Monday, September 15, 2008

Open Wide

So in the midst of school and spending multiple hours a day with the same people... we are bound to get sick and continuously pass it around. And with the way our classroom is set up... it travels down rows. My row at school consists of LD, me, CM, and KB. I have the pleasure of sitting next to these 3 wonderful girls who I hold most dear and who have contributed multiple hours of fun to my life... basically we have the best row and I know all the others are jealous of us (yes admit it, we bring fun, we bring spice, we are the girls of the right front row _insert theme music here_). Anyway, KB was sounding quite froggish over the last week and has since passed it onto CM since Friday... this leaves me as the next victim of the sore throat/sounding like a man disease. goodie. So I'm stocking up on Vitamin C and plenty of fluids to fight this thing off, you know, follow all the typical health remedy myths, all that junk. So,anyway, the point of this blog is about CM and her cough medicine.

Whilst studying at KB apartment for some upcoming randomness assignments, CM needed to have some cough medicine due to the fact that all the cough drops were gone. So KB got out her sore throat medicine- a throat spray... and thus the fun began.
[I have to interject the rest of the story of the day to add to the situation. CM has always taken Clariten, the 6 or 12 hour version. Well of course this time around she grabs Clariten... the 24 hour version. yikes. So she assumes that she can take her normal dosage and be fine... not quite. She pops in 2 for the morning and then 2 again at lunch time. And now the fun begins. On the box it specifically states that the dose is 1 in 24 hours; and not to exceed 1 every 24 hours; if you exceed the recommended dose you will experience severe drowsiness. Well, lets just say that the afternoon was a long one for CM and a very funny one for us! So throughout the rest of the story remember that she has ODed x3...]
So in comes the spray cough medicine. CM has never taken this kind of cough suppressant before and begins to become a little apprehensive to the situation. As in, there is no way we are going to get our sweet little friend to take this medicine... or so she thought. KB attempts to show her how far it will spray and then makes a 1st attempt with spraying it into CM's mouth. No go. CM jolts away from the "blast" of red juice... now its time to get everyone involved. So, I tell her that I'm going to hold her and force her to take this medicine... I wasn't kidding. I walk over to her, hold her head still while KB prepares to make another pass with the spray. No go. Pretty much she spit it out. Time for action one more time. So I hold her stronger now and with the help of our other friend BA, KB is able to successfully get the spray all in her mouth. But now she has to swallow... so BA and I don't take our eyes off her until we see her swallow reflex kick in... ah success. Needless to say, I know that stuff is nasty, but it was well worth the effort considering the whole time she has lost her voice and is trying hard to plead for every merciful reason not to take this medicine.
Hopefully tomorrow she won't remember a thing about it.

That is all for tonight, and yes I did get her permission to write this- I love you girl!
Coming Soon: pictures from WOF (weekend of fun- the Abilene version) I know you are excited.

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