Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Creepy Caramel

I have officially reached the point in my life where I have a "usual." Meaning... today I walked into my new early morning study/cram session coffee house, Java City located across the street from HSU, the place that makes the BEST caramel macchiato (even better than Starbucks *gasp*)! I usually plan to arrive there around 7 am on mornings we have tests or quizzes, just to give myself a little last minute motivation to jam the info into my head. Well, it had been a few days since my last visit (I attribute it to being sick and poor), but when I walked in the coffee guy who is always there looked at me and said... "would you like your usual, tall caramel macchiato right? and a blueberry bagel with cream cheese?" Yes, I was stunned that he would remember my order, but I guess I do order the same thing every time, so its to be expected. The only thing he couldn't remember was if I like strawberry or plain cream cheese (plain of course), but I'm sure he will remember when I arrive on Friday morning. It is kind of exciting to know that I have a usual order now, but then again I guess that could be a bad thing.

I am becoming quite addicted to those amazing caramel coffee drinks... or should I say that I am becoming more addicted to just coffee in general (mark down list of addictions as another interesting post idea). I mean I have my favorite cold and hot coffee drink and they both start with caramel... and to top it off when Robert and I were in Ruidoso, we stopped at the Starbucks a few times and amazingly found caramel sauce. It even has the recipe for a caramel macchiato on the back and I am stoked! Now I need to know how to make a frappacino and I have both my cold and hot drinks covered! Oh, but here is the interesting part... I hate caramel candy... well hate is a strong word... I don't prefer caramel candy. I just want the real stuff... that is SO bad for you... oh well we all have to live a little.

So the title of this is "creepy caramel" and I have to explain the creepy part... So there have been two incidents so far at this coffee shop where I have met the most random, creepy, people.
One. A few weeks ago, I was of course studying for a test but this time it was more like around 10 am, when I get up to order my coffee and out of my peripheral vision I see this man in a red shirt watching me order. So I walk back to my chair which is of course across from red shirt man and he just smiles, I ignore and sit down... well not 5 seconds later my coffee is up at the bar (they are fast like lightning at this place) so I go get it and when I turn around red shirt man is standing up. uh oh. I walk to my chair and he says "Hi, how are you?" I was in a good mood right then (besides being creeped out), so I said "Great, how are you?" And I go to sit down, but he replies loudly with, "That is GREAT! I can tell that you mean that, that you are having a great day and I love to see that in people... Oh my gosh that is a pretty ring! [picks up my left hand and is staring at my ring, which now I have closed in a fist like fashion b/c I thought he was going to take it off] It looks brand new, is it?" I so confusedly reply, "sorta." He says," Well he did a great job didn't he with that one! Wow I have just never seen such a gorgeous ring before!." He drops my hand, I back away just as he says, "Well you continue to have a great day!" And leaves.
Two. Today, as I was enjoying my coffee, this boy in a white shirt starts to walk past my booth, does a double take, and slows down. He is staring at me. Like wide eyed staring. I know I'm not that pretty in the morning, but come on! So he turns around and keeps staring but walks past me. By this time my two friends have joined me at my booth, so I'm feeling safe. Well white shirt boy comes back and of course sits at the table across from my booth... and what is he doing, staring. I sat there for 30 minutes I think with him just staring [except at one point I think he fell asleep, but I wasn't really trying to focus on him].

Creepy people interfere with my lovely caramel drinks. But I still love that coffee shop.


Robert said...

Funny baby, but you were wrong in saying you do not look pretty in the morning, because you do...always. I love waking up and seeing you smiling back at me!

The Roberts' said...

hahaha those stories are funny :-) oh & i share a love for caramel drinks. yumm

Molly Kate said...

HAHAHAHA!!! that's weird. and creepy! I miss you so much girly!!! agh! you always make me smile. be careful- you're just so pretty!!! p.s.-you have such a sweet husband! (see comment #1)