Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ode to the weekend

Well I am officially done with finals, and they turned out WAY better than I thought. Our last final was this morning and I won't lie... I didn't study very hard for this one... I actually didn't even finish reading all the way through the notes because I just got tired. So (and this is so aweful of me, but you have to understand that I have no brain left at this point), during the test I didn't even read every question... yes, I guessed on about 40%, attempted to read the rest and tried to answer at least 50% correct... no that doesn't equal 100%, but I don't care at this point. Anyway, on this test I actually scored pretty horrible, but it was exactly what I needed to get a B in the class (an A was out of the question), so I will proudly take that B and be done with that class.

In other words... I'm done! Well for at least a few weeks. And Monday I start at 9 at the pediatrics clinic in town on my first clinical rotation for 3 weeks. I am excited, yet nervous because we haven't had a peds class yet, so there isn't alot of things we can be responsible for. I just want to have fun and learn without having to sit and stare at a professor for 9 hours a day. Hallelujah!

Tomorrow, I am waking up early to drive to Graham, pick up Robert, and then drive to Dallas for Ashley's wedding. I will also be saying goodbye to my best friend, Tracy, as she ventured to Chicago- I'm gonna miss her! Yeah she lives in Houston and its not like I got to see her all the time, but she was still close enough to plan an occasional visiting trip. This is not good bye forever, but its just weird to watch her drive away to Chicago that is a million light years away from west Texas. Sad day, but a fun adventure for her. And the wedding will be great and I'm ready for some time with Robert.
I'm sure I will have many stories and pictures to share when I get back... so till then God bless and thanks for reading by the way.


Molly Kate said...

have fun! I miss you so much!

thesharester said...

congrats on your finals! hope you have a good weekend.