Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just Another Day

Another day, another busy day...

So yesterday (wednesday) I dropped Robert off at the airport so he could fly away to Chicago for some training for his new job. It was hard saying good bye to him, but one month... no problem, right. The only thing that was really getting me down was that our first married Valentine's Day would have to be spent apart from each other. To make up for this we celebrated Monday night, getting all dressed up, eating at our favorite place in town (Copper Creek), driving around town, watching The Guardian (good movie!), and swapping cards. I just love spending time with him... I just wish school didn't get in the way of me doing that more often! But now he is away, and I'm just trying to focus on pulling my attention and attitude about school up from the pit where its been.

Today at school was just awful. Not only did we have a quiz that was extremely confusing, but we had an anatomy practical. Now anatomy (thats gross anatomy, like with the cadavers and everything) happens to be my favorite part of PT morbid as that sounds. I love getting to see the intricate details of the human body, God's beautiful creation! How anyone could think this was random is beyond me... theres so much detail to everything! I usually did pretty well on anatomy tests last semester, but of course with this semester already heading downhill in my brain, it was hard to focus on even my most favorite subject. This made for a bad practical day. We have 1.5 minutes at each of 25 stations to answer two questions about a pin placed in a structure on the bodies...seems simple enough right... well not these questions. My professor was having a creative day when he set the practical up and well...some of us in the class were just on a different page, or more like in a different book than he was. But its over and now I have better things to think about, like my trip to Midland this weekend to see my parents and the exciting news I got from Robert.

He arrived in Chicago for his training and the people there basically said that whoever booked him to be there for a month for training was off their rocker because there wasn't much for them to do there. So he happily told me that he will be flown to Philadelphia this week, will train for the whole week there, then next Saturday he's coming home! I'm so excited to know that he won't be gone a month, because its just not that much fun being alone in the apartment. And I got burnt out on the long distance stuff while we were dating, and anyone who knows us can testify that we toughed it out, but deserve to be together now. Call me selfish, but I want my husband with me! Although, he will be spending most of his time during the week days in Graham, TX working up there, but as long as he comes home on the weekends I'll survive.

So good news on top of a crummy day equals just another day in life. At least I still know that God is good...I mean it was Him who got me into PT school and He's the one who will have to carry me through! Have a great week everyone, and continue to let him be your guidance!

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