Friday, May 30, 2008

My fingers are sticky

This past weekend I got to share in the wonderful union of my friend Marlena to her new husband Andy. The wedding was gorgeous and I was glad to get to see her and spend time with her since they moved to North Carolina- waaaaayyy far away! So congrats guys!
The wedding only made me more excited about my anniversary... which is MONDAY!!! Robert is on his way home from Graham right now and even though we aren't exactly celebrating this weekend, I'm still excited! (We ARE celebrating, but it will be in two more weeks when we get a long break from school, so stay tuned for that posting). I just made us a Dr. Pepper cake and I could seriously eat the whole thing right now! For those of you who just said "Dr. Pepper cake?" let me explain, a few weeks ago we went to Dallas with Robert's parents. On our way we stopped at some random... I mean very random... gas station that had this cool little shop behind it. The first thing they said when we walked in was that we had to try their Dr. Pepper cake. Robert and I love cake so of course we did and let me tell you... its amazing! So his parent's bought us some of the mix (complete with two bottles of Dublin Dr. Pepper) and we headed out for our trip. So I have been meaning to make this cake for a long time, but not until this weekend did I have all the ingredients with me and an afternoon to make it.
I know you are all jealous of our cake, but don't worry I have another half of the cake mix to go! If you would like some just say the word!

Got to finish cleaning this disaster of an apartment- absolutely and totally all my fault... my stuff seems to accumulate in certain places... and there are these random little spiders that keep crawling out of nowhere... it's definitely summer time.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Melt my heart

I'm having a major craving for ice cream right now. But I am actually, for once in my life, doing well to follow a diet plan. "A diet?" you say... yes, well more like a healthier lifestyle plan. Weight Watchers has a core plan you can follow if counting points is not exactly your cup of tea (2pts)... and well I have better things to do than count everything that goes into my mouth. So I'm trying to follow this core plan diet and I must say I'm doing quite well. It basically consists of being able to eat however much I want (well within portion size reason of course) as long as its off the core plan of foods: whole wheats, whole grains, fruits, veggies, milk, oils, etc. Then on top of this you get 35 points from which to eat whatever else you want... and for me those points go to about the same things each week: ketchup (can't live without it), salad dressing (specifically ceaser), and ice cream. I admit that I don't really keep track of my extraneous points, but I try not to exceed 4 a day and 6 each on the weekend. This is working me down in portions and making me more aware of how much I eat b/c I'm bored... especially in class...although I realized today that the real reason I eat while in class is to stay awake! I don't really know why I just explained to you my diet plan, but now if you see me you can be my accountability that I'm not eating something I'm not supposed to.

Oh I would love to give a shout-out (who am I a radio DJ haha) to my friends who are having anniversaries today, so Happy Anniversary Clardys and Chambers! I can't wait for mine and Robert's 1st anniversary! I can't believe it is just 2 weeks away either! But congrats you guys and be sure and pull out the cake!

And for the rest of this week its work, work, work till I drop basically because Thursday I'm making the trip to Midland for Marlena's wedding fun that begins that night. I'm glad Robert will be able to come to Midland on Saturday so I can have my date for the wedding :) I miss him. But this weekend will be fun b/c it is also my nephew's birthday (3!) and my dad's is right after his so its sure to be an exciting time. Yes of course I will post pictures if I remember! Ok, now I'm really going to eat an ice cream bar (don't worry its a weight watchers chocolate bar that is only 1 point... see I'm good)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ok so just because its hot outside doesn't give people, specifically elderly aged gentlemen, a free ticket to take off their shirts to go running/walking in public. Really... it wasn't that hot today and really... I don't want to see that! I campaign for wearing shirts while running... at all times!
ok I'm done with that, but really!

Today at school was good, just a typical day except that we got to come at 9 instead of 8- yippee! Its the small things in life we have to look forward to in this program. I'm still missing two books from B&N that I ordered a week ago and I kind of need them to start reading.... they are for a very difficult class and I would like to have them around to make me think that I will start reading them... haha. I miss Robert quite alot right now although its been only 3 something days since I've seen him, but really... I just want to see him! But please keep him in your prayers as he finalizes what to do about this job... Update (I guess I didn't write this): They will only be stationed at this current wind farm site for another few months and then they could move in anywhere. If they stay in Texas that could be good and he could potentially stay with the company seeing as I will be traveling quite abit in the months to come for clinicals... but if they don't stay in Texas then its off to find another job that will be close to home. Isn't real life fun! Thats all for me, I'm working on a bajillion assignments so I can cross them off my to do list early. Much to accomplish this summer!

