Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I do love the vapors...

I hate being sick. I had the wonderful pleasure (yes sarcasm) of being sick and missing half a day of school on Tuesday. I remember how this was actually a joyous occasion in grade school because missing class wasn't that big of a deal. BUT now in Grad school missing class is like having your whole hand slammed into a door. Ouch... its going to take a few days to fix. Yes, only half a day missed due to a sore throat, headache, sinus infection, and generalized weakness... and you would have thought I missed a whole week. I'm pretty sure I only missed one assignment, but of course it had to be one of the worst to make up... great. I hate being sick.

And to top it all off, I don't understand why I have to explain my every symptom to people. Its like they need written proof of my every cough, sneeze, and gag as to why I wasn't present at whatever location and whatever time. I understand sympathy, but do you really care WHAT I had. Next time I will get more detailed if I have to... you know the whole gross stuff thing with the sweats and tissues bla bla bla... ridiculous. I was sick, what more do you want. You have to be crazy to think that I wanted to get sick and miss school so I could be behind and have to make up ridiculous assignments. Why don't I just chop off my foot if thats the case! I sound a little frustrated right now, but I am only trying to make a point that if I say I'm sick, don't ask me what was wrong... I don't want to relive it, I want to get over it. I hate being sick.
Plus, I could barely drive to school to take a test we had that afternoon, so if it looked like I was faking it then thats just because I'm really good at putting on a happy face and dealing with stuff.
The ONLY thing good about being sick is Vick's Vapor Rub. I love that stuff. I would go on to say that I am addicted to it even. I just love the feeling it creates in my throat as I breath it in. I don't exactly use it the right way... rubbing it all over the chest... eww messy... but I do put it on my neck and a little dab right under the nose (I know I'm not alone in this). Then I cuddle under that covers and hide my face underneath the sheets in order to trap in the vapor sent for as long as possible... mmm I love it. If I feel like a sore throat is coming on, I pop open the bottle and smear some goodness on... I'm sure Robert has become used to this smell by now b/c I really do like it. Call me odd, but I love the vapors.

Well, I'm actually writing this late at night because I couldn't sleep due to my annoying paranoia about someone being in my apartment at night... I hear every little noise and it creeps me out... so now that I'm done writing this I hope I can go to sleep... and yes I have a little bit of vapor rub under my nose... its a calming agent, what can I say? Goodnight.

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The Roberts' said...

yep, i also put it under the nose, altho i slather it rather than dab. i mean, its the most effective place, right? its really quite silly that they say not to put it there!