Monday, July 21, 2008

So Over It

I realize that I don't have much time to write this week, due to the approaching doom of my finals (3 left!), but I've decided that I'm just over it. My friends at school have adopted this phrase and while it may be our most overused phrase at the moment... it is so true. We are in every way possible... over this semester. I get like this around finals weeks. I can remember when I was at A&M and knowing that finals were approaching, which meant that I would be calculating my grade in order to see how much effort (or lack thereof) I had to put into every class. Yes, I still do that unfortunately. But its gotten more severe over the years and has finally climaxed at this point in life where I just don't care about learning anymore and I just want to pass. You may think this is a bad attitude, but really... when they try to cram 8 hours of info into my head, 5x/wk, and then insist that I read enough material that when lined up could reach to saturn and back, plus having a life on top of this... you got to be kidding me that I will actually have any bit of attention of will power left to take finals. Thats funny. So the moral of my life this week is... I'm over it.

And to top of everything... I'm over my lets-try-and-do-the-diet-thing-but-really-just-pretend-to-do-it phase. Yes, thats right... I officially joined Weight Watchers. As in I payed the money for the online program which is quite entertaining by the way. I can see myself wasting lots of time on that thing. Some of you may be wondering why I did this, but you are the people who do not see me on a regular basis. I admit that PT school, stress, and just being lazy have added up to a significant increase in my weight since my wedding one year ago. I only wish to get back there where I was. This is doable, but will be even more so doable now that I'm forcing myself to make good decisions about food because I'm paying to make those good decisions. This is all I will say about this because no one likes a whiner about their weight. BUT I am glad to know that I can still get my caramel coffee drinks for only 3 or 4 points- yay!

Thursday I will be a very happy person, and Friday I will drive to see my darling husband and then we will venture to the exciting city of McKinney for Ashley's wedding. Good times are a coming!

And a special shout-out to my friend Tracy- Congrats on Chicago! So excited for you and I'll be up to visit soon!


The Roberts' said...

i know what you mean - that nasty wedding weight! not to mention that, at least for me, being off A&M campus has decreased the amount i walk every day by a LOT! so its harder to get that weight off. but good for you for being proactive! i hope you are successful!

Molly Kate said...

you are amazing!!! love you!