Friday, February 8, 2008

Time Slips Away

I'm emotionally and physically tired. No, this is not a bad thing, just a reminder of life and all that comes with it...
This past week I had three tests, multiple quizzes, and a jumble of assignments due. Add being in class 9 hours and having to learn to that mix and the fact that these are no picnic in the park classes. I feel so behind. Behind on learning. Behind on staying ahead as I like to do. Behind on paying attention to the things that mean so much to me. Behind on being a wife to my husband. And very behind on taking care of myself. Why does the time have to go so fast. God, why can't things just slow down...
On one of our tests we had an extra credit question that said "where have you seen God this week?" I, being thankful for extra credit on a test I for sure didn't know half the answers, wrote about Rob getting his new job and how that was such an answer to prayer in our lives. Well the day after the test we received an email that included an attached word document of everyone's responses to the extra credit question. The email explained that some of the answers might be uplifting to others after such a tough week and let me tell you they were right. Some of the responses had to do with loved ones doing special things for them, some had to do with special sermons or conversations that provided encouragement, and some had to do with friends and professors at our school and how the thoughtful things they said or did. I read each anonymous response and had to stop. Time will never be long enough, or short enough, for any of us to accomplish the things we have to do. Time is not about us and doesn't run on our schedule, but its own. But time is not our enemy...busy is our enemy. I am going to be busy no matter what I do about school, but when I let that busyness take over my personal life I have allowed it to win. But these are only battles and I don't want it to win anymore.
Take the time to tell someone that you are thinking about them. Take the time to kiss your loved one an extra time. Take the time to tell God that you love him (He deserves it). Take the time to do the things you need to do, but take the time to find the balance of personal and busy. All I can do is use every minute I can.
Thank you, Lord, for being in charge of time. For challenging me, for uplifting me, for knowing whats best for me even when I don't. You control my time, thats all I need to remember.

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