Monday, December 29, 2008

Holidays and updates

Well Christmas was great as it always should be. We had multiple Christmas days because our families combine to form a huge one, so we went to multiple grandparents and parents houses to open gifts. But it was more than gifts... I love getting to see family, especially those that live out of town and don't get to come down as often. My family is large, but I love them all.

So we started out the week on Monday with out own Christmas- complete with dinner at Red Lobster (thanks Courtney!) and opening our stockings from each other. Since we are going skiing next week, we only did stocking stuffer gifts.
Then we went to Midland on Tuesday and had a larger than life dinner with my dad's side of the family at our favorite mexican food restaurant in town (Tampico). There was 26 of us... yikes! But it was alot of fun. Then, my brother and his wife and kids came over and we went caroling for the neighbors- a tradition we started a few years ago.
Wednesday consisted of time with my lifelong friends from Midland (minus Mo, we missed you!) and then dinner with my mom's side of the family.
Thursday was back with my dad's side of the family where we played a family game that my dad and his brother made up when they were young, its called Smashball. Kinda a mixture of softball and kickball, you use an oversized semiflat plastic ball... this makes it hard to predict in the air and easy to grab and throw at the runners. Meaning, you hit the ball like in softball, but then you can pelt the runner with the ball to get them out or just step on the base... pelting is more fun. Good thing I have a big family so we had just enough for two teams. However, my poor dad took a turn for the worst when he fell over and landed on his side. He bruised his side pretty badly and could have broken a rib.... all in the name of fun.
Friday was Christmas with just my parents and my brother and his family. We made breakfast and pretty much stayed lazy all day playing lots of games and just wasting the day together. Then Robert and I saw Marley and Me with my cousins who I never get to see.
Saturday was Fowler Christmas day. We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel (yum!) and then had a late lunch and big paper throwing gift opening session.
Sunday Robert and I led worship for the church so the praise team could have a break. It was kinda last minute, but we absolutely don't mind becuase God gave us the talent and we just want to be open for helping out whenever we can. Then we loaded up our loot and headed home.

Updates from the Holidays:
*we got a new kitchen table... well my parents were getting a new one, so we took theirs... its a little bigger than our old one because it has a leaf in it, so yay for new furniture!
*Sadly, our fish, Jaws, died while we were gone. He was looking quite gloomy before we left... as in he wouldn't swim around unless you almost poked him... so I figured he wouldn't make it much longer. I'm sad because he was our first anniversary gift, but I believe he lived a good, happy life.
*Robert is unfortunately getting transfered to South Dakota for a few weeks when we return from our vacation. Bummer...
*But, my friend and fellow colleague will be living with me for the 7 weeks we have left of real school, so at least I won't be alone.
*I went into the outside closet... the one with all the spider webs... we had to put up the tree and Robert made me look inside the closet... I actually didn't cry this time... yay! But that doesn't mean I liked it
*Pictures will soon be coming!
*New Years in just a few days!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

Yeah, we look good

Wow, I haven't posted in a while... I guess its because I've been enjoying the luxury of sleeping, working out whenever I want, doing some much needed cleaning (which always makes me feel accomplished), and watching tv as much as I want. Yes, the good life... I'm trying to really enjoy it since this is the last Christmas break - so to speak - that I get.

Although I do have countless hours to waste away, I do have school work to do. I only have 7 weeks of class in the spring before I go out on clinical rotations and to make those weeks smoother we have been given some of our assignments early to work on over the break. I have to come up with my own PT business to design, order equipment, pick a name and a mission statement, and run. Well maybe not run since this is all make believe, but its our business class. So I've been trying to come up with names for my clinic which will most likely be a pediatric clinic- gotta love the kids. So any creative names- shoot them my way!

In the mean time, Christmas is coming! I'm excited to see everyone in the family, although of course as we get older everyone's schedule is hard to coordinate, but none-the-less we will see everyone at some point. But, I love the Christmas season... at the gym the other day (Gold's gym- I got a one month membership for while I'm on break) I hear these two women complain about how hustle-and-bustle this season is. Its sad that so many people only focus on how they have to get so and so this gift, mark things off their to do list, make the big Christmas dinner, yadda yadda.... This is a season to celebrate Christ people! Yes, the presents and giving gifts is fun and great and even stressful when it comes to finding gifts for people, but I don't want to forget this season and what if really means. I have so many blessings right now that they can't be forgotten or go without thanks for our creator (yes thats for Thanksgiving too, but Christmas also).

Speaking of toys... I'm a firm believer in buying Christmas gifts throughout the year. It makes the holiday season go so much easier when all I have to do is find the hidden treasures and wrap them up. We did very good this year with having gifts really early and not having to buy anything last minute.... except... one toy for one of our nieces was going to be ordered at Toys-R-Us, but they didnt have it... in fact they didn't have this toy in any store in the world I'm sure. I went to Walmart 5 times, Target, KMart, Toys-R-Us in Midland... looked online, all the stops and I couldn't find it. I really like to get our nieces whatever they want and I was really upset that I couldn't find this one doll, so I had to just get her whatever I could scrounge up at a store. Hopefully she will like something, if not she can totally take it back! So, no more relying on online purchases... they do not always come through!

We are going to midland on Tuesday and staying till Saturday or Sunday (not sure), but I will have a full report when we are done! Happy Holidays everyone and of course, Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Finals Week...

I have IPOD ear.

You know, what you get when you have wear your IPOD in your ears for way to long, as in multiple hours of the day and then your ears remind you how long you were listening to amazing music by giving you an amazing ear ache... yeah thats me right now. I'm trying to study in my apt, because I just don't want to go lock myself in at the school or go to Starbucks where I would probably just get too cold or annoyed with people talking... so instead its me and my ipod attached to my running arm band. This is convenient b/c I can listen to music while I study and then during my study breaks getting up to eat the M&Ms from my candy bowl in the kitchen. I love M&Ms. But I've done this the last week and while its fun and convenient, I am starting to have some pain. Oh the things we do when we study!

Besides my earache (but lets not forget its at a great price for listening to my amazing selection of music, and to drown out the multiple football games Robert is watching), I am also having to battle a very bad addiction. No, its not what you think... I'm an avid nail biter. And when I say that I mean that I bite the skin around my nails, not the actual nail (well sometimes). But since finals is approaching and I've been somewhat a mind wanderer the last few days, my nails have become quite disgusting. This is my worst habit by far and Robert shares in it also, although I think I've passed him up. yes, my fingers are a bit on the bleeding, cracking side now (eww), but I'm admitting this to you so you can tell me to stop when you see me. It's so hard not to! Just think of all the biting time I will have whilest stressed the next 3 days... oh no.


Yes, it's finals week here in PT world and I'm excited to be reaching the end of my time with having to take finals or tests period! After this semester is over (on Wednesday, yippee!), I will have a short 7 week semester left and then its off to clinic rotations spread throughout this great state. Then next December I will walk across the stage for the last time and be Dr. Fowler, PT. I can't wait, one more year left!

But, till then its finals time. Back to studying (with a pitstop to the M&M jar, mmm, I told you I like them).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble, Gobble & "Brother and Sister?"

Gobble, Gobble

So I know you all like my two part blog here... as if they aren't long enough sometimes! But this first part is just reflections on Thanksgiving break- it was great! We were in Midland for the whole thing and got to see my new niece, my favorite nephew, and lots of family and friends! I had wedding showers and my brother's birthday (belated) to celebrate, turkey and a million other good foods to devour, and a time to honor the memory of my grandpa who went home to be with the Lord last year on Thanksgiving. So the break was full of surprises, smiles, laughter, and some tears, but I just want to praise God for all the blessings in my life!

"Brother and Sister?"

For the next part of my blog I would like to share about a tale of going to Albertson's with my wonderful husband and my amazing mother. We are in a funny mood that day. Its Monday or something like that, and we travel to the grand ole store of Albertson's to pick up some items for dinner and Thanksgiving. All throughout the store we were joking around with each other and kinda being a little rowdy. Well at the check out, Robert and I are continuing with the smarty remarks and picking on each other while my mom pays for the groceries. The Check out lady looks at us and kinda laughs to herself. We all notice and ask her whats so funny... to our surprise she says (concerning me and Robert):

"Oh, brother and sister, right?"