Monday, May 12, 2008

On the school bus again...

School has started for the summer. I'm so glad that we don't follow the regular school calendar and start as soon as everyone else is finishing and enjoying their summer breaks... boo... But at least this year we still get Fridays off (apparently this was not the trend in past summer sessions). I die without Fridays off... and when I say off I in no way imply that I am not at the school, b/c really there is a multitude of things to be done plus clinics we must visit on this day. And did I mention we have a research project going on that won't be completed till next February... whew! Bring on the negative attitude again and the endless hours of reading textbook after textbook only to realize that I haven't learned a thing.

Away from reality for a moment: This last week was absolutely wonderful and I was spoiled to have Robert home since Tuesday night. I had asked off so we could be together in peace before I started the madness again and because his cousin was graduating in Dallas and we wanted to go visit everyone. I forgot how fun it is to spend days doing nothing with him but lying around, walking around the mall, making dinner, and going out for afternoon treats to Sonic and who knows where else! Yep I miss that extremely, but if thats all we did everyday we would be pretty boring and very broke people, so I think I'll just try to enjoy having a life for a little bit more knowing that the end of school is near and the start of my real career and life passion is soon to be upon me.

Oh and to clarify...I don't ride school bus although I am going to be carpooling to school since the gas prices are taking what little loan money I can spare. And we did think about renting a little short bus just for the fun of it... haha that would have been hilarious!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hola, Hola!

I'm back from Mexico and other traveling experiences this break and I am tired. Just exhausted and ready to sleep in and watch tv will I can't stand it anymore before I have to return to my chair and sit from 8-5 for the summer. I have one more week to relax and I am ready! But I will recap on my trips:
Mexico- awesome, humbling, and fun. We worked at this orphanage for disabled children doing PT for the kids, painting, painting, and did I say we painted? Yes we painted all the walls around the complex and even put up a border of animals in the kids rooms. I've filled my painting quota for the next year for sure! We also spent the evenings delivering meals to families that live in the lowest of income housing you ever saw... it reminded me alot of my trip to Guatemala a few years ago... the kids, the families, the culture, I miss that place. We were in Mexico for 4 days, but I enjoyed all the things we got to see/experience. And I learned how to play Rock/Paper/Scissors in spanish!

College Station- after returning from Mexico on Wednesday, I drove to College Station on Thursday and I can't even begin to say how much I miss that place! I love A&M and being in that town surrounded by thousands of Aggies... its great! The purpose for my trip was to see my friends who are graduating in a few weeks (congrats guys!). It was a short trip (I returned on Friday), but it was worth it to see everyone. This is a picture my ASSIST committee (the Quails) at Mr G's pizza... its kind of a tradition for us to eat there. ASSIST was an organization I was in at A&M (obviously). I also helped my dear friend Ashley pack up her apartment and repaint her walls (yes I did more painting). Then before I left town I visited the bookstore on campus and bought overpriced t-shirts and some cute things for my nephew and future niece/nephew per request of my brother. Once again, I just love A&M!

Midland- To finish off the week, Robert and I drove on Saturday to Midland. We were helping the church there lead worship to give their worship team a break since some of them went out of town. I absolutely have always wanted to sing with Robert at church and lead music so this was exciting for us to do it together with just the the two of us. Everything went great too, Robert played the guitar and we both sang. While not every note was perfect the Spirit was there and it could not have been a more beautiful moment. I definitely hope God uses us more in this manner.

We returned Sunday night and once again I kissed Robert goodbye for the week. But really its just for two days since he has off Wed-Sun so we will have lots of hang out time at our home together before the bustle of summer returns... and soon to come is our 1st wedding anniversary yay!

Well thats all for now. I don't have pictures from Mexico yet b/c I took a disposable, but I will get those up asap. For now here are some with our cute nieces!