Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Should be on my way... my study group that is. Stressed doesn't even begin to describe my life right now. We have so many assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects going on right now along with life happening that I'm pretty sure my brain exploded in my head today. This one is short, but it is just to inform you of the multitude of stuff in my life. Robert's gone during the week...the weekend is the best time to get caught up on schoolwork...but the weekend is not my only time with my husband...we've only been married about 8 months people...the stress is starting to affect my ability to think straight...I'm getting to the school extra early to begin my studying endeavors...this makes for extremely long days when I don't get done with class till 5:00, eat, study, run, shower, sleep...I don't know how much longer I can handle this change of schedule...its really lonely at our apartment at night...I don't want to sacrifice my time with God...I have the best friends/family/and church support anyone could ask for...I don't even have time for laundry and dishes (don't worry I'm not wearing dirty clothes)...and I really want to develop a stronger relationship with me and the person/woman God wants me to be...when will that happen, I might never I need to study for my test...tests and quizzes for tomorrow. To Robert, I love you and await our next weekend. To my family, I love you and am thankful for the thoughts and prayers and I hope to see you all soon when I can find my head again. To my friends, you all are so special to me even if I can't tell you right now because I'm not of the right state of mind.

Now I'm on my way...

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Unwinding Cable Car

One of my favorite bands in called Anberlin and they have this amazing song called "the Unwinding Cable Car." I relaxes me to hear it played and reminds me of the many long drives I've taken over the past few years. I love to drive. Yes long distances can be make the driver weary, but I just love the feeling of cranking up the music and seeing the beautiful landscape God created. I guess I got thinking of traveling recently because I'm dying to get out of Abilene, I'm ready for Robert to come home tomorrow (safely!), and I loved driving to Midland last week. I guess I just like music and driving gives me an excuse to listen to my favorite songs as loudly and as many times as I want to. Currently in my car cd changer... Jars of Clay- Flood (always gotta have one of theirs for relaxing days), Jimmy Eat World- Chase This Light (All the songs remind me of Robert, and I saw them in concert and it was amazing, I just love their music), A mix CD of newer songs (I also love mix cd's), Acceptance- mix (they aren't a band anymore, but I got their songs from Tracy and they just play to my mood), Anberlin- Cities (always will be in my car because its an awesome cd and I love the vocals, plus every song makes me smile), And the last one I never remember, but its either Mercy Me-whatever the new one is called, or a mixed cd I made before I left College Station last May...or a cd of my favorite songs... I just love music. What's your favorite cd? Happy tuning, Robert is home tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So to clarify, I'm not Catholic, but I love the season of Lent. I like to pick something to sacrifice and give up for that season to remind me of the sacrifice Jesus paid on the cross for our sins and for how much He loves continually and with no limitations. If he died for me, I can give something up for a few weeks, right. Well people give up alot of things for this time, some typical, some interesting, but I chose to go with something that would really make me struggle and that would really force me sacrifice something I love... dessert. Now I can hear all of you sigh right there and say how predictable, everyone gives up sweets, but then I remind you that I like to eat. In fact I love eating! It excites me and allows me opportunities to meet with people, give something to people, and provides a pick-me-up for the multiple days that seem gloomy. (this is the time that I remind you that I love to exercise too for some of the same reasons listed for food...) So, yes, I did it, I gave up the sweet stuff... cookies, cakes, pies, ICE CREAM (that one was hard to write), brownies, candy, milkshakes, anything that is considered a dessert item... goodbye. Now, I've done quite well for almost 2 weeks so far, enduring birthday cake, M&M's, the ice cream I know is still in the freezer, and even Valentine's Day without even so much as a craving or almost giving in. For that I need a pat on the back! And I actually feel extremely great about myself since I've been working out more frequently (as in the days I usually tell myself I can workout, but end up going home to nap), so my confidence boost is shooting up. The only thing is that since Robert isn't here, I've begun the craving stage of this adventure. If only I could eat one little! So here's to the next few more weeks of no sweets in my life... I know I can make it!