Let the laughter pour out. HAHA! We just started laughing ourselves. I informed her that we were married, and that we were just playing around and goofing off because we hadn't seen each other in a while. I don't believe she was convinced since she proceeded to give us this strange look. So after we strolled away with our mountain of groceries, I had to go back to the Check out lady to get my mom's cash back she always forgets... the lady was still looking at me kinda weird and asked if we really were married... I assured her, got the money and walked out. I still don't believe she was convinced!

So, if you are married, I suggest at least acting like it at the check out counter... or just play along next time.


A wedding shower for my wonderful friend, Molly!

So glad I got to see Britney!

He is getting so big!

My camera is absolutely horrible b/c she looks way more beautiful than this, but here she is with her aunt

All cozy in my arms

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Best Suprise Ever

Robert's Home!!
He is done with West Virginia early and was able to come home last night to my surprise! I had some friends over after watching the new 007 movie (quite exciting by the way) and he told me that we had a little game to do. Earlier that day, Robert had texted me quite a bit while he was "at work" supposedly. The texts were random, but in response to what I was doing (shopping and putting up my Christmas tree early), so I didn't think anything of them! Well the game for me and my friends was to decode a secret message hidden in the texts. It took us a while, and with another clue from Robert, and we finally figured it out... the first letter from the texts in order spelled out... I'M COMING HOME! I got so excited!! So he showed up last night and was able to come to Midland with me for the holidays. God is so amazing and I am so blessed with an amazing husband that I'm glad gets to be here for Thanksgiving now. He supposedly still had about 2 weeks left in WV, but I'm glad they got done early. So he is home! Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, I'm in Midland with my family till next Sunday so be safe and have a great one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Closet

Well its holiday time and absolutely I love this time of year. Yes, its quite different this year without my hubby being home and having to look for all the Christmas decorations myself, but I will not bore you with how lonely my heart feels... I mean who wants to read multiple blogs about that... although I will just say this, please pray for us! We both hate being apart and we are both pretty sick of it especially since it involves a holiday that means alot to me, so just pray for strength for both of us! Thanks... now moving on...

So whilst looking for the decorations- divided into multiple boxes and bins or course- I decided that I needed some helping getting my Christmas tree out of the the closet. I'm not talking about a halfway closet... I mean the outside closet on the back porch. I refuse to go in there. Why, you ask. I will tell you.

...Begin flashback now...

About 2 months ago, I was having a conversation with Robert on the phone while I was doing some homework on our laptop. The wireless internet in my apartment is not so great sometimes so I was thankful for it to be working in the living room so I could watch tv (and do homework and talk on the phone... I multitask). However, it suddenly disappeared (the wifi). Darn... Usually when this happens I can either press reset on the box in our room, type in our password again, or somehow get it to work again. But this of course had to be different and it just wouldn't turn on. Robert informed me that I would have to reset the somethingorotherbreakerthingtoturnitbackondevice [yes I have no real clue what he said]. All I heard was him say that it was located in the backporch closet. No sir! Jennifer doesn't go out on the back porch. There are spiders out there! Robert and I have seen the most monstrous looking spiders on our back sliding door at times and after seeing them and seeing into the dreaded closet... I REFUSE to go out there. I have arachnophobia. Big time. But...
I tried it.
Yes, I tried to be a big person and with Robert on the phone I began to open the door. I'm becoming a little hysterical now because I'm prepared for eight creepy hairy legs to pop out of no where. So far so good though, besides my increasing heart rate. So I'm standing on the back porch and I'm staring at the closet door. Robert is coaching me to just open it up and its not hard to reach the breaker box thing. I just can't do it. I begin to cry now and am attempting to control my heavy breathing. But I reach for the handle and jerk the door open. More crying starts. There are spider webs EVERYWHERE! No way were you going to get me to go near the door frame! So I'm wailing now into the phone and well on my way to an anxiety attack. Robert tells me to go back inside.
No problem!
Somehow that box thing must be turned back on. So I hang up with Robert and call my friends, Courtney and Brittany, who live just a few numbers away. They came right over and I explained the situation. Brittany jumps to the task and goes right outside without a question, opens the doors and messes with the breaker thingy and just like that its over. Now that wasn't so hard was it. Yes it was, but I luckily have brave friends who understand my annoyance with the creepy crawlies.

...End flashback...

So, when it came time to get out the Christmas tree boxes from the closet... I didn't even attempt, I just called on a friend to dive into the danger for me. Thanks friends.
So I'm slowly putting up the tree and decorations and can't wait to officially get Christmas celebrations underway!
[and as my other friend wrote in her blog... don't forget about the joys of Thanksgiving also, it gets left out quite a bit]. Happy holidays!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I forget...

I forget alot of things.
I forget to clean up after myself and hang up my clothes instead of laying ALL over the bed. Its a mess
I forget to finish puzzles that I start many months in advance
I forget thoughts that come to my mind, like great blog ideas
I forget how much I don't like it when Robert is gone
I forget to pay the bills, that should be Robert's job
I forget how important it is to have friends in my life
I forget how important it is to pray, and it is very important
I forget how to make the easiest recipes over and over again
I forget to turn off the lights
I forget to start the dishwasher... and unload it
I forget how much I love spending time with my family
I forget how much I miss the little moments with my husband
I forget how powerful words and music can be
I forget to set my alarm a little early to workout
I forget to make time for myself
I forget to call my best friends... just because
I forget that I have a whole support group around me when I get down
I forget that this life isn't forever, my treasure is yet to come
I forget how much I actually love driving
I forget to follow up on important emails
I forget to organize my school work
I forget what day of the week it is... very often
I forget how much I love to play the piano
I forget how much I love to sing
I forget how much I hate making messes... after its too late
I forget to check the mail
I forget how much better life is having your loved one in the same place as you
I forget that I shouldn't drink coffee all the time
I forget how much I love and hate Midland... but moreso love
I forget how often I don't cherish each day
I forget where I put my phone
and I forget to let go and let God handle things in my life.
oops...I forgot, but now I remember.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Leaves are Falling

It's time for an update.
Fall is here! I love the brightly colored leaves surrounding walkways, driveways, and parking lots! I love crunching every leaf in sight! And I love the smells of fall, the coolness of fall, and all the memories I have with the fall season. Some of those memories are wonderful- Robert proposed to me Nov 19th in the fall of 2005, my niece was just born, and I've met some great people last fall when I started PT school. And some of those memories are a little more solemn- I lost my first grandparent last thanksgiving, but I will always cherish memories with him. All in all, fall is my favorite season. So here's to fall and the beauty it holds!

On a more gloomy note, Robert has been temporarily transferred to West Virginia... yeah I said West Virginia... to finish out a job for his company. They suspect he will be gone for 4-6 weeks, but I know the reality is that it will probably be more. I hate not being able to see him, especially during my favorite time of year and one that has so many special occasions in it. I pray they will fly him home for Thanksgiving, but everything is so unsure right now. I want to support him with his job, but sometimes its so hard. Reality has set in again, he won't be home. He was supposed to be working in Abilene for the next few months, and i was just getting back into the groove of having him here with me. Some things are just too good to be true. It makes me angry, but I have to look for the positive side of things and what God is trying to teach us or do for us through this situation. Thats very hard to stop and think about, especially with him having to drive up there starting Monday. Monday will be a bad day.

So duty calls again and I lose my favorite person in the world to distance once again. It puts such a fog over the happiness in this season. I just thank God for my wonderful friends and family. And also for technology- phone services. Just like all you army wives out there with your loved one overseas... I know you understand this more than I do... but phone services mean everything with long distance. I think AT&T should pay me and Robert for all the minutes we have racked up over the past 5 or 6 years of our long distance relationship. That would be nice.

Thank you for your prayers and support once again during this time for both us. All I can say now is- enjoy the leaves and the changing of the seasons... it reminds me God is still in control. And save some of those crunchy leaves for me!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun, Spooky Nights

I would just to start with the fact that normally I hate Halloween. I've never really supported the holiday, although I do love the little kids getting all dressed up and heading out for candy... hmm, yes and then there is the candy part... mmmm, but besides that... I'm not a fan.
I think its a stressful situation... how many weeks/days/months do I waste popping brain cells trying to find the most awesome costume to wear? You know you all know what I'm talking about... costumes have to be cool and creative now a days. So why do we get all worked up for this crazy holiday? The answer... so we can be something/someone we aren't for a whole day! As dumb as it is, that is actually fun. And when you throw in good friends, and lots of food, that makes for a good time.

