Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beware of the Rapture?

Robert had an interesting experience the other day.

To make a very long story short- he met this old man who believes that the rapture is going to happen on Wednesday. As in tomorrow. This old man lives and works in Graham, but apparently has a lot of money to give away. Not just giving away to anyone, only to those who help him out or are in need. Every so often, this guy puts up signs in his workplace that they will be closed on whatever day due to the rapture that is coming. So Robert calls this guy (how he got his number is another story, but we'll skip those details) and asks him why he thinks the rapture will occur on Wednesday. The guy tells him to come to his shop and he'll tell him. Click. So Robert goes to his workshop place and the guy proceeds to lay out for him the "trumpets" that are about to occur and how they are leading up to a big invasion of Russia into Israel or something like that. Basically he believes whole heartedly that the rapture is about to occur. SO... be prepared for something to happen Wednesday... and if nothing happens, I'll still be here to write for you.

In other news:
-I'm becoming annoyed with having to upload photos on the internet... very frustrating sometimes... so be in more anticipation of pictures whenever I can get this computer to work with me!
-And I think it is the coolest thing to be listening to the radio (Air one specifically), driving around town, and suddenly you see someone in another car singing the same thing you are... :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here I sit...

Tomorrow we have our first test of the semester. It happens to be in a class I find very amusing, but its also the only professor we haven't had until now... so who knows what this will be like. You know, the first test unfamiliarity, yeah I hate those. But at least I am sitting in one of my favorite (I have 2) coffee shops in Abilene, where I have happily spent $11 on a snadwich, soup, and peach tea (free refills of course)... and now I am debating on whether to buy a cookie. I mean they don't just give you some ordinary chip-o-hoy here, we are talking homemade goodness that they warm up and bring out to you on a fancy plate with a fork. Thats worth the $1 and something cents to me! Plus, there is live music tonight, some guy with his keyboard playing all sorts of worship and oldies songs in different styles. It's a little annoying at times I won't lie, but then he starts to play something amazing and I get interested again. I love this place! I would love it even more if Robert were here, but then I wouldn't be studying now would I...

I know I promised you all pictures from WOF in Abilene from two weekends ago and I do have them and they are quite amazing, but of course I am too lazy to upload them to my computer, so maybe by writing in this blog I will become motivated. Plus I have an added bonus of pictures and videos from my random one night trip to Midland last Friday... I had to see my mom and got to see my grandma, dad, brother, sister-in-law who is expecting my new niece anytime now, and my adorable nephew. So I have extra happy stories to tell you, but this might not be till Wednesday night.

And to finish off my random "study break" thoughts I must inform you that my right pinky finger is for real broken. Two weeks ago I was playing basketball and of course I jammed it... well 2 weeks later (now) it is still swollen, showing no signs of wrinkles like the other one, and is severely limited in its range of motion. Plus it hurts. This is not a very good thing for typing and writing. We'll see how taking this test goes tomorrow especially with having to write out an essay... oh brother.

Joyful news: Instead of getting a cookie, I have upgraded my decision to a cookie sundae- I mean you mention ice cream and I'm there, so this should hit the spot! I know you all agree that this is the best option!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far regardless of my injury and looming test. Till next time, Give God the Glory!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Open Wide

So in the midst of school and spending multiple hours a day with the same people... we are bound to get sick and continuously pass it around. And with the way our classroom is set up... it travels down rows. My row at school consists of LD, me, CM, and KB. I have the pleasure of sitting next to these 3 wonderful girls who I hold most dear and who have contributed multiple hours of fun to my life... basically we have the best row and I know all the others are jealous of us (yes admit it, we bring fun, we bring spice, we are the girls of the right front row _insert theme music here_). Anyway, KB was sounding quite froggish over the last week and has since passed it onto CM since Friday... this leaves me as the next victim of the sore throat/sounding like a man disease. goodie. So I'm stocking up on Vitamin C and plenty of fluids to fight this thing off, you know, follow all the typical health remedy myths, all that junk. So,anyway, the point of this blog is about CM and her cough medicine.