Surprisingly though, instead of heavy cravings for sweets, I've been craving hamburgers and fries now... interesting, right? But I guess the only thing I'm really craving besides the love of the Lord, is for my Robert to be back.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coffee makes me smile

This has been a great weekend! I decided to come home to Midland to see my parents and just spend some time with them. My mom and I have had a blast! Yesterday (Friday), we had lunch with my Mema, went shopping at the mall, ate at On the Border with my dad, then saw Fool's Gold. I love spending time with my parents, although it was kinda weird and reminiscent of the days when Robert and I were dating and I would talk to him on the phone while riding with my parents around town. I'm so thankful that we are married now, but that was still fun to remember. Today my mom and I scrambled around the house getting ready while watching the show Flip This House on A&E and I became intrigued with it. How fun would that be to just buy houses and make them look good, then sell them for a lot of money...sounds like a great idea to me! Next, we went to this new salon in town called Nicole Marcos, and got a one hour massage each. Let me just say that it was awesome! I also added a sugar facial peel and I don't think my face has ever felt this smooth before. Job well done N.M. And not to mention getting starbucks afterwards on this cold, blustery day...

Now I am waiting for my dad to wake up so we can cook hamburgers and fries, mmm, and watch No Reservations on Pay Per View. I can't tell you how much I needed a weekend like this to calm my nerves from stress. And I even have squeezed in a few hours of studying this morning which just makes me feel all the more better.

And now for the best news... Robert will be home next Saturday! "What!" you say...yes, next Saturday. They didn't have that much for him to do up there to begin with, so now he will fly to Philadelphia on Monday, spend a week up there, then come home. Could I be happier right now? well, yes I could if he were here with me right now, but I'm pretty happy is the main point. So I will go grill my hamburger with a big smile on my face and thank God for the wonderful blessings in my life and how He always shows me when my life seems to be plummeting. God is good.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just Another Day

Another day, another busy day...

So yesterday (wednesday) I dropped Robert off at the airport so he could fly away to Chicago for some training for his new job. It was hard saying good bye to him, but one month... no problem, right. The only thing that was really getting me down was that our first married Valentine's Day would have to be spent apart from each other. To make up for this we celebrated Monday night, getting all dressed up, eating at our favorite place in town (Copper Creek), driving around town, watching The Guardian (good movie!), and swapping cards. I just love spending time with him... I just wish school didn't get in the way of me doing that more often! But now he is away, and I'm just trying to focus on pulling my attention and attitude about school up from the pit where its been.

Today at school was just awful. Not only did we have a quiz that was extremely confusing, but we had an anatomy practical. Now anatomy (thats gross anatomy, like with the cadavers and everything) happens to be my favorite part of PT morbid as that sounds. I love getting to see the intricate details of the human body, God's beautiful creation! How anyone could think this was random is beyond me... theres so much detail to everything! I usually did pretty well on anatomy tests last semester, but of course with this semester already heading downhill in my brain, it was hard to focus on even my most favorite subject. This made for a bad practical day. We have 1.5 minutes at each of 25 stations to answer two questions about a pin placed in a structure on the bodies...seems simple enough right... well not these questions. My professor was having a creative day when he set the practical up and well...some of us in the class were just on a different page, or more like in a different book than he was. But its over and now I have better things to think about, like my trip to Midland this weekend to see my parents and the exciting news I got from Robert.

He arrived in Chicago for his training and the people there basically said that whoever booked him to be there for a month for training was off their rocker because there wasn't much for them to do there. So he happily told me that he will be flown to Philadelphia this week, will train for the whole week there, then next Saturday he's coming home! I'm so excited to know that he won't be gone a month, because its just not that much fun being alone in the apartment. And I got burnt out on the long distance stuff while we were dating, and anyone who knows us can testify that we toughed it out, but deserve to be together now. Call me selfish, but I want my husband with me! Although, he will be spending most of his time during the week days in Graham, TX working up there, but as long as he comes home on the weekends I'll survive.

