Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can I Have A Drink of Water?

I am the little girl from Signs...the movie. No, I don't see aliens outside my window (although I do have a ghost living in the bathroom), but I am so that little girl. I am obsessed with drinking from water bottles. Yes, occasionally I refill them and stick them back in the frig, but I have the bad habit of drinking them until they are almost empty...then the water grosses me out. It tastes dirty. You are thinking "freak", but its so true! If I leave a glass of water untouched for as little as 10 minutes I can taste the dust or whatever that has fallen into it. I know this is weird, but I just can't drink still water. Because of this I have begun to notice the water bottle graveyards all around me. On my desk this morning I found three water bottles (with a little, alot, and no water in them), on the guest bed were another 5 (yes, 5 just chillin out), I always have on in my school bag, sometimes I find them in my gym bag, hiding on the floor (because they rolled off the bed), in my car...oh thats a whole other story... in the car door, cup holders (all of them and I have at least 5 available from the driver's seat), in the back seat, in the back floor boards, in my trunk, I mean we are talking everywhere. And the funny thing is that it bothers me when people throw away water left inside the water bottle, but here I am unable to finish all my water and thus leaving the water bottles lying around everywhere. The reason I do this...because either one day I will desperately need a drink of water or will be stranded in my car somewhere and I will know I have liquid to survive on, OR that I will just finish the rest later, OR that I will refill the bottle in a minute. Well I don't obviously and I'm only kidding myself about finishing the water later because as I said will just taste dirty to me.
So I live in this world of never ending water bottle mania. And don't try to fix me because it won't work. And if you come to my house or get in my car don't comment on all the water bottles and don't be looking for them either. Just nod and say "wow, she was right". So now I am going to refill the 10 water bottles I salvaged from my guest room (and I did throw some away, the ones that I just magically happen to remember have been there the longest). Let this be your lesson never to offer me water from a bottle... I will only drink on a good day 95%.
Are you thirsty now?


Tracy said...

jmase! i have at least 5 water bottles sitting in the backseat of my car and another two in the front and it's starting to drive me crazy. haha i know exactly how you feel!!

Tracy, again said...

p.s. i'm sad my comment didn't show the website i put i was from... ""

Molly Kate said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! this was so funny and just the laugh I needed. I miss you girl.