Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So they aren't a gold medalist...

Olympic mania is sadly coming to an end. I have been heavily watching my favorite events and rooting like a crazy woman in my living room the whole time. I've always loved watching the Olympics- especially the gymnastics (yes I dreamed I would become on of them when I was little... alas the dream is still to come, haha), swimming, beach volleyball (which my grandma says is a dumb sport b/c of course the court is too big for them to cover... true true), and the hurdles and other track events. I don't really know why I like the to watch the hurdle races, but maybe because there was a time in my jr high life where our track coach was trying to recruit people to run the hurdles... yep yours truly here did attempt this sport, but quickly judged right that it was not for me. None the less- it fascinates me. But I'm sad its coming to a close b/c that means school is also about to start.

But something that I have realized while watching these Olympic games... besides the fact that I think the gymnastics judges were biased toward the Chinese and that they have way too many commercial breaks in the middle of my favorite events... I've realized that I love to hear their stories. The stories about how they got to where they are, how they struggled, how they endured hardships, stories of power, determination, sacrifice, tears, sweat, and drive. But I think the stories I would most like to hear are those of the athletes that are competing, but never get mentioned. Oh sure there names flash across the score boards, but do we hear about these athletes... no, not unless they are in line up for a medal we never hear about them. Sure the broadcasting world doesn't want to waste its time on the "losers" but more so on the medal winners...BUT they must have accomplished some amazing things to make it to the Olympics... the game of all games. So heres to you the amazing-athlete-who-we-will-never-hear-about-just-because-you-don't-win-a-medal person... fight strong and be proud because you made it to the champion ring- regardless of the outcome.

In personal news, I have about 1.5 weeks left before school starts and I'm kinda ready to get this next semester rolling. So my clinical wasn't the most amazing experience, but I know am so ready to learn and use the things that I have learned. Plus I sure have missed my friends. I'm also ready for Robert to be done with Graham. I don't know when that will be or where he will have to go afterwards (only God does), but I'm sick from being without him. 2 days on a weekend or about 8 days a month really starts to break you down after awhile. I mean we are married... I waited a long time for that and now its time for us to be close again. Well, till then... heres to the weekends! Have a fantastic last few days/weeks of the summer everyone!

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Molly Kate said...

this is amazing & so true!!! i love people's stories. y was your clinical bad?