Friday, February 22, 2008

The Unwinding Cable Car

One of my favorite bands in called Anberlin and they have this amazing song called "the Unwinding Cable Car." I relaxes me to hear it played and reminds me of the many long drives I've taken over the past few years. I love to drive. Yes long distances can be make the driver weary, but I just love the feeling of cranking up the music and seeing the beautiful landscape God created. I guess I got thinking of traveling recently because I'm dying to get out of Abilene, I'm ready for Robert to come home tomorrow (safely!), and I loved driving to Midland last week. I guess I just like music and driving gives me an excuse to listen to my favorite songs as loudly and as many times as I want to. Currently in my car cd changer... Jars of Clay- Flood (always gotta have one of theirs for relaxing days), Jimmy Eat World- Chase This Light (All the songs remind me of Robert, and I saw them in concert and it was amazing, I just love their music), A mix CD of newer songs (I also love mix cd's), Acceptance- mix (they aren't a band anymore, but I got their songs from Tracy and they just play to my mood), Anberlin- Cities (always will be in my car because its an awesome cd and I love the vocals, plus every song makes me smile), And the last one I never remember, but its either Mercy Me-whatever the new one is called, or a mixed cd I made before I left College Station last May...or a cd of my favorite songs... I just love music. What's your favorite cd? Happy tuning, Robert is home tomorrow!


The Roberts' said...

oh my gosh anberlin is my favorite band. love em! flood is a very good choice as well!

TRACY said...

anberlin? who the heck are they??