Monday, May 12, 2008

On the school bus again...

School has started for the summer. I'm so glad that we don't follow the regular school calendar and start as soon as everyone else is finishing and enjoying their summer breaks... boo... But at least this year we still get Fridays off (apparently this was not the trend in past summer sessions). I die without Fridays off... and when I say off I in no way imply that I am not at the school, b/c really there is a multitude of things to be done plus clinics we must visit on this day. And did I mention we have a research project going on that won't be completed till next February... whew! Bring on the negative attitude again and the endless hours of reading textbook after textbook only to realize that I haven't learned a thing.

Away from reality for a moment: This last week was absolutely wonderful and I was spoiled to have Robert home since Tuesday night. I had asked off so we could be together in peace before I started the madness again and because his cousin was graduating in Dallas and we wanted to go visit everyone. I forgot how fun it is to spend days doing nothing with him but lying around, walking around the mall, making dinner, and going out for afternoon treats to Sonic and who knows where else! Yep I miss that extremely, but if thats all we did everyday we would be pretty boring and very broke people, so I think I'll just try to enjoy having a life for a little bit more knowing that the end of school is near and the start of my real career and life passion is soon to be upon me.

Oh and to clarify...I don't ride school bus although I am going to be carpooling to school since the gas prices are taking what little loan money I can spare. And we did think about renting a little short bus just for the fun of it... haha that would have been hilarious!


Molly Kate said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your break! You deserve it hard working girl!

The Clardys said...

you should rent a bus that would be awesome! I can't imagine how hard it must be not to see your husband everyday. But I guess I will have to go through the same thing sooner than I think. I will keep you guys in my prayers. Love ya.