Whilst studying at KB apartment for some upcoming randomness assignments, CM needed to have some cough medicine due to the fact that all the cough drops were gone. So KB got out her sore throat medicine- a throat spray... and thus the fun began.
[I have to interject the rest of the story of the day to add to the situation. CM has always taken Clariten, the 6 or 12 hour version. Well of course this time around she grabs Clariten... the 24 hour version. yikes. So she assumes that she can take her normal dosage and be fine... not quite. She pops in 2 for the morning and then 2 again at lunch time. And now the fun begins. On the box it specifically states that the dose is 1 in 24 hours; and not to exceed 1 every 24 hours; if you exceed the recommended dose you will experience severe drowsiness. Well, lets just say that the afternoon was a long one for CM and a very funny one for us! So throughout the rest of the story remember that she has ODed x3...]
So in comes the spray cough medicine. CM has never taken this kind of cough suppressant before and begins to become a little apprehensive to the situation. As in, there is no way we are going to get our sweet little friend to take this medicine... or so she thought. KB attempts to show her how far it will spray and then makes a 1st attempt with spraying it into CM's mouth. No go. CM jolts away from the "blast" of red juice... now its time to get everyone involved. So, I tell her that I'm going to hold her and force her to take this medicine... I wasn't kidding. I walk over to her, hold her head still while KB prepares to make another pass with the spray. No go. Pretty much she spit it out. Time for action one more time. So I hold her stronger now and with the help of our other friend BA, KB is able to successfully get the spray all in her mouth. But now she has to swallow... so BA and I don't take our eyes off her until we see her swallow reflex kick in... ah success. Needless to say, I know that stuff is nasty, but it was well worth the effort considering the whole time she has lost her voice and is trying hard to plead for every merciful reason not to take this medicine.
Hopefully tomorrow she won't remember a thing about it.

That is all for tonight, and yes I did get her permission to write this- I love you girl!
Coming Soon: pictures from WOF (weekend of fun- the Abilene version) I know you are excited.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I hate you Ike

So as you have hopefully been watching the news... there is a hurricane coming to the US that will heavily be affecting several of my friends who live or have family in Houston. This natural disaster will also be doing me the pleasure of traveling onward to Dallas and ruining my weekend of fun with my friends at Six flags. So unfortunately I have to inform you that you will be let down because there will be no exciting blog or pictures from what would have been a very fabulous trip. So I'm apologizing to my blogging audience, but my group of friends will be searching all over this boring city of Abilene for whatever fun attractions we can find... so a blog on our discoveries will have to suffice. But if you are in the line of fire for this hurricane please be careful and take cover!! Otherwise, I sign off for now.
Oh and did I mention that Robert will not be able to come home this weekend... sad face.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A new point of view

So school is still off and running... things are going quite well so far...And now this inserts the point where my current friend and roommate at the time (Nikki) has a few inside thoughts on living with me:
"i am eating potatoes. i work out to workout tapes. i get up way too early. my temporary roommate smells. big forks and little forks go in separate compartments. duh."

The "I" in the above is referring to me just in case you wanted to know. She is actually sitting next to me and commenting on my lack of excitement with meal ideas and about how I wake up early to go run with Courtney. Which this is true, I have been working out alot the last month which I think deserves a big pat on the back for me- woohoo! AND my meals may not be exciting (except on the weekends, but she is not here then), but I'm doing this whole weight watchers thing still and have been quite successful in limiting the amount of food I consume everyday... so in order to keep this up I have to eat rabbit food until the weekends, when I can eat more exciting food. But anyways this is a boring topic.

A simple update: Things really are great at school so far, this semester will be much easier as of now and I've been successful in jumping ahead of schedule in assignments for the time being. This is in part so I can continue to enjoy my weekends with Robert, but also because this coming Friday a few of my friends and Robert will be traveling to Dallas to go to Six flags!! We have all the plans worked out and I'm glad that I've been tackling assignments for awhile so I can be school free for the trip... at least for now thats the idea! So the update so far is that things are smooth sailing and I'm not pulling my hair out yet.
On another note, please pray for my Aunt, she has a severe medical condition that is taking over her body at a fast rate and is causing many complications. Things aren't going well from what I've heard so any prayer would be appreciated!

Have a great week everyone and I will write back when I have time again... at least to update about the trip this weekened!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend Robert and I went to visit our friends in Lubbock. We had been planning a trip together to see everyone and decided to make the trip up there and spend the weekend just hanging out with as many people as possible. It was quite delightful! Despite the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of Lubbock, I was there for the people not the location. Friday when we got there, it was a mess of beautiful rain and scary clouds. We had a cook out at the Rotan's house (where we were staying) and then went out to enjoy some fun games and drinks to end the night. Then on Saturday we went to the rec at Tech to play racquetball... for 2.5 hours. Yes I was very tired, but I have a new fond love of the game and would like to start making it a regular habit of mine. That afternoon we tailgated before the Tech game... yes, I went to a Tech game... not exactly my cup of tea, but it was football and once again I was there in good company with my friends. Unfortunately my Aggies lost so I had to put up with that on my record all weekend, but I love college football and it was fun to be at a game... even if it was for the enemy. On Sunday, we went to the Rotan's church and had a blast! Their pastor is awesome and definitely had my attention! So overall it was a short, but awesome weekend and I thank Meagan and Dustin for opening their home to us... and putting up with us (and by us I mean my darling and hilarious husband).

And in regards to A&M football... I know we aren't the greatest at football, I didn't go there for the sports... and I know they will get better! Gig 'em Ags!

The end. Oh and enjoy your labor day holiday everyone! The real end.