Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bring on the Sunshine

Tomorrow I will be speeding through school so I can get on the road to Graham to see Robert. It's weird seeing him only on the weekends and then missing him so much that it seems like it was weeks since we last saw each other (that is just a reflection of how long and difficult the week is...), but then I get to the weekend again and I get spend time with him. Well, not as much quality time as I would like considering I still have this thing called grad school going on. I've never felt this busy in my life, yet I've never been so excited about what I was learning (or most of what I am learning) before now. Only one more year left of school work along with a mission trip to Mexico and a three week clinical (with kids yay!) and I'm off to the clinics for my long rotations. Its relieving, yet frightening to know that I will be graduating and taking a job as a real PT in a little more than a year and a half and that means that I take on all the responsibilities of a health professional...scary. How far away that seems and yet how close it really is... I mean I can't believe Robert and I have been married for 9 months now!

But starting at about 2:30 (or when I get done with my anatomy test tomorrow) my last spring break as a student will begin... while I don't have any wild and crazy plans for the break, I will be doing the multitude of things that I love most... spending time, real time, with Robert ( we are going to travel to the exciting Fort Worth for the weekend b/c its close to Graham), spending time with myself aka relaxation and reading books that don't contain medical terms, sleeping...much needed sleep, going to the eye doctor (this is not a favorite activity but a very important appt seeing as I have zero contacts left and the ones I'm wearing are doing that fuzzy thing non stop), hopefully seeing some friends, and just doing nothing around the apartment... something I haven't done since the Christmas break. So happy spring break everyone, even if you don't get time off, take some time to relax and bring on the sunshine.

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Molly Kate said...

I'm so glad you get to see Robert this weekend! I hope I might get to see you too! :) relax and enjoy the week!