Saturday, February 9, 2008

Aunts and Uncles have all the fun

So last night my brother tried to call me frantically over and over, but I have this wonderful habit of never being where my phone is when someone actually calls... (so don't take it personal if I don't ever answer when you call)... but I finally called him back and I was so excited to hear that my sister-in-law is pregnant again! I'm super happy to have another niece and nephew b/c I just love the ones we have already and they are so fun! We currently have two nieces, M & A, and one nephew, J. M & A are on Rob's side and are the cutest little girls ever. M is rambunctious and full of energy and A is quieter, but has the cutest smile. J belongs to my brother and will soon have another sibling. He is almost 3 and he is already telling everyone that he is going to have a little sister...we'll see if he is right! I miss seeing those little ones, especially since we DON'T want to have kids anytime soon, they are the little rays of sunshine in our lives right now. I especially love calling my brother and asking to talk to J b/c he will always and forever I hope call me Aunt Jiffer- its just easier to say and he says it so cute! ...I just realized that I used the word cute way too many times in this paragraph, but I guess thats ok when you are referring to children. So yay for more nieces and nephews to play with, spoil, and love (then give back to their parents when they cry... haha!)

I might just have to go see all of them in Midland when Rob leaves for training for a month...I'll need some extra love.

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Julie said...

How CUTE!!! You definitely need to take a trip up here to see the little one. They miss their aunt Jiffer.