Sunday, March 23, 2008

Everyday is a new memory

What a week! I have spent my last spring break as you know doing a multitude of various things, hanging with various people, and experiencing various things. I finally cleaned the house, like really cleaned the house, I am now taking over Robert's membership at Gold's Gym (he can't go since he's not here to use it), and I got to experience one of the most exciting times in a girls life with one of my best friends. She got engaged! Hurray...cheer! Yes, engagement...what a joyful time... can be stressful... but a good stressful time of life. Her fiance informed me last monday what he was planning to do on Friday and that there was going to be an engagement party afterwards. The funny thing is that I went to Midland on Wednesday and had coffee with this amazing girl, knowing this exciting event was to occur in two days. Oh how I had to keep my mouth shut (which yes I can do for those of you that think otherwise)! However, the first thing she says to me is "I think I'm getting engaged on Friday"... umm I had to play to dumb and snoop around trying to see what made her think that way. As soon as our evening was over, I shot to the computer and sent her fiance a little facebook message informing him that he needed to maybe throw her off a little. I had no idea if he had gotten my message in time, but Friday came and Robert and I went to the party and found a very happy couple and a very surprised new bride to be. In other words, he was able to throw off her thought process and surprise her...which is what an engagement should be.

I couldn't help the whole time thinking of almost 2.5 years ago when Robert surprised me (picture it: November 19, 2005 in College Station, Texas at a beautiful park in the evening) and asked me to marry him. Its just another day in my mind, a happy and wonderful memory. And now my friend has hers and I couldn't be more excited for her. To all you who are newly engaged, almost engaged, or newly married...congrats, and take each moment to remember. Because only when we remember do things become the best memories.

I love thinking of memories. I love thinking of them so much that I even have them written down on my computer under a list called the things I love. Its a couple pages long and will continue to grow as I keep adding more fun things. Try writing some of your favorite memories down sometime... they are a great pick-me-up for down moments. My top three favorite memories (although very hard to pick) are:
1. Accepting Jesus Christ as my savior- its been a never ending moment!
2. The walk down, the ceremony, and the kiss are all great, but its holding his hand as his wife for the first time and walking down the aisle together that stays in my mind from our wedding day
3. (there are alot of things that I could have put here) Opening my letter that told me I got accepted into PT school- I could not have felt more blessed at knowing how much God was in control.

Theres like a million more, but thats for another post I think.

Oh Happy Day!

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Molly Kate said...

You are AMAZING and I'm SO BLESSED to be able to share my engagement memories with you! I love that you keep a list of your favorite memories-SWEET! Here's one to add to your list: LIKE A BLADDER!