Thursday, September 11, 2008

I hate you Ike

So as you have hopefully been watching the news... there is a hurricane coming to the US that will heavily be affecting several of my friends who live or have family in Houston. This natural disaster will also be doing me the pleasure of traveling onward to Dallas and ruining my weekend of fun with my friends at Six flags. So unfortunately I have to inform you that you will be let down because there will be no exciting blog or pictures from what would have been a very fabulous trip. So I'm apologizing to my blogging audience, but my group of friends will be searching all over this boring city of Abilene for whatever fun attractions we can find... so a blog on our discoveries will have to suffice. But if you are in the line of fire for this hurricane please be careful and take cover!! Otherwise, I sign off for now.
Oh and did I mention that Robert will not be able to come home this weekend... sad face.

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