Monday, September 8, 2008

A new point of view

So school is still off and running... things are going quite well so far...And now this inserts the point where my current friend and roommate at the time (Nikki) has a few inside thoughts on living with me:
"i am eating potatoes. i work out to workout tapes. i get up way too early. my temporary roommate smells. big forks and little forks go in separate compartments. duh."

The "I" in the above is referring to me just in case you wanted to know. She is actually sitting next to me and commenting on my lack of excitement with meal ideas and about how I wake up early to go run with Courtney. Which this is true, I have been working out alot the last month which I think deserves a big pat on the back for me- woohoo! AND my meals may not be exciting (except on the weekends, but she is not here then), but I'm doing this whole weight watchers thing still and have been quite successful in limiting the amount of food I consume everyday... so in order to keep this up I have to eat rabbit food until the weekends, when I can eat more exciting food. But anyways this is a boring topic.

A simple update: Things really are great at school so far, this semester will be much easier as of now and I've been successful in jumping ahead of schedule in assignments for the time being. This is in part so I can continue to enjoy my weekends with Robert, but also because this coming Friday a few of my friends and Robert will be traveling to Dallas to go to Six flags!! We have all the plans worked out and I'm glad that I've been tackling assignments for awhile so I can be school free for the trip... at least for now thats the idea! So the update so far is that things are smooth sailing and I'm not pulling my hair out yet.
On another note, please pray for my Aunt, she has a severe medical condition that is taking over her body at a fast rate and is causing many complications. Things aren't going well from what I've heard so any prayer would be appreciated!

Have a great week everyone and I will write back when I have time again... at least to update about the trip this weekened!

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