Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ok so just because its hot outside doesn't give people, specifically elderly aged gentlemen, a free ticket to take off their shirts to go running/walking in public. Really... it wasn't that hot today and really... I don't want to see that! I campaign for wearing shirts while running... at all times!
ok I'm done with that, but really!

Today at school was good, just a typical day except that we got to come at 9 instead of 8- yippee! Its the small things in life we have to look forward to in this program. I'm still missing two books from B&N that I ordered a week ago and I kind of need them to start reading.... they are for a very difficult class and I would like to have them around to make me think that I will start reading them... haha. I miss Robert quite alot right now although its been only 3 something days since I've seen him, but really... I just want to see him! But please keep him in your prayers as he finalizes what to do about this job... Update (I guess I didn't write this): They will only be stationed at this current wind farm site for another few months and then they could move in anywhere. If they stay in Texas that could be good and he could potentially stay with the company seeing as I will be traveling quite abit in the months to come for clinicals... but if they don't stay in Texas then its off to find another job that will be close to home. Isn't real life fun! Thats all for me, I'm working on a bajillion assignments so I can cross them off my to do list early. Much to accomplish this summer!


Molly Kate said...

really...I agree about the shirt thing-ewwww. And I will be praying for you and Robert, I'm sure that God has great plans full of hope (Jer 29:11) and a future.
Thank you also for commenting on my photos- they are in my online store now! yay!
And thank you for your wedding advice...that notebook you gave us is a life saver! :)

The Clardys said...

It's true. The weather starts to change and everyone goes cRaZy. I'm with you on that one.
That's crazy about Robert's job. It's disconcerting when we feel like we're not in control. But thankfully we have a Savior who is in control of everything and He knows what we need most. I will pray that God's will is done and that it is more than you thought it would be. Love ya girlie!