Thursday, April 24, 2008

Free... at least for now

Glorious Day! It is so glorious that I am writing in Green, my favorite color, to celebrate how extremely happy I am! Why am I so joyous... well today I finished my exams on another semester of PT school. I am now one year down... wow! I can't even believe it really that I started just last September, met these 25 amazing people, took these absolutely hard classes, learned, laughed, and learned a whole whole lot more than I ever have in my life, and now I'm a year down. The summer is going to be grueling and long, but it will once again be worth it when its over.
I don't think this semester turned out too bad, especially considering that it was pretty horrible at times. There was just never a time to catch up until right now... and its over so alot of good that does! But I got to experience some awesome things, get closer to professors who helped me tackle some big boulders in my life, and made a better connection with my friends here. I miss Robert terribly and thats really the main reason for this semester being not so fun. BUT I now have a break for a while and we are going to get to spend some much needed time together... plus the summer marks Anniversary numero uno!! I'm getting pumped about that! Where we are going and stuff will be announced later b/c as of now he won't tell me what he is planning... the stinker. So yay!
For now, I need to do some mad cleaning since all my books have become scattered around my apt and car in my franticness of studying (is that a word... I don't think so, but it is now) and then I need to start packing for our class trip to Mexico on Sunday and for my mini trip to Midland friday and saturday (I'm coordinating a wedding for a friend, how fun!). So much to do, but at least it doesn't involve a book, research, parts of the human body, or modalities! Next time I will update on my trips- Ole!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

M&M's can tell alot about me

I have this wonderful and strange habit in the way that I eat M&M's. I absolutely can't just pop them in my mouth without separating them by color, then forming a pyramid based upon the number in each color category. I then proceed to eat them in a few ways... either one whole column (that being one of each color in the pyramid) this makes the pyramid one row smaller each time... or I have to eat them in pairs. Yeah if there is an odd number I usually pick the ugliest one (with a retarded mm on it or weird shape) to devour first or I eat a group of three to kick things off. I don't know why I like to eat them in pairs, but it just makes them last longer and fun I guess. As I have been told by my colleagues who sit behind me in class, this is apparently very amusing. I've always done it that way... meaning anything that can be divided into different colors (skittles, jelly beans although I don't really like jelly beans, sweet tarts, etc.) has to be. What can I say... I'm a grouper.

I have many other weird habits or pet peeves I guess you could say. These may not be that interesting, but to me they define how my brain functions so humor me. I always eat ice cream from the edges in. If the outside is mushy I have to eat it first before I devour the middle.... this means the ice cream in my freezer has a wide sulcus (valley) around its edge. In a sense, I create an ice cream island. I hate regular cokes, I can have only diet because the regular ones have too much sugar (=headache) and they make my teeth feel gritty. When my teeth feel gritty I just cringe b/c it feels like someone put chalk in my teeth (gross). Big time pet peeve: when someone walks not right behind me, but just a little behind and to the side of me. If you are passing me its ok, but if someone deliberately stays in that position it drives me crazy. I mean I'll stop just to let them pass b/c it bother me so much. I also can't stand little obnoxious noises. Now let me clarify that I love music and kinda go crazy with silence, but if theres an instance where there needs to be silence I can't stand it when something breaks that silence.... especially if it is a candy wrapper. (If my two wonderful friends who sit next to me in class are reading this...I love you girls, but I'm only warning you!) Yes, a candy wrapper or even the subtle opening of anything zippy, crinkly, poppy, or whatever... I can't stand it! And to all you tappers out there (pen tappers that is)... you have got to go. These things drive me crazy! Its a good thing Robert has this figured out before we got married.

Oh the ice cream thing just reminded me of what I used to do when I was little... ok so I might still do this, but whatever... When my dad would buy a 1/2 gallon of ice cream we would of course fight over it, but then mom would step in and inform me that I was only allowed so much. So I would eat my ice cream out of the bowl... and then during the day or after they went to bed I would sneak back into the freezer and begin carefully eating another share of goodness. I say carefully because I would skillfully craft the ice cream into the same shape is was last left in, but it would be a little shallower. You know, smooth over the top a little so it doesn't show the spoon markings... yep that was me. I told you ice cream was my weakness in life. This was all good until my dad caught me doing it one day... but all he said was "I should have thought of that."

