Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This is only the beginning

So today I realized how cool these things are...

I come home from school most everyday with a million things on my mind. Often times I think I could write a book with as much stuff that is running through my it may not be the most interesting book to some people, but its my (and my husband's) life. So this may not go under blog of the century, but I figured for our friends and family who don't get to see us/talk to us often that it would be a great way to keep them informed. And its a blank canvas for me to unload these random thoughts just dying to jump out of my head.

So for now this is the beginning of the Fowler blog and all the exciting, not so exciting, and off the wall things we will go through.

And to start off, here is a rundown of just where we are right now.
We got married on the fabulous and perfect day of June 2, 2007. Just shy of 8 months ago, and still newlyweds going strong. We live in a not-so-exciting town in Texas, but for temporary yet wonderful reasons. I just started PT or Physical Therapy school last September. All I can say is woah and that you will be hearing all about it. Robert was working from home, but is now pursuing to follow God's lead to something hopefully greater than where he was. He also works part-time at Red Lobster (I like to call just the Lobster) which is somwhat fun, but needed for our little family of 2. And thus we live each day for Christ, in great expectation of what each new journey holds. We are the Fowlers.

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