So good news on top of a crummy day equals just another day in life. At least I still know that God is good...I mean it was Him who got me into PT school and He's the one who will have to carry me through! Have a great week everyone, and continue to let him be your guidance!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Aunts and Uncles have all the fun

So last night my brother tried to call me frantically over and over, but I have this wonderful habit of never being where my phone is when someone actually calls... (so don't take it personal if I don't ever answer when you call)... but I finally called him back and I was so excited to hear that my sister-in-law is pregnant again! I'm super happy to have another niece and nephew b/c I just love the ones we have already and they are so fun! We currently have two nieces, M & A, and one nephew, J. M & A are on Rob's side and are the cutest little girls ever. M is rambunctious and full of energy and A is quieter, but has the cutest smile. J belongs to my brother and will soon have another sibling. He is almost 3 and he is already telling everyone that he is going to have a little sister...we'll see if he is right! I miss seeing those little ones, especially since we DON'T want to have kids anytime soon, they are the little rays of sunshine in our lives right now. I especially love calling my brother and asking to talk to J b/c he will always and forever I hope call me Aunt Jiffer- its just easier to say and he says it so cute! ...I just realized that I used the word cute way too many times in this paragraph, but I guess thats ok when you are referring to children. So yay for more nieces and nephews to play with, spoil, and love (then give back to their parents when they cry... haha!)

I might just have to go see all of them in Midland when Rob leaves for training for a month...I'll need some extra love.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Another One

Yes, another blog for Friday...theres one below this. I wanted to make it separate because they are two separate thoughts. So on with this one...
Rob has been waiting to hear from his new job for a while now (they were waiting on some forms to be processed), and today he finally got a call. He has to go to Chicago to train for a month! He leaves Wednesday and will return middle of March. Now we did survive 4 years of long distance dating while I was at A&M, but for some reason I'm not looking forward to this now that we are married. I'm extremely excited for him and the unknown possibilities that await him in Illinois and I know this is going to be fun for him. He supports me so much in my dream that I'm glad he finally is getting have fun with his. But I'm still trying to think how I can slip onto his plane and stowaway for a month. Maybe this will help me focus more on school. Well thats whats going on in our lives, please pray for Rob as he prepares for his travels!

Time Slips Away

I'm emotionally and physically tired. No, this is not a bad thing, just a reminder of life and all that comes with it...
This past week I had three tests, multiple quizzes, and a jumble of assignments due. Add being in class 9 hours and having to learn to that mix and the fact that these are no picnic in the park classes. I feel so behind. Behind on learning. Behind on staying ahead as I like to do. Behind on paying attention to the things that mean so much to me. Behind on being a wife to my husband. And very behind on taking care of myself. Why does the time have to go so fast. God, why can't things just slow down...
On one of our tests we had an extra credit question that said "where have you seen God this week?" I, being thankful for extra credit on a test I for sure didn't know half the answers, wrote about Rob getting his new job and how that was such an answer to prayer in our lives. Well the day after the test we received an email that included an attached word document of everyone's responses to the extra credit question. The email explained that some of the answers might be uplifting to others after such a tough week and let me tell you they were right. Some of the responses had to do with loved ones doing special things for them, some had to do with special sermons or conversations that provided encouragement, and some had to do with friends and professors at our school and how the thoughtful things they said or did. I read each anonymous response and had to stop. Time will never be long enough, or short enough, for any of us to accomplish the things we have to do. Time is not about us and doesn't run on our schedule, but its own. But time is not our enemy...busy is our enemy. I am going to be busy no matter what I do about school, but when I let that busyness take over my personal life I have allowed it to win. But these are only battles and I don't want it to win anymore.
Take the time to tell someone that you are thinking about them. Take the time to kiss your loved one an extra time. Take the time to tell God that you love him (He deserves it). Take the time to do the things you need to do, but take the time to find the balance of personal and busy. All I can do is use every minute I can.
Thank you, Lord, for being in charge of time. For challenging me, for uplifting me, for knowing whats best for me even when I don't. You control my time, thats all I need to remember.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Company is coming...

Its Friday! And my cousin and his wife are coming to stay with us as they pass through on their way to Dallas. I'm pretty excited about seeing some family since we really haven't been back to Midland since the holidays. I only wish I didn't have the looming doom of three tests, multiple quizzes, and a project due next week. And tests in PT school are nothing to just blow off till the night before or to pull an all nighter at that. This stuff we have to know for life and once tested we are considered an expert per se in that area. This freaks me out a little considering I have a limited knowledge of the stuff we learned last semester and I'm hoping it all comes back to me soon. But till then I will keep cramming my head full of more important (well some more than others) concepts of PT style. Oh to be about to graduate and heading into my own clinic... someday. This one is short today, but I better go help the husband clean the apt before our visitors arrive. Have a great weekend!