So Halloween 2008: My PT class- we got dressed up on Thursday (since we don't have class on Friday) I was quite impressed with the costume collection. What can you spot?

We had a PT party Friday night- including good food, Rock band, lots of loud/off key singing, many laughs and pictures, and ending with a scary movie- the Strangers. I love scary movies by the way. My mom and I try to rent one everytime I come home. So needless to say, they have lost their effect on me somewhat. But this movie was complete with added bonuses of someone coming to door (a partier who left and came back for his hat), jiggling of the doorknob handle (still don't know what that was), and even an unexplanable power outage. All at midnight and after on Halloween. Yeah, that made it a little more spooky.

Robert and I went as Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson... complete with his broken pinky and a VERY blonde wig

Oh and can't forget the Proactive bottle I carried everywhere that day... (I even had a tuna can in my purse... ya know, Chicken of the Sea?)

I make a pretty hideous Jessica Simpson, but a pretty hot me in a blonde wig I think :)
It was fun dressing up, even though I realized that I don't know that much about Jessica as I thought I did... oh well, at least I not have an awesome wig for my skeleton to wear...

I wasn't kidding!

AND I have to throw in a picture of the cutest batman ever:

He even sings you the theme song if you ask :)

So that was Halloween! While I will still continue to dislike this holiday, I will be thinking in advance for a costume next year... you know, try to save a few brain cells.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Meet the cutie!

The beautiful baby is here- my niece MB! She was born last Tuesday and has the most beautiful eyes and a full head of hair. Her brother JD has no idea what to do with her yet, but he will be a great big brother. I wish I could have spent more time with them in Midland, but soon I will be free from school and able to fully become the best aunt they ever had! (and this goes for ALL of our nieces and newphew!) I know this is short, but she was kinda the highlight of my last few weeks and the main even last Saturday. Here are just a few pictures... they do her no justice!

Eyes wide awake with Uncle Robert.

Snuggly with her Aunt Jennifer.

Coming soon: Halloween of course! AND hopefully Robert will officially be done with graham this week- joyful joyful! Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have a new niece! My sister-in-law (I hate the in-law part, I usually just drop it) finally had her baby! Little MB was born today in the afternoon and I'm so excited! Actually, I'm sad I can't be there to welcome her into the world, but she will get some auntie lovin this weekend! I will also have pictures available (hopefully), so be excited! Just a quick update for you all!

Monday, October 20, 2008


At my parent's house in Midland, we have this neighbor who has just been a fun family friend for as long as I can remember, whose name is CC. He is a great God-fearing man who loves to reach out to his community and is always there to give a BIG hug. It's actually something I look forward to when I go home to Midland.
Well about 2 weeks ago, Robert and I just happened to be in Midland and we decided to accompany my dad for his daily walking routine. The first stop on our walk was to CC's house, where he was doing the normal Saturday morning chores. It was like we were being drawn there, not just out of a friendly hello, but out of a purpose from God who wanted us to hear something. CC proceeded to tell us of an experience he had from God. Wow is all I can say. The words he shared with us were so powerful and moving that we ended up having a group prayer in the middle of the street! The power of these words also carried over throughout the whole rest of the week as my dad and I couldn't get past some of the things he said. I know you are dying to hear what he said, so I will tell you:
God has told us we are to be "salt and light" to the world. We are to "let our light shine before men" and preach the word of the gospel to those around us. What God told CC was that while there may be alot of Christians in the world, there isn't alot of light... ouch. Aren't we Christians supposed to be that light- reflecting it in our lives wherever we go so that others may know Him through our actions. Well if there isn't alot of light, then we sure have failed. Not exactly a big pep talk huh. But what God told CC next was that He was supposed to be the light, no matter who around him was willing to share their light or not... it was up to him to choose to spread his illumination. There are many characteristics about light- its bright, its warming, its shiny, its powerful, it fills, it invades, it provides, it guides, it has no ending, its a source of energy, it reflects all around us- light is special. But as Christians we have lost the light inside us, in other words, we have lost the desire to be active in our faith. Satan has convinced us to put our candle under the bushel.
Sad as it is, it is true! Most people call themselves Christians, but run from the first chance to shine to others, to help someone in need, to share about the gospel, or to live a changed life. The world is influencing us and we can't find our way back to the Light. This is what God had pressing on CC's heart. He (God) needs more light in the world, not just Christians hiding in the darkness trying to slip by off mediocre christianity [that would be the Sunday ritual queens and kings who leave their faith on their doorstep, only remembering to pick it up as they rush out the door to check church off their list for the week]. Its true. And I'll never forget that phrase "He has a world full of Christians, but not alot of light."
What should LIGHT mean to Christians. Well, CC was also inspired with this great acronym, that has been the source of multiple thoughts in my head the last 2 weeks:
L= lead
I= inspire
G= guide
H= help/heal
T= teach
Lead others to the Lord, inspire everyone around you in His name, guide the lost out of the darkness, help those in need to bring them healing, and teach about God's word and the things He's doing in your life.

We should all be like Light- invade someone and fill them with God's love this week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In case you haven't figured out...

I am extremely busy. I hate saying that, but its time to just admit it and figure out a solution. I'm in anticipation of the arrival of my new niece, we will refer to her as MB, who was supposed to come into this world on Sunday when Robert and I were in town, however, she is being shy and waiting... so I'm waiting for my phone call on her delivery. AND I am apparently making it a marathon to Midland the next few weekends, as Rob and I were there last weekend, and I will be there for the next two weekends in a row. My goodness! So to all my Midland people- I want to see you! Of course I am there for many reasons (helping my mom with projects and showers of sorts for the new baby that isn't here yet), BUT I would still love to see you. So please call me b/c I am busy till Thursday (test, research project, test, and yadda school stuff) but I will return calls :) I will have a more exciting blog soon- in fact a very inspirational one, but it might be tomorrow (and we all know that means next week in my blogging time). BUT have a great rest of the week- and remember that the project runway finale is tomorrow! I love that show.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Best Cake Ever

Monday was my birthday! I was able to celebrate with Robert on Saturday- we went to dinner all dressed up (see below), got some smoothies, and went home to watch a movie and RELAX- something I have almost forgotten how to do. But before we did all this... I had was told by my darling husband that I had to disappear from the house for at least 2 hours (this is usually what we do for special occasions)... well I didn't mind because I had a huge test Tuesday morning (it was very hard) so I needed some serious study time. So I went to starbucks and froze to death for 2 hours reading about wound care (ewww) and then I was told by Robert that I couldn't come home yet... so I went to my friends apartment and studied with them for 2 more hours... this would be 4 hours total. Finally I could come home... and we got dazzled up and went out for dinner. When we came home I found out the product of this four hour afternoon adventure... my amazing husband made me a cake with fondant from scratch! (you know the stuff they use on wedding cakes and in the show Ace of Cakes to make the really decorative icing stuff...) Yes I know he is amazing... and he spent 4 hours for me- oh how I love him! As you can see in the pictures, this was some cake!

The Beautiful Cake!

Oh my I'm 24!

Just a close up for you!

And to top off the birthday weekend- I got a new ipod (mine was ancient) and although Robert still had to drive back to Graham on Sunday... he drove in Monday and surprised me for dinner. What can I say, I am blessed to have him! So thanks for a great one-more-year-older- day to all my friends and family and my sweetheart!

Now on to more school work...but a few more pictures for you!

He is Amazing!

My Birthday dinner study break and surprise from Robert

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back to the Basics

So obviously the "rapture" did not occur which means that we are continuing on with life in preparation for the Lord's return some other appointed day... that really none of us will ever know nor should we know... just get your heart right now and it shouldn't even be a worry!

Moving on...

