Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where did the time go?

I really wanted to post something stimulating and interesting today, but apparently my body is telling me to beware b/c I'm about to get sick (Oh no!). I don't have time to be sick, Robert doesn't have time to be sick, but he is already there and I hate that I can't help him since he is not here but living in his hotel 2 hours away... this greatly saddens me b/c I always looked forward to taking care of my husband, you know the whole "in sickness and health" thing, and since he doesn't reside in Abilene 5 out of the 7 days of the week I do not have the chance to nurture him the way I want. Sorry dear. But I guess all I can do is try to rest up, drink fluids, and wash my hands multiple times a day to try and keep the germs away from me so I don't become sickly.

School right now is like running a race. It seems like a marathon in the whole scheme of things, the 2.5 years with class and clinicals mixed in, but this semester has been a full out sprint. I found in my notebook something from the first week of class this spring semester and I honestly couldn't remember a thing from that page. I feel like that was a couple years ago... not just a few months. But while the time has gotten away from me, I feel like I am tied for 1st in some crazy race and having to expend all extra energy to keep up and make it to the finish line. There is just no time to breath! Well, yes I am breathing, but all the things I love to do are being sacrificed. This brings me to an interesting theory... God has placed me here and I am to give it my all to make it in this program to be the best therapist I can be, but it seems to be taking up ALL of my time. Robert and I miss our church family (in Abilene and in Midland) and we miss getting to see our nieces and nephew grow up and we miss getting to spend just a day sitting on the couch watching tv and drinking cherry limeades from Sonic together. Every weekend we have been traveling and being occupied with a jillion things... now this is not all bad b/c that has involved family and fun and I do like to have things going on instead of nothingness... but nevertheless, I long for a weekend of being in my apartment with Robert beside me sitting on the couch doing nothing but just spending time in each others arms. Maybe in our next life... haha.

So I'm going to run this sprint called school for the next few weeks and then get ready for all the exciting things in the summer... oh and more school. I'm complaining alot about school, I really do like it...well after the semester is over I like it. I'm going to go get some water, vitamin C, and some sleep!

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Molly Kate said...

Don't get sick Jenn! Feel so much better and I hope you get some time to rest. I'm sorry you are apart from Robert- I know you want to take care of him! You are such a sweet, amazing, and supportive wife...I'm so happy I can look up to you and Robert's marriage! One more day until the weekend-hang in there!!!! love you!