Sunday, June 15, 2008

You Got So Much Lovin' You

Our anniversary was a hit! I am proud to announce the arrival of the first Fowler pet (I know you were thinking baby, but ahhh no! I'm still in school people and I really don't want a kid right now, I want to be an aunt who can spoil her nieces and nephew for a while longer... ok back to the present)... yes meet Jaws, our beautiful beta fish.

I like having another living thing inside our apt... it helps give me something to do when I'm not studying and missing Robert. But this was anniversary present number one! If you didn't know I'm into traditions. And I love the tradition of the traditional and contemporary wedding anniversary gifts. For the first year the contemporary is "clocks" and the traditional is "paper." So for Robert I got him a new watch (I can't remember if I already wrote this or not) and he made me these beautiful flowers out of paper.

Our anniversary celebration the weekend before was fun and complete with a fancy dinner at the Beehive restaurant, movie (Prince Caspian), and gifts. But the real fun was our trip to Ruidoso we got to take this past week. We luckily had a four day weekend for school, so we took the opportunity to pack up and head away from Abilene. We started out going to Midland, ate with Robert's parents, grandma, and two of his Aunts. Then we headed out to Carlsbad Caverns where I'm pretty sure I walked about 10 miles, but nevertheless, I loved it! I had been when I was really little, but now I can actually pay attention to the tour guide and remember what he said... But that was fun for us to get to do together. Then we headed the rest of the way to Ruidoso. On Friday, we got up and went shopping of course (didn't spend too much money, but of course we did get a few cool souvenirs) then had lunch and headed to Ruidoso Downs for the horse races. We only bet on a few horses (the pretty ones for me and the ones with the most interesting names), but none of them won. My favorite one was named Imarealrisk... I'm trying to decide on what I would name my own horse if I ever had one... I'll get back to you on that. I think Robert wanted to name his Lamborghini.

After not winning at the horse races, we got dressed up and headed to this extremely nice and small restaurant. Our waiter was awkward and took years to bring us our food, but it was worth it just to get to talk to Robert, eat the amazing food, and eavesdrop on other tables conversations. You know you all have done this... especially when the table behind you has had four bottles of wine and are having some good spirits about them... you just have to listen. Finally we went to the Inn of the Mountain gods Casino. Robert is awesome at poker and won us about $250 and then another $45 or so at Roulette, while I wasted $7 clicking buttons on the slot machines. I only used $7 because I hate watching my money just drip away under my nose (unless its playing Bingo), so I was very cautious of how much I was using. All in all- Robert made up for our expensive dinner and then some so I would say it was a successful night.

On Saturday we had to get up and pack which is never fun... but we went to a car show that had some mighty fancy cars. There was even a black mustang something or other that was for sale for only $42,000... I had to hold Robert back on that one. Lastly, we drove around and ate at some amazing places then left for Midland. Midland was our overnight stay where we had Father's Day bbq with my parents and my brother and his family... including my nephew who is now 3 and has become quite sensitive. He was a hoot let me tell ya! And my parents got a stand up pool so that was fun to make a mess of... especially when the 3 year old will not let go of your neck b/c he is terrified of the water except to splash it everywhere in your face... oh fun times.

Then Sunday we got up and headed back to Abilene. I can't even describe the amount of work that was waiting to slap me in the face when I got back, but I don't care b/c I needed those four days of not even thinking about school stuff and only thinking about the man I love. I would definitely call this trip a success. One down, and many more to go.


Molly Kate said...

YAY! Happy one year!!! I love that last pic by the way...too cute! miss ya. love ya.

thesharester said...

looks like fun! congrats on your 1st year. good luck with school...


p.s. who's the band?