I went for another run/walk in the park today and it was just a beautiful day. I love Fall and could see signs of it all around me... the leaves falling on the path, kids running to school with their light sweaters, the chill of the early morning... and just the smell of fall I find tickling at my nose saying "I'm here"! So excited for fall.
As I was run/walking [emphasis on the walking part], I began to ponder things as I always do throughout the day. I've been very unsuccessful in keeping my IPOD charged over the past month to actually use for my workouts, but this has been frustrating and a blessing all in one. It is a blessing in that I can listen to myself think [which is often very frustrating b/c as you read these blogs you should know I'm a very confusing person in the head] and I can listen to God. I have a problem with silence and, although walking in the park isn't exactly silence [especially with my huffing and puffing], it is the most quiet I get all day. So try going for a run/walk this next week without the music... and just listen to nature and the beauty of God... thats a challenge.

Along my pondering, I came to a realization. I have lost the love for the basics of my Christianity. WOAH you say, what does that mean! Well let me explain. I have a friend who has recently started reading the Bible, we are talking from square one "In the beginning" and everything. My friend didn't grow up in church, but has been going to one in town recently and is now exploring all this talk about this mysterious book and the stories told in the sermons. I find this awesome and offered to read along with them in case they had any questions [although I am far from a scholar or any sort of person who could provide any words of wisdom in this area]...

well I realized today that my friend has taught me something very important... I need to get more excited about the Bible... about God's word... and about not slumping into a rut of just proclaiming I'm a Christian. My friend is the most excited person when it comes to reading the Bible and that excitement is something that most Christians have forgotten about. Let me explain more. When we become Christians, whenever that is... old, young, whatever, we are excited. There is something moving inside us that we just can't explain and we have to act on it or we will burst! Hopefully most of you have had this opportunity to feel this. But as we become patterned in our behaviors and lifestyles, we forget about this joy, this burning of the heart for closeness with God. Oh sure, on Sundays we may feel it if the right song or verse comes on the screen, but I'm talking about a real joy- the blindlike or childlike faith kind of joy- the bursting with curiosity kind of joy. My friend has found that. I can hardly keep up with their pace and yet I find myself becoming enthralled with what I'm reading- even though I've read these stories, heard them preached over and over, they are giving me joy to read. How is it that someone who has never heard these stories can be so joyous and want to learn more and I've known the joy of the Lord since I was 9 but have already lost this joy? I need... we need to get back to the basics. How did we become a God follower, where were we, what was happening inside us? Let the Bible become exciting again, read the old stories we heard in Sunday school, look up those versus that mean the most to you, do you have a favorite psalm... if not then find one and take joy in reading it. Take joy in the basics of our Christianity... God didn't intend for it to have to be so political and serious.

Yes, I really did think all that while running this morning. Who knew that would come from me? Have a great weekend everyone... and coming soon: my birthday! hehe

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beware of the Rapture?

Robert had an interesting experience the other day.

To make a very long story short- he met this old man who believes that the rapture is going to happen on Wednesday. As in tomorrow. This old man lives and works in Graham, but apparently has a lot of money to give away. Not just giving away to anyone, only to those who help him out or are in need. Every so often, this guy puts up signs in his workplace that they will be closed on whatever day due to the rapture that is coming. So Robert calls this guy (how he got his number is another story, but we'll skip those details) and asks him why he thinks the rapture will occur on Wednesday. The guy tells him to come to his shop and he'll tell him. Click. So Robert goes to his workshop place and the guy proceeds to lay out for him the "trumpets" that are about to occur and how they are leading up to a big invasion of Russia into Israel or something like that. Basically he believes whole heartedly that the rapture is about to occur. SO... be prepared for something to happen Wednesday... and if nothing happens, I'll still be here to write for you.

In other news:
-I'm becoming annoyed with having to upload photos on the internet... very frustrating sometimes... so be in more anticipation of pictures whenever I can get this computer to work with me!
-And I think it is the coolest thing to be listening to the radio (Air one specifically), driving around town, and suddenly you see someone in another car singing the same thing you are... :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here I sit...

Tomorrow we have our first test of the semester. It happens to be in a class I find very amusing, but its also the only professor we haven't had until now... so who knows what this will be like. You know, the first test unfamiliarity, yeah I hate those. But at least I am sitting in one of my favorite (I have 2) coffee shops in Abilene, where I have happily spent $11 on a snadwich, soup, and peach tea (free refills of course)... and now I am debating on whether to buy a cookie. I mean they don't just give you some ordinary chip-o-hoy here, we are talking homemade goodness that they warm up and bring out to you on a fancy plate with a fork. Thats worth the $1 and something cents to me! Plus, there is live music tonight, some guy with his keyboard playing all sorts of worship and oldies songs in different styles. It's a little annoying at times I won't lie, but then he starts to play something amazing and I get interested again. I love this place! I would love it even more if Robert were here, but then I wouldn't be studying now would I...

I know I promised you all pictures from WOF in Abilene from two weekends ago and I do have them and they are quite amazing, but of course I am too lazy to upload them to my computer, so maybe by writing in this blog I will become motivated. Plus I have an added bonus of pictures and videos from my random one night trip to Midland last Friday... I had to see my mom and got to see my grandma, dad, brother, sister-in-law who is expecting my new niece anytime now, and my adorable nephew. So I have extra happy stories to tell you, but this might not be till Wednesday night.

And to finish off my random "study break" thoughts I must inform you that my right pinky finger is for real broken. Two weeks ago I was playing basketball and of course I jammed it... well 2 weeks later (now) it is still swollen, showing no signs of wrinkles like the other one, and is severely limited in its range of motion. Plus it hurts. This is not a very good thing for typing and writing. We'll see how taking this test goes tomorrow especially with having to write out an essay... oh brother.

Joyful news: Instead of getting a cookie, I have upgraded my decision to a cookie sundae- I mean you mention ice cream and I'm there, so this should hit the spot! I know you all agree that this is the best option!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far regardless of my injury and looming test. Till next time, Give God the Glory!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Open Wide

So in the midst of school and spending multiple hours a day with the same people... we are bound to get sick and continuously pass it around. And with the way our classroom is set up... it travels down rows. My row at school consists of LD, me, CM, and KB. I have the pleasure of sitting next to these 3 wonderful girls who I hold most dear and who have contributed multiple hours of fun to my life... basically we have the best row and I know all the others are jealous of us (yes admit it, we bring fun, we bring spice, we are the girls of the right front row _insert theme music here_). Anyway, KB was sounding quite froggish over the last week and has since passed it onto CM since Friday... this leaves me as the next victim of the sore throat/sounding like a man disease. goodie. So I'm stocking up on Vitamin C and plenty of fluids to fight this thing off, you know, follow all the typical health remedy myths, all that junk. So,anyway, the point of this blog is about CM and her cough medicine.

Whilst studying at KB apartment for some upcoming randomness assignments, CM needed to have some cough medicine due to the fact that all the cough drops were gone. So KB got out her sore throat medicine- a throat spray... and thus the fun began.
[I have to interject the rest of the story of the day to add to the situation. CM has always taken Clariten, the 6 or 12 hour version. Well of course this time around she grabs Clariten... the 24 hour version. yikes. So she assumes that she can take her normal dosage and be fine... not quite. She pops in 2 for the morning and then 2 again at lunch time. And now the fun begins. On the box it specifically states that the dose is 1 in 24 hours; and not to exceed 1 every 24 hours; if you exceed the recommended dose you will experience severe drowsiness. Well, lets just say that the afternoon was a long one for CM and a very funny one for us! So throughout the rest of the story remember that she has ODed x3...]
So in comes the spray cough medicine. CM has never taken this kind of cough suppressant before and begins to become a little apprehensive to the situation. As in, there is no way we are going to get our sweet little friend to take this medicine... or so she thought. KB attempts to show her how far it will spray and then makes a 1st attempt with spraying it into CM's mouth. No go. CM jolts away from the "blast" of red juice... now its time to get everyone involved. So, I tell her that I'm going to hold her and force her to take this medicine... I wasn't kidding. I walk over to her, hold her head still while KB prepares to make another pass with the spray. No go. Pretty much she spit it out. Time for action one more time. So I hold her stronger now and with the help of our other friend BA, KB is able to successfully get the spray all in her mouth. But now she has to swallow... so BA and I don't take our eyes off her until we see her swallow reflex kick in... ah success. Needless to say, I know that stuff is nasty, but it was well worth the effort considering the whole time she has lost her voice and is trying hard to plead for every merciful reason not to take this medicine.
Hopefully tomorrow she won't remember a thing about it.

