean to Christians. Well, CC was also inspired with this great acronym, that has been the source of multiple thoughts in my head the last 2 weeks:
L= lead
I= inspire
G= guide
H= help/heal
T= teach
Lead others to the Lord, inspire everyone around you in His name, guide the lost out of the darkness, help those in need to bring them healing, and teach about God's word and the things He's doing in your life.

We should all be like Light- invade someone and fill them with God's love this week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In case you haven't figured out...

I am extremely busy. I hate saying that, but its time to just admit it and figure out a solution. I'm in anticipation of the arrival of my new niece, we will refer to her as MB, who was supposed to come into this world on Sunday when Robert and I were in town, however, she is being shy and waiting... so I'm waiting for my phone call on her delivery. AND I am apparently making it a marathon to Midland the next few weekends, as Rob and I were there last weekend, and I will be there for the next two weekends in a row. My goodness! So to all my Midland people- I want to see you! Of course I am there for many reasons (helping my mom with projects and showers of sorts for the new baby that isn't here yet), BUT I would still love to see you. So please call me b/c I am busy till Thursday (test, research project, test, and yadda school stuff) but I will return calls :) I will have a more exciting blog soon- in fact a very inspirational one, but it might be tomorrow (and we all know that means next week in my blogging time). BUT have a great rest of the week- and remember that the project runway finale is tomorrow! I love that show.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Best Cake Ever

Monday was my birthday! I was able to celebrate with Robert on Saturday- we went to dinner all dressed up (see below), got some smoothies, and went home to watch a movie and RELAX- something I have almost forgotten how to do. But before we did all this... I had was told by my darling husband that I had to disappear from the house for at least 2 hours (this is usually what we do for special occasions)... well I didn't mind because I had a huge test Tuesday morning (it was very hard) so I needed some serious study time. So I went to starbucks and froze to death for 2 hours reading about wound care (ewww) and then I was told by Robert that I couldn't come home yet... so I went to my friends apartment and studied with them for 2 more hours... this would be 4 hours total. Finally I could come home... and we got dazzled up and went out for dinner. When we came home I found out the product of this four hour afternoon adventure... my amazing husband made me a cake with fondant from scratch! (you know the stuff they use on wedding cakes and in the show Ace of Cakes to make the really decorative icing stuff...) Yes I know he is amazing... and he spent 4 hours for me- oh how I love him! As you can see in the pictures, this was some cake!

The Beautiful Cake!

Oh my I'm 24!

Just a close up for you!

And to top off the birthday weekend- I got a new ipod (mine was ancient) and although Robert still had to drive back to Graham on Sunday... he drove in Monday and surprised me for dinner. What can I say, I am blessed to have him! So thanks for a great one-more-year-older- day to all my friends and family and my sweetheart!

Now on to more school work...but a few more pictures for you!

He is Amazing!

My Birthday dinner study break and surprise from Robert

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back to the Basics

So obviously the "rapture" did not occur which means that we are continuing on with life in preparation for the Lord's return some other appointed day... that really none of us will ever know nor should we know... just get your heart right now and it shouldn't even be a worry!

Moving on...

I went for another run/walk in the park today and it was just a beautiful day. I love Fall and could see signs of it all around me... the leaves falling on the path, kids running to school with their light sweaters, the chill of the early morning... and just the smell of fall I find tickling at my nose saying "I'm here"! So excited for fall.
As I was run/walking [emphasis on the walking part], I began to ponder things as I always do throughout the day. I've been very unsuccessful in keeping my IPOD charged over the past month to actually use for my workouts, but this has been frustrating and a blessing all in one. It is a blessing in that I can listen to myself think [which is often very frustrating b/c as you read these blogs you should know I'm a very confusing person in the head] and I can listen to God. I have a problem with silence and, although walking in the park isn't exactly silence [especially with my huffing and puffing], it is the most quiet I get all day. So try going for a run/walk this next week without the music... and just listen to nature and the beauty of God... thats a challenge.

Along my pondering, I came to a realization. I have lost the love for the basics of my Christianity. WOAH you say, what does that mean! Well let me explain. I have a friend who has recently started reading the Bible, we are talking from square one "In the beginning" and everything. My friend didn't grow up in church, but has been going to one in town recently and is now exploring all this talk about this mysterious book and the stories told in the sermons. I find this awesome and offered to read along with them in case they had any questions [although I am far from a scholar or any sort of person who could provide any words of wisdom in this area]...

well I realized today that my friend has taught me something very important... I need to get more excited about the Bible... about God's word... and about not slumping into a rut of just proclaiming I'm a Christian. My friend is the most excited person when it comes to reading the Bible and that excitement is something that most Christians have forgotten about. Let me explain more. When we become Christians, whenever that is... old, young, whatever, we are excited. There is something moving inside us that we just can't explain and we have to act on it or we will burst! Hopefully most of you have had this opportunity to feel this. But as we become patterned in our behaviors and lifestyles, we forget about this joy, this burning of the heart for closeness with God. Oh sure, on Sundays we may feel it if the right song or verse comes on the screen, but I'm talking about a real joy- the blindlike or childlike faith kind of joy- the bursting with curiosity kind of joy. My friend has found that. I can hardly keep up with their pace and yet I find myself becoming enthralled with what I'm reading- even though I've read these stories, heard them preached over and over, they are giving me joy to read. How is it that someone who has never heard these stories can be so joyous and want to learn more and I've known the joy of the Lord since I was 9 but have already lost this joy? I need... we need to get back to the basics. How did we become a God follower, where were we, what was happening inside us? Let the Bible become exciting again, read the old stories we heard in Sunday school, look up those versus that mean the most to you, do you have a favorite psalm... if not then find one and take joy in reading it. Take joy in the basics of our Christianity... God didn't intend for it to have to be so political and serious.

Yes, I really did think all that while running this morning. Who knew that would come from me? Have a great weekend everyone... and coming soon: my birthday! hehe