Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ode to the weekend

Well I am officially done with finals, and they turned out WAY better than I thought. Our last final was this morning and I won't lie... I didn't study very hard for this one... I actually didn't even finish reading all the way through the notes because I just got tired. So (and this is so aweful of me, but you have to understand that I have no brain left at this point), during the test I didn't even read every question... yes, I guessed on about 40%, attempted to read the rest and tried to answer at least 50% correct... no that doesn't equal 100%, but I don't care at this point. Anyway, on this test I actually scored pretty horrible, but it was exactly what I needed to get a B in the class (an A was out of the question), so I will proudly take that B and be done with that class.

In other words... I'm done! Well for at least a few weeks. And Monday I start at 9 at the pediatrics clinic in town on my first clinical rotation for 3 weeks. I am excited, yet nervous because we haven't had a peds class yet, so there isn't alot of things we can be responsible for. I just want to have fun and learn without having to sit and stare at a professor for 9 hours a day. Hallelujah!

Tomorrow, I am waking up early to drive to Graham, pick up Robert, and then drive to Dallas for Ashley's wedding. I will also be saying goodbye to my best friend, Tracy, as she ventured to Chicago- I'm gonna miss her! Yeah she lives in Houston and its not like I got to see her all the time, but she was still close enough to plan an occasional visiting trip. This is not good bye forever, but its just weird to watch her drive away to Chicago that is a million light years away from west Texas. Sad day, but a fun adventure for her. And the wedding will be great and I'm ready for some time with Robert.
I'm sure I will have many stories and pictures to share when I get back... so till then God bless and thanks for reading by the way.

Monday, July 21, 2008

So Over It

I realize that I don't have much time to write this week, due to the approaching doom of my finals (3 left!), but I've decided that I'm just over it. My friends at school have adopted this phrase and while it may be our most overused phrase at the moment... it is so true. We are in every way possible... over this semester. I get like this around finals weeks. I can remember when I was at A&M and knowing that finals were approaching, which meant that I would be calculating my grade in order to see how much effort (or lack thereof) I had to put into every class. Yes, I still do that unfortunately. But its gotten more severe over the years and has finally climaxed at this point in life where I just don't care about learning anymore and I just want to pass. You may think this is a bad attitude, but really... when they try to cram 8 hours of info into my head, 5x/wk, and then insist that I read enough material that when lined up could reach to saturn and back, plus having a life on top of this... you got to be kidding me that I will actually have any bit of attention of will power left to take finals. Thats funny. So the moral of my life this week is... I'm over it.

And to top of everything... I'm over my lets-try-and-do-the-diet-thing-but-really-just-pretend-to-do-it phase. Yes, thats right... I officially joined Weight Watchers. As in I payed the money for the online program which is quite entertaining by the way. I can see myself wasting lots of time on that thing. Some of you may be wondering why I did this, but you are the people who do not see me on a regular basis. I admit that PT school, stress, and just being lazy have added up to a significant increase in my weight since my wedding one year ago. I only wish to get back there where I was. This is doable, but will be even more so doable now that I'm forcing myself to make good decisions about food because I'm paying to make those good decisions. This is all I will say about this because no one likes a whiner about their weight. BUT I am glad to know that I can still get my caramel coffee drinks for only 3 or 4 points- yay!

Thursday I will be a very happy person, and Friday I will drive to see my darling husband and then we will venture to the exciting city of McKinney for Ashley's wedding. Good times are a coming!

And a special shout-out to my friend Tracy- Congrats on Chicago! So excited for you and I'll be up to visit soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seriously... 10 cents?