That is all for tonight, and yes I did get her permission to write this- I love you girl!
Coming Soon: pictures from WOF (weekend of fun- the Abilene version) I know you are excited.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I hate you Ike

So as you have hopefully been watching the news... there is a hurricane coming to the US that will heavily be affecting several of my friends who live or have family in Houston. This natural disaster will also be doing me the pleasure of traveling onward to Dallas and ruining my weekend of fun with my friends at Six flags. So unfortunately I have to inform you that you will be let down because there will be no exciting blog or pictures from what would have been a very fabulous trip. So I'm apologizing to my blogging audience, but my group of friends will be searching all over this boring city of Abilene for whatever fun attractions we can find... so a blog on our discoveries will have to suffice. But if you are in the line of fire for this hurricane please be careful and take cover!! Otherwise, I sign off for now.
Oh and did I mention that Robert will not be able to come home this weekend... sad face.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A new point of view

So school is still off and running... things are going quite well so far...And now this inserts the point where my current friend and roommate at the time (Nikki) has a few inside thoughts on living with me:
"i am eating potatoes. i work out to workout tapes. i get up way too early. my temporary roommate smells. big forks and little forks go in separate compartments. duh."

The "I" in the above is referring to me just in case you wanted to know. She is actually sitting next to me and commenting on my lack of excitement with meal ideas and about how I wake up early to go run with Courtney. Which this is true, I have been working out alot the last month which I think deserves a big pat on the back for me- woohoo! AND my meals may not be exciting (except on the weekends, but she is not here then), but I'm doing this whole weight watchers thing still and have been quite successful in limiting the amount of food I consume everyday... so in order to keep this up I have to eat rabbit food until the weekends, when I can eat more exciting food. But anyways this is a boring topic.

A simple update: Things really are great at school so far, this semester will be much easier as of now and I've been successful in jumping ahead of schedule in assignments for the time being. This is in part so I can continue to enjoy my weekends with Robert, but also because this coming Friday a few of my friends and Robert will be traveling to Dallas to go to Six flags!! We have all the plans worked out and I'm glad that I've been tackling assignments for awhile so I can be school free for the trip... at least for now thats the idea! So the update so far is that things are smooth sailing and I'm not pulling my hair out yet.
On another note, please pray for my Aunt, she has a severe medical condition that is taking over her body at a fast rate and is causing many complications. Things aren't going well from what I've heard so any prayer would be appreciated!

Have a great week everyone and I will write back when I have time again... at least to update about the trip this weekened!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend Robert and I went to visit our friends in Lubbock. We had been planning a trip together to see everyone and decided to make the trip up there and spend the weekend just hanging out with as many people as possible. It was quite delightful! Despite the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of Lubbock, I was there for the people not the location. Friday when we got there, it was a mess of beautiful rain and scary clouds. We had a cook out at the Rotan's house (where we were staying) and then went out to enjoy some fun games and drinks to end the night. Then on Saturday we went to the rec at Tech to play racquetball... for 2.5 hours. Yes I was very tired, but I have a new fond love of the game and would like to start making it a regular habit of mine. That afternoon we tailgated before the Tech game... yes, I went to a Tech game... not exactly my cup of tea, but it was football and once again I was there in good company with my friends. Unfortunately my Aggies lost so I had to put up with that on my record all weekend, but I love college football and it was fun to be at a game... even if it was for the enemy. On Sunday, we went to the Rotan's church and had a blast! Their pastor is awesome and definitely had my attention! So overall it was a short, but awesome weekend and I thank Meagan and Dustin for opening their home to us... and putting up with us (and by us I mean my darling and hilarious husband).

And in regards to A&M football... I know we aren't the greatest at football, I didn't go there for the sports... and I know they will get better! Gig 'em Ags!

The end. Oh and enjoy your labor day holiday everyone! The real end.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

Well the school year (my last ever) is fastly approaching and I'm actually ready to get it started. I miss my friends who have been gone for 5 weeks and I'm ready to get this learning thing into swing again. I like having a routine and during this break I have been quite without one... which is not bad, just not structured like my little heart likes things to be. So, this might be the only time I ever say this but... bring it on school!

Update for over my break: I have been doing nothing which is great! I've ventured out into the city to run a few errands, but mostly just to occupy myself. Last weekend, Robert's family came into town for another Perini's weekend (this freakishly awesome steakhouse south of town)... it has kinda become a tradition and I hope it continues for a long time. This weekend was to celebrate Robert's Dad's and Aunt Cindy's 50th birthday (obviously they are twins). Although we were a little crowded at time, it was still a blast and I forget sometime just how much I miss seeing family. And I got some great pictures of my adorable nieces and all the family:

The Precious Girls

Cousins sharing in the celebratory champagne!

On Tuesday, my friend Nikki moved in with me- for a few weeks while her house is being fixed up. It is a relief having someone in the apt with me during the week since Robert is still only here on the weekends and goodness knows I get freaked out being here alone. So I now have a roommate for a few weeks which I know will be fun!

In exciting news- Robert's job in Graham is coming to a close! We aren't sure exactly when, but sometime toward the end of September he will be free from that job site- yay! However, no clue as to whats in store next... he could either stick with the company but their next job site could be anywhere in America, or he could get a job in Abilene or Midland... just not sure. Keep us in your prayers for this that we can listen to what God wants for us at this time!

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week/weekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So they aren't a gold medalist...

Olympic mania is sadly coming to an end. I have been heavily watching my favorite events and rooting like a crazy woman in my living room the whole time. I've always loved watching the Olympics- especially the gymnastics (yes I dreamed I would become on of them when I was little... alas the dream is still to come, haha), swimming, beach volleyball (which my grandma says is a dumb sport b/c of course the court is too big for them to cover... true true), and the hurdles and other track events. I don't really know why I like the to watch the hurdle races, but maybe because there was a time in my jr high life where our track coach was trying to recruit people to run the hurdles... yep yours truly here did attempt this sport, but quickly judged right that it was not for me. None the less- it fascinates me. But I'm sad its coming to a close b/c that means school is also about to start.

But something that I have realized while watching these Olympic games... besides the fact that I think the gymnastics judges were biased toward the Chinese and that they have way too many commercial breaks in the middle of my favorite events... I've realized that I love to hear their stories. The stories about how they got to where they are, how they struggled, how they endured hardships, stories of power, determination, sacrifice, tears, sweat, and drive. But I think the stories I would most like to hear are those of the athletes that are competing, but never get mentioned. Oh sure there names flash across the score boards, but do we hear about these athletes... no, not unless they are in line up for a medal we never hear about them. Sure the broadcasting world doesn't want to waste its time on the "losers" but more so on the medal winners...BUT they must have accomplished some amazing things to make it to the Olympics... the game of all games. So heres to you the amazing-athlete-who-we-will-never-hear-about-just-because-you-don't-win-a-medal person... fight strong and be proud because you made it to the champion ring- regardless of the outcome.

In personal news, I have about 1.5 weeks left before school starts and I'm kinda ready to get this next semester rolling. So my clinical wasn't the most amazing experience, but I know am so ready to learn and use the things that I have learned. Plus I sure have missed my friends. I'm also ready for Robert to be done with Graham. I don't know when that will be or where he will have to go afterwards (only God does), but I'm sick from being without him. 2 days on a weekend or about 8 days a month really starts to break you down after awhile. I mean we are married... I waited a long time for that and now its time for us to be close again. Well, till then... heres to the weekends! Have a fantastic last few days/weeks of the summer everyone!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The "Me" Monster

So before you read this you should go to youtube and look up a comedian named Brian Regan and his act on "I walked on the moon". I would have put the link in here, but I honestly don't know how to do that and I'm not about to figure it out now when I need to get to bed but instead I'm writing a blog (yes I love it that much). SOOOO, after you have watched this you should be more aware now of what he means by the "me" monster. But in case you are like me and usually don't like to open a new window, type in the search, and actually watch the short video... the "me" monster represents those people who just HAVE to talk about themselves. The world does revolve around them and only by stepping into their world will you survive. Well, on this clinical right now I have encountered someone who has a very strong personality and for a while I just couldn't figure out what it was about that person that rubbed me the wrong way... until now. She is a "me" monster. Just a little too concerned with turning everything in a conversation back to her. Now I know I have been guilty of this in the past, but its like I have now figured out a diagnosis for my discomfort around this person. Knowing this diagnosis, I know now how to approach her and how to better lead discussions. So you see... the "me" monster isn't necessarily a bad thing... just a diagnosis.

