Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beware of the Rapture?

Robert had an interesting experience the other day.

To make a very long story short- he met this old man who believes that the rapture is going to happen on Wednesday. As in tomorrow. This old man lives and works in Graham, but apparently has a lot of money to give away. Not just giving away to anyone, only to those who help him out or are in need. Every so often, this guy puts up signs in his workplace that they will be closed on whatever day due to the rapture that is coming. So Robert calls this guy (how he got his number is another story, but we'll skip those details) and asks him why he thinks the rapture will occur on Wednesday. The guy tells him to come to his shop and he'll tell him. Click. So Robert goes to his workshop place and the guy proceeds to lay out for him the "trumpets" that are about to occur and how they are leading up to a big invasion of Russia into Israel or something like that. Basically he believes whole heartedly that the rapture is about to occur. SO... be prepared for something to happen Wednesday... and if nothing happens, I'll still be here to write for you.

In other news:
-I'm becoming annoyed with having to upload photos on the internet... very frustrating sometimes... so be in more anticipation of pictures whenever I can get this computer to work with me!
-And I think it is the coolest thing to be listening to the radio (Air one specifically), driving around town, and suddenly you see someone in another car singing the same thing you are... :)


BananaBoy said...


You'll be posting on Thursday. =) Remember, no I has seen, no ear has heard.

Molly Kate said...

I MISS JENN!!!! ...and someone has a birthday coming up!