Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yes I spelled that right... it means smile in Spanish. I need a little more smile in my life right now, thats why I put it as the title. I'm not really sure what I'm going to write about, but this is one of the only places that I can let my mouth rest and my brain unload all the junk floating around in there. Today was not the best day. It seems almost everyday the last few weeks has had good things...and on huge wammo bad thing in it. School is hard and I wish I could blame everything on that, but it also is the source of some good things too. I'm beginning to appreciate more and more the little things I have in the week to keep me going. One of these things is Spanish class. I complain alot about this extra course I decided to take with a few of my peers because its just something else added to my schedule to stress about. But its a 6 week course of Spanish for PT's and all the most common phrases we use when treating patients. So its going to be beneficial in the long run although I can't have a long in depth conversation with the patient, I can at least get some things done without needing a translator... but the reason its little joy in the week is because it takes me away from the assignments hanging over my head. Some of my professors are participating and I have to admit that they are pretty horrible at Spanish (no offense guys). I'm not fluent by any means, much less closer than when the only spanish I knew was taco and burrito, but its just funny to hear them step out of teaching mode and try pronouncing these phrases. I get a kick out of listening to us all stumble and when the teacher has to continually correct us. Besides, when we go to Mexico in a few weeks for a school mission trip, the 7 of us students will be able to communicate with our patients and possibly have an upper hand. I'm all for getting and staying ahead of the game... except in my homework this semester.

One of the other things I look forward to is some books that I've been reading. I don't know why I started reading them all at the same time (since Spring Break) but I just fell in love with each one and have continued my pattern. I'm reading three books that were all recommended by friends and I would greatly recommend them to my friends and family. I know you are dying to hear what they are called so I will tell you: 1) Captivating (every woman should read this!) by John and Staci Elderidge 2) The Five Love Languages (another one that every couple should read) by Gary Chapman and 3) Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend.
The first book is rejuvenating my heart and helping learn more about being a woman of God (and a godly wife!) while the second book is helping me open my eyes to how I can better speak to Robert or give to him (which is helping with the distance because our love languages have sorta changed to talking since thats the only way to interact in the week) and the last book is helping me see how God has placed me where I am, with the people I am with, and how to use all these circumstances to grow and set up my personal boundaries the way God wants them.
(I think that is the longest sentence in the world... oh well, I've lost all sense of grammer at this point and its my blog so I can write without punctuation if I wanted too :)

Oh its the little things that put smiles on my face. The other three major things I love are spending time with my encouraging friends, talking to and getting texts from my wonderful husband, and talking to my Lord and Saviour. Remember to sonriase tomorrow, especially with the little things.

...hmm I just realized that the skeleton in my room has a dislocated TMJ, and excessively externally rotated tibia, a horrible 2nd toe dysfunction on his left foot and major upper crossed pattern. I think I'll fix him and call it a night... and no he's not in the same room I sleep in...that would be creepy.

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Molly Kate said...

your blog just makes me so happy! you crack me could be a writer :). So how is life my sister? I'm excited that you got to read the books you got when we were at B&N over Spring Break! I still haven't finished the Love Languages one...but what I've read so far has been so helpful for me and J. Sorry for a rambling comment.
I love you so much!