Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Should be on my way... my study group that is. Stressed doesn't even begin to describe my life right now. We have so many assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects going on right now along with life happening that I'm pretty sure my brain exploded in my head today. This one is short, but it is just to inform you of the multitude of stuff in my life. Robert's gone during the week...the weekend is the best time to get caught up on schoolwork...but the weekend is not my only time with my husband...we've only been married about 8 months people...the stress is starting to affect my ability to think straight...I'm getting to the school extra early to begin my studying endeavors...this makes for extremely long days when I don't get done with class till 5:00, eat, study, run, shower, sleep...I don't know how much longer I can handle this change of schedule...its really lonely at our apartment at night...I don't want to sacrifice my time with God...I have the best friends/family/and church support anyone could ask for...I don't even have time for laundry and dishes (don't worry I'm not wearing dirty clothes)...and I really want to develop a stronger relationship with me and the person/woman God wants me to be...when will that happen, I might never I need to study for my test...tests and quizzes for tomorrow. To Robert, I love you and await our next weekend. To my family, I love you and am thankful for the thoughts and prayers and I hope to see you all soon when I can find my head again. To my friends, you all are so special to me even if I can't tell you right now because I'm not of the right state of mind.

Now I'm on my way...

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