Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coffee makes me smile

This has been a great weekend! I decided to come home to Midland to see my parents and just spend some time with them. My mom and I have had a blast! Yesterday (Friday), we had lunch with my Mema, went shopping at the mall, ate at On the Border with my dad, then saw Fool's Gold. I love spending time with my parents, although it was kinda weird and reminiscent of the days when Robert and I were dating and I would talk to him on the phone while riding with my parents around town. I'm so thankful that we are married now, but that was still fun to remember. Today my mom and I scrambled around the house getting ready while watching the show Flip This House on A&E and I became intrigued with it. How fun would that be to just buy houses and make them look good, then sell them for a lot of money...sounds like a great idea to me! Next, we went to this new salon in town called Nicole Marcos, and got a one hour massage each. Let me just say that it was awesome! I also added a sugar facial peel and I don't think my face has ever felt this smooth before. Job well done N.M. And not to mention getting starbucks afterwards on this cold, blustery day...

Now I am waiting for my dad to wake up so we can cook hamburgers and fries, mmm, and watch No Reservations on Pay Per View. I can't tell you how much I needed a weekend like this to calm my nerves from stress. And I even have squeezed in a few hours of studying this morning which just makes me feel all the more better.

And now for the best news... Robert will be home next Saturday! "What!" you say...yes, next Saturday. They didn't have that much for him to do up there to begin with, so now he will fly to Philadelphia on Monday, spend a week up there, then come home. Could I be happier right now? well, yes I could if he were here with me right now, but I'm pretty happy is the main point. So I will go grill my hamburger with a big smile on my face and thank God for the wonderful blessings in my life and how He always shows me when my life seems to be plummeting. God is good.

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thesharester said...

hey girl! nice blog!! glad to see things are going well for you guys. hang in there during school! i'm trying to tough out this first year of teaching school...its been quite the ride! not nearly as fun as the first year of marriage. remember my parents live in graham if you guys ever need anything while robert's working there. miss ya! give me a holler if you ever come near austin or college station.