Friday, February 1, 2008

Company is coming...

Its Friday! And my cousin and his wife are coming to stay with us as they pass through on their way to Dallas. I'm pretty excited about seeing some family since we really haven't been back to Midland since the holidays. I only wish I didn't have the looming doom of three tests, multiple quizzes, and a project due next week. And tests in PT school are nothing to just blow off till the night before or to pull an all nighter at that. This stuff we have to know for life and once tested we are considered an expert per se in that area. This freaks me out a little considering I have a limited knowledge of the stuff we learned last semester and I'm hoping it all comes back to me soon. But till then I will keep cramming my head full of more important (well some more than others) concepts of PT style. Oh to be about to graduate and heading into my own clinic... someday. This one is short today, but I better go help the husband clean the apt before our visitors arrive. Have a great weekend!

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