Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seriously... 10 cents?

So on Sunday afternoons- after Robert packs and leaves (sad face)- I usually begin a round of vigorous studying. Well this Sunday I figured that I would head to my other favorite coffee shop called Tuscany's. Finals are coming up... as in they start Friday with the scariest hour long practical of my life, and continue into next week... and then I will be officially done with one year of PT school! Whoop! I'm glad that sometimes it doesn't matter how I got to the end, but that it happened because this sure has been a messy road, but who cares- one week left! Then I get to play for 3 weeks with kids on my first pediatric clinical rotation here in Abilene. I'm super excited about that!
But I digress... So I went to Tuscany's but of course to ruin the day, they were closed. So I went to starbucks instead to pick up a caramel frappuccino with a gift card I kept forgetting was in my wallet. So I drive up to the window to receive my drink of heavenly goodness, and hand him my gift card. "Do you want to refill it if it runs out?" the teller asks me. I tell him no and he swipes the card... then he laughs. "Well the card only had 10 cents on it." Oh. "Seriously, just 10 cents?" "Yeah."
You may not find this funny, but at the time I was very distraught and then later just laughed. I had a lot of gift cards from Christmas and this was my last one to be used... and lo and behold its got a wopping 10 cents on it. So I paid the rest of the bill and took my drink back home to study. Next time I will pay more attention to the balance remaining on the receipts. Even though... I hate receipts. Could there be a more useless waste of paper. Sure for big purchases we have to hang on to them like its our certificate to life or something, but for the small things how important can it be to hand everyone a little skinny slip of paper, that fades and rubs off on everything, and that gets lost for months before you find it again. Is that practical, I think not. For the obsessive compulsive financial people I'm sure it is important, but for me... I don't care. Don't waste another slip of tree on me, I know how much I just paid... and it shows up on my online bill anyway. Ok sorry, that just came to me.
Off to school, just a few more days!

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