Monday, June 2, 2008

How do you measure a year?

Our anniversary... number one of many to come.

Yes, today was our official anniversary and while it was a bummer that we couldn't be together today, it is still the fact that one year ago I got married to the greatest man alive! We half celebrated on Saturday night by exchanging gifts, eating dinner, and going out to a movie, but our real celebration is coming up. Since the first year anniversary is paper (traditional) and clocks (contemporary) we tried to get each other something associated with these items. I got Robert a new watch since the last time we saw his was on our honeymoon... hmmm, so a card for paper and a watch for clocks. Robert wowed me with his creativity skills once again and created some paper roses for me that were absolutely beautiful! He also bought me a couple other gifts that I have pictures of, but will upload at a later time. Overall, I missed not seeing him on our actual day, but I'm thankful for what this day represents. I will elaborate later, but I'm really tired right now and must get some sleep! Too many tests and exciting things coming up soon!

I love you Robert!

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Molly Kate said...

That's AMAZING! how do you measure a year? well in..." five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes..(rent)" haha. I love your gifts! such brilliant ideas!!!