Monday, May 19, 2008

Melt my heart

I'm having a major craving for ice cream right now. But I am actually, for once in my life, doing well to follow a diet plan. "A diet?" you say... yes, well more like a healthier lifestyle plan. Weight Watchers has a core plan you can follow if counting points is not exactly your cup of tea (2pts)... and well I have better things to do than count everything that goes into my mouth. So I'm trying to follow this core plan diet and I must say I'm doing quite well. It basically consists of being able to eat however much I want (well within portion size reason of course) as long as its off the core plan of foods: whole wheats, whole grains, fruits, veggies, milk, oils, etc. Then on top of this you get 35 points from which to eat whatever else you want... and for me those points go to about the same things each week: ketchup (can't live without it), salad dressing (specifically ceaser), and ice cream. I admit that I don't really keep track of my extraneous points, but I try not to exceed 4 a day and 6 each on the weekend. This is working me down in portions and making me more aware of how much I eat b/c I'm bored... especially in class...although I realized today that the real reason I eat while in class is to stay awake! I don't really know why I just explained to you my diet plan, but now if you see me you can be my accountability that I'm not eating something I'm not supposed to.

Oh I would love to give a shout-out (who am I a radio DJ haha) to my friends who are having anniversaries today, so Happy Anniversary Clardys and Chambers! I can't wait for mine and Robert's 1st anniversary! I can't believe it is just 2 weeks away either! But congrats you guys and be sure and pull out the cake!

And for the rest of this week its work, work, work till I drop basically because Thursday I'm making the trip to Midland for Marlena's wedding fun that begins that night. I'm glad Robert will be able to come to Midland on Saturday so I can have my date for the wedding :) I miss him. But this weekend will be fun b/c it is also my nephew's birthday (3!) and my dad's is right after his so its sure to be an exciting time. Yes of course I will post pictures if I remember! Ok, now I'm really going to eat an ice cream bar (don't worry its a weight watchers chocolate bar that is only 1 point... see I'm good)

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