Friday, February 8, 2008

Another One

Yes, another blog for Friday...theres one below this. I wanted to make it separate because they are two separate thoughts. So on with this one...
Rob has been waiting to hear from his new job for a while now (they were waiting on some forms to be processed), and today he finally got a call. He has to go to Chicago to train for a month! He leaves Wednesday and will return middle of March. Now we did survive 4 years of long distance dating while I was at A&M, but for some reason I'm not looking forward to this now that we are married. I'm extremely excited for him and the unknown possibilities that await him in Illinois and I know this is going to be fun for him. He supports me so much in my dream that I'm glad he finally is getting have fun with his. But I'm still trying to think how I can slip onto his plane and stowaway for a month. Maybe this will help me focus more on school. Well thats whats going on in our lives, please pray for Rob as he prepares for his travels!

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