Wednesday, April 16, 2008

M&M's can tell alot about me

I have this wonderful and strange habit in the way that I eat M&M's. I absolutely can't just pop them in my mouth without separating them by color, then forming a pyramid based upon the number in each color category. I then proceed to eat them in a few ways... either one whole column (that being one of each color in the pyramid) this makes the pyramid one row smaller each time... or I have to eat them in pairs. Yeah if there is an odd number I usually pick the ugliest one (with a retarded mm on it or weird shape) to devour first or I eat a group of three to kick things off. I don't know why I like to eat them in pairs, but it just makes them last longer and fun I guess. As I have been told by my colleagues who sit behind me in class, this is apparently very amusing. I've always done it that way... meaning anything that can be divided into different colors (skittles, jelly beans although I don't really like jelly beans, sweet tarts, etc.) has to be. What can I say... I'm a grouper.

I have many other weird habits or pet peeves I guess you could say. These may not be that interesting, but to me they define how my brain functions so humor me. I always eat ice cream from the edges in. If the outside is mushy I have to eat it first before I devour the middle.... this means the ice cream in my freezer has a wide sulcus (valley) around its edge. In a sense, I create an ice cream island. I hate regular cokes, I can have only diet because the regular ones have too much sugar (=headache) and they make my teeth feel gritty. When my teeth feel gritty I just cringe b/c it feels like someone put chalk in my teeth (gross). Big time pet peeve: when someone walks not right behind me, but just a little behind and to the side of me. If you are passing me its ok, but if someone deliberately stays in that position it drives me crazy. I mean I'll stop just to let them pass b/c it bother me so much. I also can't stand little obnoxious noises. Now let me clarify that I love music and kinda go crazy with silence, but if theres an instance where there needs to be silence I can't stand it when something breaks that silence.... especially if it is a candy wrapper. (If my two wonderful friends who sit next to me in class are reading this...I love you girls, but I'm only warning you!) Yes, a candy wrapper or even the subtle opening of anything zippy, crinkly, poppy, or whatever... I can't stand it! And to all you tappers out there (pen tappers that is)... you have got to go. These things drive me crazy! Its a good thing Robert has this figured out before we got married.

Oh the ice cream thing just reminded me of what I used to do when I was little... ok so I might still do this, but whatever... When my dad would buy a 1/2 gallon of ice cream we would of course fight over it, but then mom would step in and inform me that I was only allowed so much. So I would eat my ice cream out of the bowl... and then during the day or after they went to bed I would sneak back into the freezer and begin carefully eating another share of goodness. I say carefully because I would skillfully craft the ice cream into the same shape is was last left in, but it would be a little shallower. You know, smooth over the top a little so it doesn't show the spoon markings... yep that was me. I told you ice cream was my weakness in life. This was all good until my dad caught me doing it one day... but all he said was "I should have thought of that."

I think I'll go eat some ice cream now while I study anatomy. mmmm.


Anonymous said...

Jmase... i totally do the m&m thing. without fail. all the time... i eat whatever color has extras till it's a block of even amount of each- then go down the row (not by two's though). when its the last row- it's pecking order, leaving my favorite colors for last (inevitably that ends up being green or blue!)

see you soon? maybe? hopefully?

The Roberts' said...

funny! i love learning about peoples funny quirks. its hilarious how individually wonderful God made us!

Molly Kate said...

This cracks me up!!! I love you! mol