Thursday, April 24, 2008

Free... at least for now

Glorious Day! It is so glorious that I am writing in Green, my favorite color, to celebrate how extremely happy I am! Why am I so joyous... well today I finished my exams on another semester of PT school. I am now one year down... wow! I can't even believe it really that I started just last September, met these 25 amazing people, took these absolutely hard classes, learned, laughed, and learned a whole whole lot more than I ever have in my life, and now I'm a year down. The summer is going to be grueling and long, but it will once again be worth it when its over.
I don't think this semester turned out too bad, especially considering that it was pretty horrible at times. There was just never a time to catch up until right now... and its over so alot of good that does! But I got to experience some awesome things, get closer to professors who helped me tackle some big boulders in my life, and made a better connection with my friends here. I miss Robert terribly and thats really the main reason for this semester being not so fun. BUT I now have a break for a while and we are going to get to spend some much needed time together... plus the summer marks Anniversary numero uno!! I'm getting pumped about that! Where we are going and stuff will be announced later b/c as of now he won't tell me what he is planning... the stinker. So yay!
For now, I need to do some mad cleaning since all my books have become scattered around my apt and car in my franticness of studying (is that a word... I don't think so, but it is now) and then I need to start packing for our class trip to Mexico on Sunday and for my mini trip to Midland friday and saturday (I'm coordinating a wedding for a friend, how fun!). So much to do, but at least it doesn't involve a book, research, parts of the human body, or modalities! Next time I will update on my trips- Ole!

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Molly Kate said...

Hey girl! Congrats on finishing strong!!! You're amazing! Enjoy time with Robert and your upcoming trips! love you!