Sunday, June 22, 2008

I do love to talk

If you want to get totally distracted from your day go to and search for the "breed of dog" quiz. This website has thousands of quizzes you can take that mean absolutely nothing, but fun. We actually had to take the "breed of dog" test for an assignment in class (statistics, I don't know why PTs need statistics for our practice, but we are taking it). My breed of dog... yorkshire terrier... a Yorkie! Those dogs are so cute. You are wondering now why it chose this for me, well here is the explanation they list:

No bones about it, you're a social, bustling Yorkshire Terrier. Active and enthusiastic, Yorkies like you have a ton of energy — which means you're probably always running around like a mad dog. You're never without a project to work on, an errand to run, or a party to catch. (Where do you find the time?) You're a chatty little pup, too — talking is one of your favorite pastimes. That's why all your friends and acquaintances see you as their own personal Entertainment Tonight and rely on you for the latest gossip and social bulletins. You always liven up a dinner party or cocktail gathering, and people simply adore your affectionate nature and get-up-and-go eagerness. Woof!

I especially like the part about how talking is one of your favorite pastimes... I do love to talk. Its funny how you never really notice how much you like to do something until you can't... This week in the recovery process from my annoying sickness it happened... I lost my voice. Oh I could squeeze out enough to sound like a man, but my laugh, my yell, my normal voice all gone. And its not like I took it easy and stayed at home trying to let it rest up... noooo I had to do school stuff, go to a pool party, take blood pressures for people in the town, go shopping with Robert, and play Bingo, all without a voice. I really do love to talk.

So while I try to continue on with my normal functions, I will continue to try and nurse my voice back... what will they do in school without me chatting away? This is my kind of torture.

*Disclaimer... if anyone so much as even attempts to refer to me as the "Yorkie" ...I will have to destroy you and break your neck... ok. good.

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Molly Kate said...

whoa! but yorkies are so cute! haha. I love you girl! I miss you lots. That's funny homework :)