Meanwhile... I have only one day left of this clinical! Despite the "me" monster moments, I've had a good time, gotten to see alot of different things, and feel like maybe I am learning something in school. AND I even cracked some of my books... who would have thought they weren't kidding when they said we would use them on our clinicals. Gold star for me! Stephanie (my colleague who is on the same clinical rotation as I am) and I will be celebrating a successful end to pediatric world tomorrow night so I'm excited about that. (I wish Robert could be here for it though, but we will celebrate this weekend by going to the lake with my cousin). Oh Goodie! Two weeks of real summer... or whats left of it... here I come!

AND for your viewing pleasure, some pictures and a video from the camp Steph and I worked while on our clinical last week. We were in the play room where we had therapy stuff, but really we were just playing with the kids and offering therapy advice for parents. But we may have gotten a little bored...

This is a "body sock" designed to help with proprioception... or to make you look like a red umpa lumpa

AND This has to be the most embarrassing video of my life... but just so you get the full experience of the body sock...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Travel Size Me

So Robert and I went to HEB the other day- thanks to the gift card I received from my clinical site :)- and amongst getting our groceries and produce we ventured into my favorite place in a grocery store (well second favorite actually, b/c the candy isle is always on top)... we went to the travel section. You know, the section with the multiple baskets and mini products just waiting for you to pick them up. I think they are so cute. Yes, if Robert was standing here now he would let out a sigh and say "oh my gosh" because he thinks I'm pathetic... but I love this stuff! And they always have new things that of course I just HAVE to have! I mean I could be obsessed with designer shirts or shoes that cost hundreds, but instead I am obsessed with 99 cent bottles of fun products. You know you enjoy stopping to look at all the mini merchandise and imagine/ or make up excuses as to why you need these perfect travel size things. I mean every girl needs a mini hairbrush, deodorant, tylenol case, body spray, shampoo, hand sanitizer, face cleanser, chapstick, travel toilet paper roll (thank you Charmin), hairspray, cotton swabs, towelettes, baby powder, can of lysol (my mom loves those), sewing kit, and body wash in their purse. Ok, so maybe I don't have all those things in my purse, but I do have a mini of all those things. Yes, I confess to you one of my obsessions in life. Do you have a wacky obsession? I mean, come on... if you've been reading this blog for a while you know I have some weird ones!
Goodnight everyone!


Look its the new couch!! Finally I was able to upload the picture! I hope this picture does it justice because it is mighty comfy!

and Molly I love you and will be praying and would love to help brighten your day anytime!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Stubborn Computer

So I would love to post the new pictures of our couch, but my computer has decided that it no longer likes me and that it won't download anymore pictures. Sadly you must wait till another time to view this magnificent piece of furniture, but trust me... its awesome!! I love having a couch to actually watch TV on now instead of the floor. Oh the simple joys of married life :)

I have a really great post idea that I promise I will have ready tomorrow... that is if I'm not too sunburned and tired after my day at camp with my kids from my clinical tomorrow. I'll explain more when I know whats going on, but till then have a great week everyone!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Update time!

I'm sad that i haven't had the adequate amount of time I want to update this thing... but alas, the moment had come.
Last weekend was amazing!! I love not having any schoolwork to do and all the time in the world to spend on Robert and my friends. Ashley's wedding was beautiful and about the most exciting reception I've ever been to. Robert and I sang the first part of "God Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts at the wedding and it went great! The reception was held in this old Mill- and it was huge! But rugged and antique looking. If I was going to plan another party (for whatever) I would have it there also! But we danced the night away and had a great time. And I actually got pictures!

Ashley and I and my veil she used as her "Something borrowed"

All of us at the reception!

I'm sad that Tracy couldn't be there, but I'm glad we got to spend some time together before she ventured out to Illinois. I hope she is having fun out there!

On Monday morning, I started my first clinical rotation at WTRC pediatrics. Its only for 3 weeks, but considering the few exposures I've had to pediatric PT I think I can learn alot! The days are sometimes long and since it is still summer, there are alot of cancellations... bummer. But I have been able to see a wide spectrum of diagnoses and even speech, occupational, and aquatic therapy. This is the fun part of school that I have been waiting for! Although there has been a little bit of drama, I hope it will continue to be challenging. AND I hope all my other colleagues are having a fantastic learning experience at their clinical sites!

On other news, ROBERT AND I ARE GETTING OUR NEW COUCH TODAY!! I will have to take a picture of it, becuase I am so proud. Its our first big purchase as a married couple and I'm ready for some new furniture to be in our possession.

Well, now I close with more pictures from the wedding, just because I have them :)

Mr. and Mrs. Young!

ASSIST friends at the wedding

me dancin with the groom!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ode to the weekend

Well I am officially done with finals, and they turned out WAY better than I thought. Our last final was this morning and I won't lie... I didn't study very hard for this one... I actually didn't even finish reading all the way through the notes because I just got tired. So (and this is so aweful of me, but you have to understand that I have no brain left at this point), during the test I didn't even read every question... yes, I guessed on about 40%, attempted to read the rest and tried to answer at least 50% correct... no that doesn't equal 100%, but I don't care at this point. Anyway, on this test I actually scored pretty horrible, but it was exactly what I needed to get a B in the class (an A was out of the question), so I will proudly take that B and be done with that class.

In other words... I'm done! Well for at least a few weeks. And Monday I start at 9 at the pediatrics clinic in town on my first clinical rotation for 3 weeks. I am excited, yet nervous because we haven't had a peds class yet, so there isn't alot of things we can be responsible for. I just want to have fun and learn without having to sit and stare at a professor for 9 hours a day. Hallelujah!

Tomorrow, I am waking up early to drive to Graham, pick up Robert, and then drive to Dallas for Ashley's wedding. I will also be saying goodbye to my best friend, Tracy, as she ventured to Chicago- I'm gonna miss her! Yeah she lives in Houston and its not like I got to see her all the time, but she was still close enough to plan an occasional visiting trip. This is not good bye forever, but its just weird to watch her drive away to Chicago that is a million light years away from west Texas. Sad day, but a fun adventure for her. And the wedding will be great and I'm ready for some time with Robert.
I'm sure I will have many stories and pictures to share when I get back... so till then God bless and thanks for reading by the way.

Monday, July 21, 2008

So Over It

I realize that I don't have much time to write this week, due to the approaching doom of my finals (3 left!), but I've decided that I'm just over it. My friends at school have adopted this phrase and while it may be our most overused phrase at the moment... it is so true. We are in every way possible... over this semester. I get like this around finals weeks. I can remember when I was at A&M and knowing that finals were approaching, which meant that I would be calculating my grade in order to see how much effort (or lack thereof) I had to put into every class. Yes, I still do that unfortunately. But its gotten more severe over the years and has finally climaxed at this point in life where I just don't care about learning anymore and I just want to pass. You may think this is a bad attitude, but really... when they try to cram 8 hours of info into my head, 5x/wk, and then insist that I read enough material that when lined up could reach to saturn and back, plus having a life on top of this... you got to be kidding me that I will actually have any bit of attention of will power left to take finals. Thats funny. So the moral of my life this week is... I'm over it.

And to top of everything... I'm over my lets-try-and-do-the-diet-thing-but-really-just-pretend-to-do-it phase. Yes, thats right... I officially joined Weight Watchers. As in I payed the money for the online program which is quite entertaining by the way. I can see myself wasting lots of time on that thing. Some of you may be wondering why I did this, but you are the people who do not see me on a regular basis. I admit that PT school, stress, and just being lazy have added up to a significant increase in my weight since my wedding one year ago. I only wish to get back there where I was. This is doable, but will be even more so doable now that I'm forcing myself to make good decisions about food because I'm paying to make those good decisions. This is all I will say about this because no one likes a whiner about their weight. BUT I am glad to know that I can still get my caramel coffee drinks for only 3 or 4 points- yay!

