Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

Well the school year (my last ever) is fastly approaching and I'm actually ready to get it started. I miss my friends who have been gone for 5 weeks and I'm ready to get this learning thing into swing again. I like having a routine and during this break I have been quite without one... which is not bad, just not structured like my little heart likes things to be. So, this might be the only time I ever say this but... bring it on school!

Update for over my break: I have been doing nothing which is great! I've ventured out into the city to run a few errands, but mostly just to occupy myself. Last weekend, Robert's family came into town for another Perini's weekend (this freakishly awesome steakhouse south of town)... it has kinda become a tradition and I hope it continues for a long time. This weekend was to celebrate Robert's Dad's and Aunt Cindy's 50th birthday (obviously they are twins). Although we were a little crowded at time, it was still a blast and I forget sometime just how much I miss seeing family. And I got some great pictures of my adorable nieces and all the family:

The Precious Girls

Cousins sharing in the celebratory champagne!

On Tuesday, my friend Nikki moved in with me- for a few weeks while her house is being fixed up. It is a relief having someone in the apt with me during the week since Robert is still only here on the weekends and goodness knows I get freaked out being here alone. So I now have a roommate for a few weeks which I know will be fun!

In exciting news- Robert's job in Graham is coming to a close! We aren't sure exactly when, but sometime toward the end of September he will be free from that job site- yay! However, no clue as to whats in store next... he could either stick with the company but their next job site could be anywhere in America, or he could get a job in Abilene or Midland... just not sure. Keep us in your prayers for this that we can listen to what God wants for us at this time!

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week/weekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So they aren't a gold medalist...

Olympic mania is sadly coming to an end. I have been heavily watching my favorite events and rooting like a crazy woman in my living room the whole time. I've always loved watching the Olympics- especially the gymnastics (yes I dreamed I would become on of them when I was little... alas the dream is still to come, haha), swimming, beach volleyball (which my grandma says is a dumb sport b/c of course the court is too big for them to cover... true true), and the hurdles and other track events. I don't really know why I like the to watch the hurdle races, but maybe because there was a time in my jr high life where our track coach was trying to recruit people to run the hurdles... yep yours truly here did attempt this sport, but quickly judged right that it was not for me. None the less- it fascinates me. But I'm sad its coming to a close b/c that means school is also about to start.

But something that I have realized while watching these Olympic games... besides the fact that I think the gymnastics judges were biased toward the Chinese and that they have way too many commercial breaks in the middle of my favorite events... I've realized that I love to hear their stories. The stories about how they got to where they are, how they struggled, how they endured hardships, stories of power, determination, sacrifice, tears, sweat, and drive. But I think the stories I would most like to hear are those of the athletes that are competing, but never get mentioned. Oh sure there names flash across the score boards, but do we hear about these athletes... no, not unless they are in line up for a medal we never hear about them. Sure the broadcasting world doesn't want to waste its time on the "losers" but more so on the medal winners...BUT they must have accomplished some amazing things to make it to the Olympics... the game of all games. So heres to you the amazing-athlete-who-we-will-never-hear-about-just-because-you-don't-win-a-medal person... fight strong and be proud because you made it to the champion ring- regardless of the outcome.

In personal news, I have about 1.5 weeks left before school starts and I'm kinda ready to get this next semester rolling. So my clinical wasn't the most amazing experience, but I know am so ready to learn and use the things that I have learned. Plus I sure have missed my friends. I'm also ready for Robert to be done with Graham. I don't know when that will be or where he will have to go afterwards (only God does), but I'm sick from being without him. 2 days on a weekend or about 8 days a month really starts to break you down after awhile. I mean we are married... I waited a long time for that and now its time for us to be close again. Well, till then... heres to the weekends! Have a fantastic last few days/weeks of the summer everyone!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The "Me" Monster

So before you read this you should go to youtube and look up a comedian named Brian Regan and his act on "I walked on the moon". I would have put the link in here, but I honestly don't know how to do that and I'm not about to figure it out now when I need to get to bed but instead I'm writing a blog (yes I love it that much). SOOOO, after you have watched this you should be more aware now of what he means by the "me" monster. But in case you are like me and usually don't like to open a new window, type in the search, and actually watch the short video... the "me" monster represents those people who just HAVE to talk about themselves. The world does revolve around them and only by stepping into their world will you survive. Well, on this clinical right now I have encountered someone who has a very strong personality and for a while I just couldn't figure out what it was about that person that rubbed me the wrong way... until now. She is a "me" monster. Just a little too concerned with turning everything in a conversation back to her. Now I know I have been guilty of this in the past, but its like I have now figured out a diagnosis for my discomfort around this person. Knowing this diagnosis, I know now how to approach her and how to better lead discussions. So you see... the "me" monster isn't necessarily a bad thing... just a diagnosis.