So on Sunday afternoons- after Robert packs and leaves (sad face)- I usually begin a round of vigorous studying. Well this Sunday I figured that I would head to my other favorite coffee shop called Tuscany's. Finals are coming up... as in they start Friday with the scariest hour long practical of my life, and continue into next week... and then I will be officially done with one year of PT school! Whoop! I'm glad that sometimes it doesn't matter how I got to the end, but that it happened because this sure has been a messy road, but who cares- one week left! Then I get to play for 3 weeks with kids on my first pediatric clinical rotation here in Abilene. I'm super excited about that!
But I digress... So I went to Tuscany's but of course to ruin the day, they were closed. So I went to starbucks instead to pick up a caramel frappuccino with a gift card I kept forgetting was in my wallet. So I drive up to the window to receive my drink of heavenly goodness, and hand him my gift card. "Do you want to refill it if it runs out?" the teller asks me. I tell him no and he swipes the card... then he laughs. "Well the card only had 10 cents on it." Oh. "Seriously, just 10 cents?" "Yeah."
You may not find this funny, but at the time I was very distraught and then later just laughed. I had a lot of gift cards from Christmas and this was my last one to be used... and lo and behold its got a wopping 10 cents on it. So I paid the rest of the bill and took my drink back home to study. Next time I will pay more attention to the balance remaining on the receipts. Even though... I hate receipts. Could there be a more useless waste of paper. Sure for big purchases we have to hang on to them like its our certificate to life or something, but for the small things how important can it be to hand everyone a little skinny slip of paper, that fades and rubs off on everything, and that gets lost for months before you find it again. Is that practical, I think not. For the obsessive compulsive financial people I'm sure it is important, but for me... I don't care. Don't waste another slip of tree on me, I know how much I just paid... and it shows up on my online bill anyway. Ok sorry, that just came to me.
Off to school, just a few more days!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

14 Hours and a very odd week

This past week has just been weird. No, odd is more appropriate I think. Some things have popped up that have just been annoying, and some have popped up that have been a little frightening. Currently on my mind, I just spent all day at school and I'm exhausted. I mean I spent 14 hours straight in the same building... working on random assignments, being in class, and having meetings... this does not make for a happy day or for a happy me. I have officially entered the "drinking from a waterfall" stage of PT school... well actually, I think I'm sinking underneath the water with only a snorkel to help me. Yes, exhausted. Its not all bad stuff, its just busy. I don't think people really believe me when I say that I am busy with school. When I say that I get some response that indicates that people think I'm just making excuses when really I barely have time to talk to Robert during the day... and that is one of the most important parts of my day! So, please don't think I'm making some usual excuse of being too busy... I really am... I mean who spends all day locked in a building that has no windows just for fun? Nobody.

I think my mean side is coming out too. I know some of you are saying, well hasn't it always been out, but its getting out of control. I attribute this to the lack of quality time with my husband, my self, and non-stressfullness [yeah I made that word up]. So, I apologize for my increased attitude and for my inability to stop myself from saying certain things out loud... I promise its all from the stress [and believe me that is no made up excuse].

Lastly, without going into many details I wanted to share about my experience last Thursday. I was having a great day at school, I had a test that afternoon that I wasn't looking forward to, but nevertheless, I was surviving the day. Well, after lunch that all went downhill. I stood up from my chair to get ready to get back to studying and I felt the most excruciating pain ever in my life in my lower abdomen. I could just not get comfortable. After about 45 minutes of this, my awesome professors convinced me to go to a local doctor to get checked out. My marvelous friends [shout out to Brittany and Courtney] drove me to the doctor amongst my peril. Of course, when we got there the pain was suddenly gone which only infuriated me more. But I continued with the check up. When they finally called me into the back, I had to get the routine height, weight, and blood pressure check. These people had a machine that dates back to the ice ages for taking blood pressure. My normal is 110/73 mmHg. This is good. And normally the pressure cuff is filled up about 20-30 mmHg higher than when your radial pulse disappears... long explanation short... my cuff inflated to 210 mmHg! THAT WAS TOO HIGH! My arm started turning blue and now I had this shooting pain running up and down my hand and arm. Great. So I started to pump my hand to decrease the pain and salvage any tissue that I had left in there, but since I moved we had to... yep thats right... do the test again. You got to be kidding me. So the machine inflates my arm well above normal and proceeds to deflate at about the speed of dying turtles. Not only is my arm blue and in pain, it is now becoming numb and disconnected from my body. Needless to say the rating was still good, but my heart rate was a wopping 125 beats/min which is way to high for someone who had been sitting down for 15 minutes. Not cool.

The rest of the doctor experience was as usual- they took my samples and had me on my way. I'm fine, but I did have to have a follow up test done the other day to rule out some things [and I'm glad to say that I am NOT pregnant, so don't get any ideas]. We will see what they say, but I expect that it was just some fluke thing that happened amongst my stressed out life.
What a fantastic week. I can't wait till Friday!

Oh, but I did have a great weekend, I don't want to forget to throw that in there. We went to Midland for the 4th and spent the entire time with our nieces and nephew and family... it was great! I will post pictures soon!