I think I'll go eat some ice cream now while I study anatomy. mmmm.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yes I spelled that right... it means smile in Spanish. I need a little more smile in my life right now, thats why I put it as the title. I'm not really sure what I'm going to write about, but this is one of the only places that I can let my mouth rest and my brain unload all the junk floating around in there. Today was not the best day. It seems almost everyday the last few weeks has had good things...and on huge wammo bad thing in it. School is hard and I wish I could blame everything on that, but it also is the source of some good things too. I'm beginning to appreciate more and more the little things I have in the week to keep me going. One of these things is Spanish class. I complain alot about this extra course I decided to take with a few of my peers because its just something else added to my schedule to stress about. But its a 6 week course of Spanish for PT's and all the most common phrases we use when treating patients. So its going to be beneficial in the long run although I can't have a long in depth conversation with the patient, I can at least get some things done without needing a translator... but the reason its little joy in the week is because it takes me away from the assignments hanging over my head. Some of my professors are participating and I have to admit that they are pretty horrible at Spanish (no offense guys). I'm not fluent by any means, much less closer than when the only spanish I knew was taco and burrito, but its just funny to hear them step out of teaching mode and try pronouncing these phrases. I get a kick out of listening to us all stumble and when the teacher has to continually correct us. Besides, when we go to Mexico in a few weeks for a school mission trip, the 7 of us students will be able to communicate with our patients and possibly have an upper hand. I'm all for getting and staying ahead of the game... except in my homework this semester.

One of the other things I look forward to is some books that I've been reading. I don't know why I started reading them all at the same time (since Spring Break) but I just fell in love with each one and have continued my pattern. I'm reading three books that were all recommended by friends and I would greatly recommend them to my friends and family. I know you are dying to hear what they are called so I will tell you: 1) Captivating (every woman should read this!) by John and Staci Elderidge 2) The Five Love Languages (another one that every couple should read) by Gary Chapman and 3) Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend.
The first book is rejuvenating my heart and helping learn more about being a woman of God (and a godly wife!) while the second book is helping me open my eyes to how I can better speak to Robert or give to him (which is helping with the distance because our love languages have sorta changed to talking since thats the only way to interact in the week) and the last book is helping me see how God has placed me where I am, with the people I am with, and how to use all these circumstances to grow and set up my personal boundaries the way God wants them.
(I think that is the longest sentence in the world... oh well, I've lost all sense of grammer at this point and its my blog so I can write without punctuation if I wanted too :)

Oh its the little things that put smiles on my face. The other three major things I love are spending time with my encouraging friends, talking to and getting texts from my wonderful husband, and talking to my Lord and Saviour. Remember to sonriase tomorrow, especially with the little things.

...hmm I just realized that the skeleton in my room has a dislocated TMJ, and excessively externally rotated tibia, a horrible 2nd toe dysfunction on his left foot and major upper crossed pattern. I think I'll fix him and call it a night... and no he's not in the same room I sleep in...that would be creepy.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where did the time go?

I really wanted to post something stimulating and interesting today, but apparently my body is telling me to beware b/c I'm about to get sick (Oh no!). I don't have time to be sick, Robert doesn't have time to be sick, but he is already there and I hate that I can't help him since he is not here but living in his hotel 2 hours away... this greatly saddens me b/c I always looked forward to taking care of my husband, you know the whole "in sickness and health" thing, and since he doesn't reside in Abilene 5 out of the 7 days of the week I do not have the chance to nurture him the way I want. Sorry dear. But I guess all I can do is try to rest up, drink fluids, and wash my hands multiple times a day to try and keep the germs away from me so I don't become sickly.

School right now is like running a race. It seems like a marathon in the whole scheme of things, the 2.5 years with class and clinicals mixed in, but this semester has been a full out sprint. I found in my notebook something from the first week of class this spring semester and I honestly couldn't remember a thing from that page. I feel like that was a couple years ago... not just a few months. But while the time has gotten away from me, I feel like I am tied for 1st in some crazy race and having to expend all extra energy to keep up and make it to the finish line. There is just no time to breath! Well, yes I am breathing, but all the things I love to do are being sacrificed. This brings me to an interesting theory... God has placed me here and I am to give it my all to make it in this program to be the best therapist I can be, but it seems to be taking up ALL of my time. Robert and I miss our church family (in Abilene and in Midland) and we miss getting to see our nieces and nephew grow up and we miss getting to spend just a day sitting on the couch watching tv and drinking cherry limeades from Sonic together. Every weekend we have been traveling and being occupied with a jillion things... now this is not all bad b/c that has involved family and fun and I do like to have things going on instead of nothingness... but nevertheless, I long for a weekend of being in my apartment with Robert beside me sitting on the couch doing nothing but just spending time in each others arms. Maybe in our next life... haha.

So I'm going to run this sprint called school for the next few weeks and then get ready for all the exciting things in the summer... oh and more school. I'm complaining alot about school, I really do like it...well after the semester is over I like it. I'm going to go get some water, vitamin C, and some sleep!