Thursday I will be a very happy person, and Friday I will drive to see my darling husband and then we will venture to the exciting city of McKinney for Ashley's wedding. Good times are a coming!

And a special shout-out to my friend Tracy- Congrats on Chicago! So excited for you and I'll be up to visit soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seriously... 10 cents?

So on Sunday afternoons- after Robert packs and leaves (sad face)- I usually begin a round of vigorous studying. Well this Sunday I figured that I would head to my other favorite coffee shop called Tuscany's. Finals are coming up... as in they start Friday with the scariest hour long practical of my life, and continue into next week... and then I will be officially done with one year of PT school! Whoop! I'm glad that sometimes it doesn't matter how I got to the end, but that it happened because this sure has been a messy road, but who cares- one week left! Then I get to play for 3 weeks with kids on my first pediatric clinical rotation here in Abilene. I'm super excited about that!
But I digress... So I went to Tuscany's but of course to ruin the day, they were closed. So I went to starbucks instead to pick up a caramel frappuccino with a gift card I kept forgetting was in my wallet. So I drive up to the window to receive my drink of heavenly goodness, and hand him my gift card. "Do you want to refill it if it runs out?" the teller asks me. I tell him no and he swipes the card... then he laughs. "Well the card only had 10 cents on it." Oh. "Seriously, just 10 cents?" "Yeah."
You may not find this funny, but at the time I was very distraught and then later just laughed. I had a lot of gift cards from Christmas and this was my last one to be used... and lo and behold its got a wopping 10 cents on it. So I paid the rest of the bill and took my drink back home to study. Next time I will pay more attention to the balance remaining on the receipts. Even though... I hate receipts. Could there be a more useless waste of paper. Sure for big purchases we have to hang on to them like its our certificate to life or something, but for the small things how important can it be to hand everyone a little skinny slip of paper, that fades and rubs off on everything, and that gets lost for months before you find it again. Is that practical, I think not. For the obsessive compulsive financial people I'm sure it is important, but for me... I don't care. Don't waste another slip of tree on me, I know how much I just paid... and it shows up on my online bill anyway. Ok sorry, that just came to me.
Off to school, just a few more days!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

14 Hours and a very odd week

This past week has just been weird. No, odd is more appropriate I think. Some things have popped up that have just been annoying, and some have popped up that have been a little frightening. Currently on my mind, I just spent all day at school and I'm exhausted. I mean I spent 14 hours straight in the same building... working on random assignments, being in class, and having meetings... this does not make for a happy day or for a happy me. I have officially entered the "drinking from a waterfall" stage of PT school... well actually, I think I'm sinking underneath the water with only a snorkel to help me. Yes, exhausted. Its not all bad stuff, its just busy. I don't think people really believe me when I say that I am busy with school. When I say that I get some response that indicates that people think I'm just making excuses when really I barely have time to talk to Robert during the day... and that is one of the most important parts of my day! So, please don't think I'm making some usual excuse of being too busy... I really am... I mean who spends all day locked in a building that has no windows just for fun? Nobody.

I think my mean side is coming out too. I know some of you are saying, well hasn't it always been out, but its getting out of control. I attribute this to the lack of quality time with my husband, my self, and non-stressfullness [yeah I made that word up]. So, I apologize for my increased attitude and for my inability to stop myself from saying certain things out loud... I promise its all from the stress [and believe me that is no made up excuse].

Lastly, without going into many details I wanted to share about my experience last Thursday. I was having a great day at school, I had a test that afternoon that I wasn't looking forward to, but nevertheless, I was surviving the day. Well, after lunch that all went downhill. I stood up from my chair to get ready to get back to studying and I felt the most excruciating pain ever in my life in my lower abdomen. I could just not get comfortable. After about 45 minutes of this, my awesome professors convinced me to go to a local doctor to get checked out. My marvelous friends [shout out to Brittany and Courtney] drove me to the doctor amongst my peril. Of course, when we got there the pain was suddenly gone which only infuriated me more. But I continued with the check up. When they finally called me into the back, I had to get the routine height, weight, and blood pressure check. These people had a machine that dates back to the ice ages for taking blood pressure. My normal is 110/73 mmHg. This is good. And normally the pressure cuff is filled up about 20-30 mmHg higher than when your radial pulse disappears... long explanation short... my cuff inflated to 210 mmHg! THAT WAS TOO HIGH! My arm started turning blue and now I had this shooting pain running up and down my hand and arm. Great. So I started to pump my hand to decrease the pain and salvage any tissue that I had left in there, but since I moved we had to... yep thats right... do the test again. You got to be kidding me. So the machine inflates my arm well above normal and proceeds to deflate at about the speed of dying turtles. Not only is my arm blue and in pain, it is now becoming numb and disconnected from my body. Needless to say the rating was still good, but my heart rate was a wopping 125 beats/min which is way to high for someone who had been sitting down for 15 minutes. Not cool.

The rest of the doctor experience was as usual- they took my samples and had me on my way. I'm fine, but I did have to have a follow up test done the other day to rule out some things [and I'm glad to say that I am NOT pregnant, so don't get any ideas]. We will see what they say, but I expect that it was just some fluke thing that happened amongst my stressed out life.
What a fantastic week. I can't wait till Friday!

Oh, but I did have a great weekend, I don't want to forget to throw that in there. We went to Midland for the 4th and spent the entire time with our nieces and nephew and family... it was great! I will post pictures soon!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Creepy Caramel

I have officially reached the point in my life where I have a "usual." Meaning... today I walked into my new early morning study/cram session coffee house, Java City located across the street from HSU, the place that makes the BEST caramel macchiato (even better than Starbucks *gasp*)! I usually plan to arrive there around 7 am on mornings we have tests or quizzes, just to give myself a little last minute motivation to jam the info into my head. Well, it had been a few days since my last visit (I attribute it to being sick and poor), but when I walked in the coffee guy who is always there looked at me and said... "would you like your usual, tall caramel macchiato right? and a blueberry bagel with cream cheese?" Yes, I was stunned that he would remember my order, but I guess I do order the same thing every time, so its to be expected. The only thing he couldn't remember was if I like strawberry or plain cream cheese (plain of course), but I'm sure he will remember when I arrive on Friday morning. It is kind of exciting to know that I have a usual order now, but then again I guess that could be a bad thing.

I am becoming quite addicted to those amazing caramel coffee drinks... or should I say that I am becoming more addicted to just coffee in general (mark down list of addictions as another interesting post idea). I mean I have my favorite cold and hot coffee drink and they both start with caramel... and to top it off when Robert and I were in Ruidoso, we stopped at the Starbucks a few times and amazingly found caramel sauce. It even has the recipe for a caramel macchiato on the back and I am stoked! Now I need to know how to make a frappacino and I have both my cold and hot drinks covered! Oh, but here is the interesting part... I hate caramel candy... well hate is a strong word... I don't prefer caramel candy. I just want the real stuff... that is SO bad for you... oh well we all have to live a little.

So the title of this is "creepy caramel" and I have to explain the creepy part... So there have been two incidents so far at this coffee shop where I have met the most random, creepy, people.
One. A few weeks ago, I was of course studying for a test but this time it was more like around 10 am, when I get up to order my coffee and out of my peripheral vision I see this man in a red shirt watching me order. So I walk back to my chair which is of course across from red shirt man and he just smiles, I ignore and sit down... well not 5 seconds later my coffee is up at the bar (they are fast like lightning at this place) so I go get it and when I turn around red shirt man is standing up. uh oh. I walk to my chair and he says "Hi, how are you?" I was in a good mood right then (besides being creeped out), so I said "Great, how are you?" And I go to sit down, but he replies loudly with, "That is GREAT! I can tell that you mean that, that you are having a great day and I love to see that in people... Oh my gosh that is a pretty ring! [picks up my left hand and is staring at my ring, which now I have closed in a fist like fashion b/c I thought he was going to take it off] It looks brand new, is it?" I so confusedly reply, "sorta." He says," Well he did a great job didn't he with that one! Wow I have just never seen such a gorgeous ring before!." He drops my hand, I back away just as he says, "Well you continue to have a great day!" And leaves.
Two. Today, as I was enjoying my coffee, this boy in a white shirt starts to walk past my booth, does a double take, and slows down. He is staring at me. Like wide eyed staring. I know I'm not that pretty in the morning, but come on! So he turns around and keeps staring but walks past me. By this time my two friends have joined me at my booth, so I'm feeling safe. Well white shirt boy comes back and of course sits at the table across from my booth... and what is he doing, staring. I sat there for 30 minutes I think with him just staring [except at one point I think he fell asleep, but I wasn't really trying to focus on him].

