Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So to clarify, I'm not Catholic, but I love the season of Lent. I like to pick something to sacrifice and give up for that season to remind me of the sacrifice Jesus paid on the cross for our sins and for how much He loves continually and with no limitations. If he died for me, I can give something up for a few weeks, right. Well people give up alot of things for this time, some typical, some interesting, but I chose to go with something that would really make me struggle and that would really force me sacrifice something I love... dessert. Now I can hear all of you sigh right there and say how predictable, everyone gives up sweets, but then I remind you that I like to eat. In fact I love eating! It excites me and allows me opportunities to meet with people, give something to people, and provides a pick-me-up for the multiple days that seem gloomy. (this is the time that I remind you that I love to exercise too for some of the same reasons listed for food...) So, yes, I did it, I gave up the sweet stuff... cookies, cakes, pies, ICE CREAM (that one was hard to write), brownies, candy, milkshakes, anything that is considered a dessert item... goodbye. Now, I've done quite well for almost 2 weeks so far, enduring birthday cake, M&M's, the ice cream I know is still in the freezer, and even Valentine's Day without even so much as a craving or almost giving in. For that I need a pat on the back! And I actually feel extremely great about myself since I've been working out more frequently (as in the days I usually tell myself I can workout, but end up going home to nap), so my confidence boost is shooting up. The only thing is that since Robert isn't here, I've begun the craving stage of this adventure. If only I could eat one little cookie....no! So here's to the next few more weeks of no sweets in my life... I know I can make it!

Surprisingly though, instead of heavy cravings for sweets, I've been craving hamburgers and fries now... interesting, right? But I guess the only thing I'm really craving besides the love of the Lord, is for my Robert to be back.

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Robert said...

I'm craving you too baby, don't worry. I am very proud of you so far with giving up something that is a big challenge (i couldn't do it). I love you very much and can't wait to get back to you soon!