Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blue Skies are Gonna Clear Up

Today was a good day. I admit that it didn't start out that way...long class, confusing class, frustration, and still more class to think about (we are at the school from 8-5 most days, so its my job, my long job). So, I'm allowing this day to pass by in its usual crummy way, when I get a text message from Robert. He went to a job fair for a company that runs those big windmills you see on the side of the highway. We are convinced they are taking over the earth... These things have become quite popular to the government and energy companies b/c its good clean energy that this dying planet needs. We have become fascinated in them recently and Robert figured they would be an interesting job. So at this job fair he starts talking to the people and they decide to give him an interview. I could make this real long about how the interview went, what was said, but I don't remember and it really all boils down to that they offered him a job right there! I couldn't wait for my lunch break so I could call him and get the scoop- actually I think I was the first out of the room... But yay! In December his old job from Midland decided that they didn't need him anymore so we have been praying for something amazing since God always has a purpose for everything and today we got our answer! How wonderful and marvelous that we have a God who loves us enough to take the time to listen to us individually. He may not always talk loud enough to us, but He always listens and never once turns his back on us.

Thank you, Lord, for being there for us and for putting us where you want us, even though we may not see the point or direction, you always know best.

Oh, this job will require some travel, but I'm not worried. We were long distance for 4 years before we got married and I'm so busy with school that it might help me focus a little more. I think Robert will be starting next week sometime, but don't quote me on that... Just keep praying. And now I return to studyland b/c I have three tests next week and its starting to be crunch time. Good night everyone.

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The Roberts' said...

what fun!! a new blog to read!!

also what fun that robert got a job working with those things!! it can be a trying job (at least the outside part) but josh liked it & im sure God has huge plans to use robert in the lives of the people he will be working with!!

-courtney roberts