Creepy people interfere with my lovely caramel drinks. But I still love that coffee shop.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I do love to talk

If you want to get totally distracted from your day go to and search for the "breed of dog" quiz. This website has thousands of quizzes you can take that mean absolutely nothing, but fun. We actually had to take the "breed of dog" test for an assignment in class (statistics, I don't know why PTs need statistics for our practice, but we are taking it). My breed of dog... yorkshire terrier... a Yorkie! Those dogs are so cute. You are wondering now why it chose this for me, well here is the explanation they list:

No bones about it, you're a social, bustling Yorkshire Terrier. Active and enthusiastic, Yorkies like you have a ton of energy — which means you're probably always running around like a mad dog. You're never without a project to work on, an errand to run, or a party to catch. (Where do you find the time?) You're a chatty little pup, too — talking is one of your favorite pastimes. That's why all your friends and acquaintances see you as their own personal Entertainment Tonight and rely on you for the latest gossip and social bulletins. You always liven up a dinner party or cocktail gathering, and people simply adore your affectionate nature and get-up-and-go eagerness. Woof!

I especially like the part about how talking is one of your favorite pastimes... I do love to talk. Its funny how you never really notice how much you like to do something until you can't... This week in the recovery process from my annoying sickness it happened... I lost my voice. Oh I could squeeze out enough to sound like a man, but my laugh, my yell, my normal voice all gone. And its not like I took it easy and stayed at home trying to let it rest up... noooo I had to do school stuff, go to a pool party, take blood pressures for people in the town, go shopping with Robert, and play Bingo, all without a voice. I really do love to talk.

So while I try to continue on with my normal functions, I will continue to try and nurse my voice back... what will they do in school without me chatting away? This is my kind of torture.

*Disclaimer... if anyone so much as even attempts to refer to me as the "Yorkie" ...I will have to destroy you and break your neck... ok. good.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I do love the vapors...

I hate being sick. I had the wonderful pleasure (yes sarcasm) of being sick and missing half a day of school on Tuesday. I remember how this was actually a joyous occasion in grade school because missing class wasn't that big of a deal. BUT now in Grad school missing class is like having your whole hand slammed into a door. Ouch... its going to take a few days to fix. Yes, only half a day missed due to a sore throat, headache, sinus infection, and generalized weakness... and you would have thought I missed a whole week. I'm pretty sure I only missed one assignment, but of course it had to be one of the worst to make up... great. I hate being sick.

And to top it all off, I don't understand why I have to explain my every symptom to people. Its like they need written proof of my every cough, sneeze, and gag as to why I wasn't present at whatever location and whatever time. I understand sympathy, but do you really care WHAT I had. Next time I will get more detailed if I have to... you know the whole gross stuff thing with the sweats and tissues bla bla bla... ridiculous. I was sick, what more do you want. You have to be crazy to think that I wanted to get sick and miss school so I could be behind and have to make up ridiculous assignments. Why don't I just chop off my foot if thats the case! I sound a little frustrated right now, but I am only trying to make a point that if I say I'm sick, don't ask me what was wrong... I don't want to relive it, I want to get over it. I hate being sick.
Plus, I could barely drive to school to take a test we had that afternoon, so if it looked like I was faking it then thats just because I'm really good at putting on a happy face and dealing with stuff.
The ONLY thing good about being sick is Vick's Vapor Rub. I love that stuff. I would go on to say that I am addicted to it even. I just love the feeling it creates in my throat as I breath it in. I don't exactly use it the right way... rubbing it all over the chest... eww messy... but I do put it on my neck and a little dab right under the nose (I know I'm not alone in this). Then I cuddle under that covers and hide my face underneath the sheets in order to trap in the vapor sent for as long as possible... mmm I love it. If I feel like a sore throat is coming on, I pop open the bottle and smear some goodness on... I'm sure Robert has become used to this smell by now b/c I really do like it. Call me odd, but I love the vapors.

Well, I'm actually writing this late at night because I couldn't sleep due to my annoying paranoia about someone being in my apartment at night... I hear every little noise and it creeps me out... so now that I'm done writing this I hope I can go to sleep... and yes I have a little bit of vapor rub under my nose... its a calming agent, what can I say? Goodnight.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

You Got So Much Lovin' You

Our anniversary was a hit! I am proud to announce the arrival of the first Fowler pet (I know you were thinking baby, but ahhh no! I'm still in school people and I really don't want a kid right now, I want to be an aunt who can spoil her nieces and nephew for a while longer... ok back to the present)... yes meet Jaws, our beautiful beta fish.

I like having another living thing inside our apt... it helps give me something to do when I'm not studying and missing Robert. But this was anniversary present number one! If you didn't know I'm into traditions. And I love the tradition of the traditional and contemporary wedding anniversary gifts. For the first year the contemporary is "clocks" and the traditional is "paper." So for Robert I got him a new watch (I can't remember if I already wrote this or not) and he made me these beautiful flowers out of paper.

Our anniversary celebration the weekend before was fun and complete with a fancy dinner at the Beehive restaurant, movie (Prince Caspian), and gifts. But the real fun was our trip to Ruidoso we got to take this past week. We luckily had a four day weekend for school, so we took the opportunity to pack up and head away from Abilene. We started out going to Midland, ate with Robert's parents, grandma, and two of his Aunts. Then we headed out to Carlsbad Caverns where I'm pretty sure I walked about 10 miles, but nevertheless, I loved it! I had been when I was really little, but now I can actually pay attention to the tour guide and remember what he said... But that was fun for us to get to do together. Then we headed the rest of the way to Ruidoso. On Friday, we got up and went shopping of course (didn't spend too much money, but of course we did get a few cool souvenirs) then had lunch and headed to Ruidoso Downs for the horse races. We only bet on a few horses (the pretty ones for me and the ones with the most interesting names), but none of them won. My favorite one was named Imarealrisk... I'm trying to decide on what I would name my own horse if I ever had one... I'll get back to you on that. I think Robert wanted to name his Lamborghini.

After not winning at the horse races, we got dressed up and headed to this extremely nice and small restaurant. Our waiter was awkward and took years to bring us our food, but it was worth it just to get to talk to Robert, eat the amazing food, and eavesdrop on other tables conversations. You know you all have done this... especially when the table behind you has had four bottles of wine and are having some good spirits about them... you just have to listen. Finally we went to the Inn of the Mountain gods Casino. Robert is awesome at poker and won us about $250 and then another $45 or so at Roulette, while I wasted $7 clicking buttons on the slot machines. I only used $7 because I hate watching my money just drip away under my nose (unless its playing Bingo), so I was very cautious of how much I was using. All in all- Robert made up for our expensive dinner and then some so I would say it was a successful night.

On Saturday we had to get up and pack which is never fun... but we went to a car show that had some mighty fancy cars. There was even a black mustang something or other that was for sale for only $42,000... I had to hold Robert back on that one. Lastly, we drove around and ate at some amazing places then left for Midland. Midland was our overnight stay where we had Father's Day bbq with my parents and my brother and his family... including my nephew who is now 3 and has become quite sensitive. He was a hoot let me tell ya! And my parents got a stand up pool so that was fun to make a mess of... especially when the 3 year old will not let go of your neck b/c he is terrified of the water except to splash it everywhere in your face... oh fun times.

Then Sunday we got up and headed back to Abilene. I can't even describe the amount of work that was waiting to slap me in the face when I got back, but I don't care b/c I needed those four days of not even thinking about school stuff and only thinking about the man I love. I would definitely call this trip a success. One down, and many more to go.