Meanwhile... I have only one day left of this clinical! Despite the "me" monster moments, I've had a good time, gotten to see alot of different things, and feel like maybe I am learning something in school. AND I even cracked some of my books... who would have thought they weren't kidding when they said we would use them on our clinicals. Gold star for me! Stephanie (my colleague who is on the same clinical rotation as I am) and I will be celebrating a successful end to pediatric world tomorrow night so I'm excited about that. (I wish Robert could be here for it though, but we will celebrate this weekend by going to the lake with my cousin). Oh Goodie! Two weeks of real summer... or whats left of it... here I come!

AND for your viewing pleasure, some pictures and a video from the camp Steph and I worked while on our clinical last week. We were in the play room where we had therapy stuff, but really we were just playing with the kids and offering therapy advice for parents. But we may have gotten a little bored...

This is a "body sock" designed to help with proprioception... or to make you look like a red umpa lumpa

AND This has to be the most embarrassing video of my life... but just so you get the full experience of the body sock...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Travel Size Me

So Robert and I went to HEB the other day- thanks to the gift card I received from my clinical site :)- and amongst getting our groceries and produce we ventured into my favorite place in a grocery store (well second favorite actually, b/c the candy isle is always on top)... we went to the travel section. You know, the section with the multiple baskets and mini products just waiting for you to pick them up. I think they are so cute. Yes, if Robert was standing here now he would let out a sigh and say "oh my gosh" because he thinks I'm pathetic... but I love this stuff! And they always have new things that of course I just HAVE to have! I mean I could be obsessed with designer shirts or shoes that cost hundreds, but instead I am obsessed with 99 cent bottles of fun products. You know you enjoy stopping to look at all the mini merchandise and imagine/ or make up excuses as to why you need these perfect travel size things. I mean every girl needs a mini hairbrush, deodorant, tylenol case, body spray, shampoo, hand sanitizer, face cleanser, chapstick, travel toilet paper roll (thank you Charmin), hairspray, cotton swabs, towelettes, baby powder, can of lysol (my mom loves those), sewing kit, and body wash in their purse. Ok, so maybe I don't have all those things in my purse, but I do have a mini of all those things. Yes, I confess to you one of my obsessions in life. Do you have a wacky obsession? I mean, come on... if you've been reading this blog for a while you know I have some weird ones!
Goodnight everyone!


Look its the new couch!! Finally I was able to upload the picture! I hope this picture does it justice because it is mighty comfy!

and Molly I love you and will be praying and would love to help brighten your day anytime!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Stubborn Computer

So I would love to post the new pictures of our couch, but my computer has decided that it no longer likes me and that it won't download anymore pictures. Sadly you must wait till another time to view this magnificent piece of furniture, but trust me... its awesome!! I love having a couch to actually watch TV on now instead of the floor. Oh the simple joys of married life :)

I have a really great post idea that I promise I will have ready tomorrow... that is if I'm not too sunburned and tired after my day at camp with my kids from my clinical tomorrow. I'll explain more when I know whats going on, but till then have a great week everyone!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Update time!

I'm sad that i haven't had the adequate amount of time I want to update this thing... but alas, the moment had come.
Last weekend was amazing!! I love not having any schoolwork to do and all the time in the world to spend on Robert and my friends. Ashley's wedding was beautiful and about the most exciting reception I've ever been to. Robert and I sang the first part of "God Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts at the wedding and it went great! The reception was held in this old Mill- and it was huge! But rugged and antique looking. If I was going to plan another party (for whatever) I would have it there also! But we danced the night away and had a great time. And I actually got pictures!

Ashley and I and my veil she used as her "Something borrowed"

All of us at the reception!

I'm sad that Tracy couldn't be there, but I'm glad we got to spend some time together before she ventured out to Illinois. I hope she is having fun out there!

On Monday morning, I started my first clinical rotation at WTRC pediatrics. Its only for 3 weeks, but considering the few exposures I've had to pediatric PT I think I can learn alot! The days are sometimes long and since it is still summer, there are alot of cancellations... bummer. But I have been able to see a wide spectrum of diagnoses and even speech, occupational, and aquatic therapy. This is the fun part of school that I have been waiting for! Although there has been a little bit of drama, I hope it will continue to be challenging. AND I hope all my other colleagues are having a fantastic learning experience at their clinical sites!

On other news, ROBERT AND I ARE GETTING OUR NEW COUCH TODAY!! I will have to take a picture of it, becuase I am so proud. Its our first big purchase as a married couple and I'm ready for some new furniture to be in our possession.

Well, now I close with more pictures from the wedding, just because I have them :)

Mr. and Mrs. Young!

ASSIST friends at the wedding

me dancin with the groom!